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    National CSA016 standardized road lamp benchmarking enterprise

    The Institute of Technological Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

    Public security department third research institute police special lighting comprehensive technical cooperation

    LED special lighting academician expert workstation

    The drafting unit of the tunnel light standard for the Ministry of Railways

    Industrialization base of national semiconductor lighting system application technology and Engineering Center

    National semiconductor lighting engineering R & D and industry alliance strategic cooperation unit

    Member of the group of China Lighting Society

    China Municipal Engineering Association urban lighting Specialized Committee governing unit

    Shiming and academician Xue Yongqi of the Chinese Academy of Sciences co built

    "Academician expert workstation for multifunctional lighting technology and application in LED special lighting area"

    Shiming and the LED research project of the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of public security

    The signing of an integrated lamp project for police search and capture

    Shiming and the Institute of Technological Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

    Shiming intrinsically safe LED lights light up the world's largest icebreaker - "Snow Dragon".

    Deputy Secretary of the CPC Zhoushan Municipal Committee, mayor (former CPC Jinhua Municipal Committee, Department of organization)

    Warm one line to hear the introduction of high-end talent Report

    Xu Huashui, Secretary of the CPC Yongkang Municipal Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress

    Mayor Jin Zheng led relevant departments to visit the company to inspect and guide.

    Chen Lixin, Minister of the Standing Committee of Yongkang Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China

    Accompany the experts of the academician to visit the company's inspection guidance

    Xu Huashui, Secretary of the CPC Yongkang Municipal Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, listened.

    Chairman Hu Zhining introduces LED police collection and forensics integrated lamp

    Party secretary and director of the Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Bureau (former Secretary of the Jinhua Municipal Committee) Xu Jia AI.

    Xu Huashui, Secretary of the CPC Yongkang Municipal Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress

    Leading the relevant departments of Jinhua, Yongkang, and other relevant departments, such as the letter Committee, the science and Technology Bureau and the Construction Bureau.

    Investigation of Shiming optical standardization street lamp production and academician experts, Guo dry and Shuanglong leading talents.

    The project research and development situation is highly affirmed to the company's development plan and standardized street lamp and leading team building.

    Zhejiang provincial development and Reform Commission led a company to investigate the company

    Circular economy and production of energy saving products to listen to the development plan of energy saving and recycling industry

    Zhang Mingcai, commander of the Zhejiang military region commander, general Zhou Shaofeng, deputy commander, Xin Fengmin, head of the equipment department of the provincial military region and head of the military division.

    The leader of the equipment procurement department of the military division visited the booth of our division to visit our high level leading talents.

    And the innovation team developed the police and the collection, collection and certification lamp is highly valued and affirmed.

    All divisions of the armed forces will be further engaged with our division after the purchase of the equipment.


    Yuan Jun Jun, Deputy Secretary General of the provincial Party committee, Wang Xiaofeng, deputy director general of the provincial government and director of the general office of the provincial government.

    The director of the provincial science and Technology Department, Zhou Guohui and the provincial Economic Commission, the state run office, the head of the branch office inspected Shiming optics.

    The high level leading talents and the innovative team are used by the police and police to fully verify the company's development plan.

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