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    Zhejiang Globright Optical Technology Co., Ltd.

    Zhejiang Globright Optical Technology Co.,Ltd. is a private enterprise with specialized design, manufacturing, sales and engineering installation as one of the LED photoelectric industry. The company has registered capital of 50 million yuan and covers an area of more than 5 square standard factory buildings. It has 20 modernized international advanced levels from the United States, Germany, Korea and Japan. Automatic assembly line and complete set of high-end detection equipment. The company has 308 employees, of which 48 are directly engaged in R & D personnel, and have formed five major series products, such as intelligent road lighting, factory lighting, explosion proof lighting, intelligent home lighting and lighting self luminescent wall and floor tiles, 2 million sets of annual capacity street lamps, 2 million square meters of luminescent tile series products, product technology department In the domestic leading level. At the same time, the innovative team, composed of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, National 863 plan experts and doctorate, has successfully developed a new high penetration and high penetration free tool maintenance street lamp to fill the blanks in the world, filling the blank of the world and filling the blank of the domestic blank of the LED car headlights. The four high-end technology reserve products, which are made of inorganic materials, are green, environment-friendly and self luminous wall and floor tiles without power supply. The self luminous wall and floor tiles in the beautiful countryside, tourist attractions, underground facilities and dangerous places warning construction have achieved subversive innovative applications.

    Since 2010, the company has been awarded a number of "hundred good bank credit enterprises", "key backbone enterprises", "outstanding quality and credit demonstration units", "work management trust unit", "AAA credit unit", "high tech enterprise", and so on. It is the industrial base of the national semiconductor lighting system application technical engineering center, the main drafting unit of the tunnel light standard of the Ministry of railways, the national semiconductor lighting engineering research and development, the member unit of the industry alliance and the member of the China Lighting society. It is the first enterprise in China to obtain the essential safety lighting certification. The company has an expert workstation of the LED special lighting academician, and is preparing for the post doctoral mobile station. It is the first batch of enterprises in China to verify the conformity of the standardized road lamps by CSA016 (now the standard is GB/T35269).

    The company's leading products are listed in the national three ministries' energy conservation products purchase list and the Zhejiang province energy conservation product purchase guidance catalogue.

    In line with the tenet of "beyond self and professional depth", we keep pace with the times, pursue excellence, continuously develop and launch new products, and provide a series of perfect R & D, manufacturing and sales for customers at home and abroad.

    Service efficient, energy saving, health, environmental protection, value is the pursuit of the world.

    Enterprise Concept

    A trustworthy semiconductor lighting brand; a first-class semiconductor lighting product and service provider;
    A group of Globright people with lofty ideals, strong sense of honor and shared business achievements.

    Core idea

    Creative life every day

    Enterprise spirit

    Surpass self enterprising

    management idea

    Value management

    Concept of development

    Only development can only survive and system can be long

    Brand concept

    Delicacy and wonderful life

    Globright belief

    Building a first-class environment, training first-class talents, and training first-class technology.
    Producing first-class products, providing first-class services and creating first class benefits.


    ★ National CSA016 standardized road lamp benchmarking enterprise
    ★ Institute of Technology Physics, CAS
    ★ Comprehensive technical cooperation of police special lighting in Third Research Institute of Ministry of public security
    ★ LED special lighting academician expert workstation
    ★ The drafting unit of the light standard for the tunnel of the Ministry of Railways
    ★ National Semiconductor Lighting System Application Technology Engineering Center industrialization base
    ★ Group members of the China Lighting Society


    Chairman's speech

    Mr. Hu Zhining
    —— Chairman of Globright

    Corporate culture

    Apple culture

    —— The incentive form of Shimin's ingenuity

    When a business unit created outstanding performance at a certain period, or when a single item of history was refreshed, all the employees of the company distributed 3 apples to celebrate the victory. The development of this form of activity has transformed the success of a business unit into the success of every employee, sharing the success and joy of the development of the enterprise, and greatly enhancing the cohesiveness and pride of the staff. Moreover, every employee is concerned about the performance of the company, and everyone works hard to achieve the goal of business, and forms a situation of competing between the various business units, constantly surpassing and creating a new high.

    Creative life every day

    —— Core idea

    Globright staff must work hard. We aim to catch up with the world ahead of China, and we must do our job well, love and work together. Dedication of quality products and services, innovation of everyday life

    Globright is known as the cradle of corporate culture. Excellent corporate culture is an important reason for Globright's rapid development. Globright will soon become the leading enterprise in China's semiconductor lighting industry, and has formed a unique corporate culture in the different periods. From the business idea of "every day of innovation life" to "creating excellence and achieving dream", the corporate culture concept, the central work of each period and the construction of enterprise culture, highlights the "people-oriented, staff to the intimate" characteristic, the pursuit of the joint growth of enterprises and workers, and fully display the enterprise In the face of fierce market challenges, the sense of mission and dignity has produced strong charisma and attraction, and has become the driving force for the rapid development of enterprises.


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