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As the technology matures, LED street lamp energy saving effect has become increasingly prominent, especially LED intelligent control features not only reinforces the advantages of LED lights products will greatly enhance road lighting system energy space. Thus, in the current condition  of energy conservation, local governments widely popularize LED street lights.


Benefit from government procurement of key projects, LED street lights continue to promote large-scale construction and other favorable factors, the recent series of LED street lighting overall index continued to show a rising trend, greatly stimulated the LED street lighting market. The "Ten City, ten thousand", "thousands of thousands" to "hidden champions", LED street lighting is the attraction? We analyzed from the multifaceted probe to explore the development status LED street lighting and the future development of the market forecast today.

 LED路灯发展现状  Development Status LED stree lights 


For a long time, the traditional high pressure sodium light and some metal halide lamp has played a leading role in road lighting. In recent years, LED lighting made in other areas with some success, following the LED street lights development and research, also opened up a wider world. Compared with traditional light sources, LED in the color, energy saving and environmental protection, life and digital controllable extent all have outstanding advantages. With the rapid development of the domestic LED lighting applications, LED street lights will gradually reduce prices, LED street lights as an energy-saving products will be more and more used in road lighting.

国家政策或将会推动LED路灯发展  Or national policy will promote the development of LED lights 


LED road lights has energy-saving features, various country governments face up to this point, "put on it,  the electricity will be saved," the policy naturally began to increase LED street light installation, a lot of companies have advance training in the domestic market, the follow-up work will be the global market.


In support of the policy of the continent, the 2013, mainland China LED street lamp market is expected to exceed one million, reached 1.32 million, accounting for the global share will reach 32%. If it does not distinguish between technology categories, the mainland share in global street only 15%. But with the government's policy support, LED lights will soon be universal development. Zhejiang Globright Optical Technology Co., Ltd. focus on the technological innovation and development of new LED lights, spending huge sums to set up production bases, most of products have been used in high-volume nationwide. Recently, the Chinese Ministry of Science and organize the implementation of the "Ten thousand ten cities" program to give a positive response from all over the country, creating a huge market for LED road lights, some Globright domestic application of pilot demonstration are also in full proceeding.

市场调查Market Survey

中国人口众多,城镇化发展快,道路建设也相当快,对LED路灯以及LED景观照明灯等户外照明有很大需求。据权威机构调查显示,中国户外照明产业每年均以超过40%的速度增长,2014年产值有望突破35亿美元,2015年有望达到47亿美元。巨大的市场份额让许多企业趋之若鹜,同时也加剧了企业的竞争。   在加尔各答、伦敦、悉尼和多伦多的调查表明市民们更喜欢LED照明。有68%90%的受访者支持该技术全市范围的推广。LED照明所带来的安全感和可视性的提升最受关注。

China has large population and rapid urbanization development, road construction is quite fast, LED road lights and LED landscape lighting and other outdoor lighting have great demand. According to authoritative survey shows that China's outdoor lighting industry are more than 40 percent per year growth rate, in 2014 the output value is expected to exceed $ 3.5 billion, in 2015 is expected to reach $ 4.7 billion. Huge market share for many businesses rush, but also increased competition in the enterprises. In Kolkata, London, Sydney and Toronto survey showed that citizens prefer LED lighting. 68% to 90% of the respondents support the technology citywide promotion. LED lighting brings a sense of security and enhance the visibility of the most attention.

实验测试   Experimental test


LED路灯生命周期在5万至10万小时不等,显示出LED路灯投资是一项高回报投资。LED路灯技术耐用,维修量小。超过6000小时使用时间LED产品的故障率次品率为1%。而同等时间内传统照明产品故障率约有10%。   照明节能试验表明LED科技现已成熟,可以大规模应用于户外照明,为大众带来经济效益和社会效益。

LED light’s lifecycle is 50000-100000 hours vary, showing LED lights investment is a high return on investment. LED lamp technology is Durable and small amount of maintenance. More than 6000 hours operating time LED product failure rate is 1% only. The traditional lighting products in the same time the failure rate is about 10%. LED lighting energy test showed that science and technology is now mature enough to be applied to large-scale outdoor lighting for the public to bring economic and social benefits.


LED lights are energy-saving projects, "popular"


A few years, the popularity of LED lights has become a trend, LED luminous efficiency, safety, and improve heat dissipation, cost and other issues improved significantly, and some intelligent product appeared, the LED lights are more and more popular by the owners and users.


