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Globright Cooperated with the Third Research Institute Ministry of Public Security

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Globright and the Third Research Institute Ministry of Public Security cooperate&develop for police use LED lighting project


26 A.M., Globright and the Third Research Institute Ministry of Public Security cooperate&develop for police use LED lighting project. Police use raids and forensics all in one lamp project is approved and signed. Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Chu Junhao, Xue Yongqi, director of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Third Institute of Public Security, two IPCC Xiaoming, Minister of the Organization Department of the CPC Yongkang Committee, Municipal People's Congress Chairman Xu Huashui, the Standing Committee of the CPC Yongkang Chen Lixin, Municipal People's Government group Vice Mayor Lu Yong attended the signing ceremony.


On the signing ceremony, the third Institute of Ministry of Public Security and Globright signed a police use LED lighting cooperation project to develop police raids and forensics all in one light project in agreement.



Directly under the Ministry of Public Security the third study, mainly engaged in the field of network technology information is completely SECURITY Things video analysis, social security, police equipment and other research and development. The director of the Criminal Investigation Division, two IPCC You Xiaoming said that the development and application of forensic police raid one lamp, will fill the gaps in the public security lighting equipment into a new direction to lead the innovation and development.


The Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Shanghai municipal government counselor Chu Jun-Hao noted Globright can integrate high-tech factor into traditional industry in transition period, realize the upgrading of traditional industries, it’s really great. We hope that through this research cooperation, civil-military integration, to develop more suitable for the use of public security equipment, innovation-driven, transformation and upgrading.


Party Secretary Xu Huashui pointed out, police raids&forensics all in one light is an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, healthy and high-tech projects, it’s also a combination of sophisticated research demonstration projects. Globright is an outstanding representative of Yongkang among the thousands of companies, Yongkang development is by the tens of thousands of companies such as Globright grow out of nothing and became more and more stronger, now Globright coperated with Academician team, The third institute of Ministry of Public Security such high affinity, wings technology and embarked on a real good path through innovative drive to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the municipal government for such innovative ways, we will fully support the enterprise, and resolutely support. Wish Globright seize the opportunity, the second time to start and upgrade, it is possible under the leadership of experts in the third institute of Ministry of Public Security strong backing support, ushered in the rapid development and become a model of upgrade Yongkang.

市委书记 徐华水说:“同时我也借这个机会希望全市正在经历寒冬考验的各行各业都要向世明学习,要在逆境中奋起,要在困难中找机遇,要敢于去创新,善于去创新。”

Party Secretary Xu Huashui, said: "I also take this opportunity to wish the city is experiencing winter test Shiming all walks of life have to learn to rise in the face of adversity, to find opportunities during difficult times, to dare to innovate, to be good at innovation . "


Globright is a LED optical industry, high-tech enterprises, met with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Branch, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics carry out a comprehensive scientific and technological cooperation, the introduction of a number of top-level experts, including Xue Yongqi, Chu Jun-Hao and other Chinese Academy of Sciences, including in police raids&forensics all in one lamp, explosion-proof lighting, LED smart car headlamps have achieved breakthrough results, has a total of six patents, almost a hundred utility models, patents. Police raids & forensics all in one lamp has an invention patent, seven utility model patents, four patent appearance. With a small, multi-function and many other advantages, innovation. Such policemen carrying a lamp, you can play the raids, forensics, and many other functions.

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