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Energy saving, Green and Environmental-friendly—— Introducing a New Type of Self-luminous Small Crystal Character

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The light-storing fluorescent material emits light after being irradiated with ultraviolet rays. The material that can continue to emit light for a long time after the irradiated light source is cut off is called a light-storing fluorescent material. The light storage material is an energy storage material that absorbs light energy after being irradiated by all visible light such as sunlight and lamp lights, and then slowly converts this energy into light in the dark environment. This material permanently retains the function of absorbing and emitting light.


Light-storage materials have a long history. Among them, the phosphorescent materials of the lead sulfide compound series are the most famous. However, since its afterglow time is only 5 to 20 minutes, it is limited in many applications. And because it contains lead, it is basically no longer used in consideration of environmental protection. In order to make the luminescence lighting time longer, some radioactive elements were added. Just like the luminous watches we used before, radioactive element turbulence is very harmful to the human body and the environment, so it has been gradually banned in recent years.



In 1992, China initiated the first rare earth self-luminous material in the world. It absorbs light for 10 minutes and can glow for 12 hours in the dark. This original technology overcomes the problem of high-efficiency light-to-light conversion and is hailed as "opening up a new era of self-luminous materials". Promoting the development of high-efficiency luminescent new materials industry, which is the third revolution of self-luminous materials.


In the 9 11 terrorist incident that shocked the world in 2001, within 1 and a half hours from the time of the attack to the collapse, 18,000 people were safely evacuated and escaped with the fire protection guidelines made with rare earth self-luminous materials which were invented by China, in the circumstances of powered-off and covered with dense smoke.


It is understood that in 2001, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Construction jointly approved the implementation of the self-luminous fire safety evacuation instruction system in the newly approved national fire protection regulations. At present, Tiananmen Square renovation, the Great Hall of the People, the Three Gorges Project and other national key projects have been used exit sign emergency light type self-luminous evacuation indicator system.



After years of research, our company has adopted the domestic advanced technology and made the exit sign emergency light crystal characters by using the unique characteristics of rare earth. Features of self-luminous crystal characters:

1. Free of radioactive materials which are harmful to humans and the environment

2. Energy saving and environmental protection. Does not need electricity, can self-illuminate.

3. As long as it absorbs all kinds of visible light for 10-20 minutes, it can continuously emit light for more than 12 hours in the dark.

4. Luminous brightness and luminous time are 30 to 50 times that of traditional fluorescent materials.

5. Excellent heat resistance, durability and cold resistance.


Traditional luminous characters, such as LED luminous characters, have many defects, such as short service life, fast color decay, uneven color, obvious color difference, and large power consumption. The advantages of self-luminous crystal characters have been highlighted, and have been adopted by more and more enterprises, units and communities.



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