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    Shiming is known as the cradle of corporate culture. Excellent corporate culture is an important reason for Shiming's rapid development. Shiming will soon become the leading enterprise in China's semiconductor lighting industry, and has formed a unique corporate culture in the different periods. From the business idea of "every day of innovation life" to "creating excellence and achieving dream", the corporate culture concept, the central work of each period and the construction of enterprise culture, highlights the "people-oriented, staff to the intimate" characteristic, the pursuit of the joint growth of enterprises and workers, and fully display the enterprise In the face of fierce market challenges, the sense of mission and dignity has produced strong charisma and attraction, and has become the driving force for the rapid development of enterprises.

    Long term mission: creating world class Chinese Enterprises

    Corporate vision: a trusted semiconductor lighting brand; a first-class semiconductor lighting product and service provider; a group of shimming people with great ideals, a strong sense of honor and a shared business achievement

    Core idea: every day of creative life

    Enterprise spirit: beyond self enterprising

    Business philosophy: Value Management

    Development concept: only by developing can we survive.

    Brand concept: fine products and wonderful life

    Shiming belief: building a first-class environment, training first-class talents, training first-class technology, producing first-class products, providing first-class services and creating first-class benefits.

    Shimming's innovative corporate cultural activities:

    Apple culture is Shiming's original form of encouragement. When a business unit created outstanding performance at a certain period, or when a single item of history was refreshed, all the employees of the company distributed 3 apples to celebrate the victory. The development of this form of activity has transformed the success of a business unit into the success of every employee, sharing the success and joy of the development of the enterprise, and greatly enhancing the cohesiveness and pride of the staff. Moreover, every employee is concerned about the performance of the company, and everyone works hard to achieve the goal of business, and forms a situation of competing between the various business units, constantly surpassing and creating a new high.

    Innovation life every day -- core idea

    Shiming staff must work hard. We aim to catch up with the world ahead of China, and we must do our job well, love and work together. Dedication of quality products and services, innovation of everyday life

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