Dongguan LED road lights transformed 96.8% 


The author got information from the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau: in 2012--2013 years, the whole province launched a public art LED lighting promotion in Dongguan as of December 2013, has been completed LED lights transform 180,114, completed 96.8% plan; complete LED indoor lights transform 213,475, accounting for 83.5% of the total planned completion. City to promote the development of LED industry and application demonstration leading group, said this year will focus on urging individual did not complete the transformation of public lighting units completed. At the same time, vigorously promote LED lighting retrofit non-public areas, give full play to the role of provincial and municipal subsidies, and strive to complete 420,000 indoor lighting transformation goals. 

据市LED领导小组统计,全市39个镇街计划推广LED路灯185948盏,截至201312月底,已累计完成LED路灯改造180114盏,完成计划96.8%,完成数量和完成率均居全省前列;32个镇街已完成辖区内的路灯改造年度任务,其余镇街(单位)正处于施工、验收阶段。目前已安装的LED路灯全部采用省LED标杆产品,质量稳定,完全达到国家道路照明要求,而且节电效果明显、显色性好。   在LED路灯推广模式方面,我市采用EMC模式完成LED路灯改造的数量占路灯改造总数的71.28%,采用财政直接采购模式的占19.11%,采用BT模式的占1.33%

According to the municipal LED leadership team statistics, the city plans to promote 39 Towns LED road lamps 185,948, as of the end of December 2013, has accumulated LED road lights transform 180,114, 96.8% completed the program, the number of completed and completion rates in the forefront of the province; 32 Towns has completed the annual street reconstruction tasks within its jurisdiction, the remaining Towns (unit) is in construction, acceptance phase. Currently installed LED lights in all provinces LED benchmark products, stable quality, fully meet the state requirements for street lighting, and energy-saving effect is obvious, the color is good. LED lights in the promotion model, the city completed by EMC mode LED lights transform the number accounted for 71.28% of the total number of street reconstruction, the use of direct financial procurement models accounted for 19.11%, BT model accounted for 1.33%.

LED路灯点亮广深高速 年省电费400多万 LED street lights save electricity in GS 4000000   


We learned from the Guangdong Provincial Communication Group, the Guangzhou-Shenzhen highway through the implementation of energy-saving LED lights last year, the monthly savings of nearly 40 million kWh of electricity is expected electricity savings of more than 400 million per year.


A total length of 122.8 km Guangzhou-Shenzhen Highway, across Guangzhou, Dongguan and Shenzhen, the installation of street lights 6280pcs, the implementation of street lights lighting across the board, it is the first LED retrofit of the longest highway, also the first use of Article 10 energy management of road reconstruction project and the first full use of LED intelligent control of the highway.


The highway before all use traditional magnetic ballasts 250W high-pressure sodium lamp, the average illumination time of day is about 11 hours, the annual electricity consumption is about 8 million degrees. In the background of energy saving, the huge consumption of street lighting power problems caused by increasingly prominent.  


GS highway electromechanical department principal said that the lights have been replaced by high-speed 100W energy-saving LED road lights, while using the remote intelligent monitoring system. With respect to the transformation of the former road average illumination sodium lighting system, after the transformation of LED street lighting system improved a whole more than doubled, while energy-saving rate is over 60%.

清远LED路灯改造完工 年节约电费超2000万元 

Qingyuan LED street reconstruction completed in electricity savings of over 20 million yuan  

730日,清远市区LED路灯节能改造项目顺利通过验收。根据第三方检测结果,项目改造后在路面照度、照度均匀度等方面都有较大程度的提升,各项指标均满足国家标准及项目要求。   该项目于20133月开工,历经一年时间完成项目改造。共安装223条道路的LED路灯4.7万盏,项目节电率超过50%,每年节约电量2000多万千瓦时,相当于5万户家庭一年的照明用电量,年节约电费超过2000万元。 

July 30, Qingyuan LED lights energy-saving projects passed inspection. According to third-party test results, there is a greater degree of improvement of the indicators in terms of road illumination, illumination uniformity Once the transformation project are to meet national standards and project requirements. The project started in March 2013, after one year to complete the transformation project. The installation of 223 LED road lights 47000, project saving rate of more than 50% electricity savings per year more than 20 million kwh, equivalent to 50,000 households a year electricity consumption for lighting, the annual electricity savings of more than 20 million yuan .

江门市LED路灯节能改造 年节省电费超600万  

Jiangmen City, energy-saving LED road lights saved electricity over 6 million per year.


Recently, the author got information from Jiangmen Municipal Urban Management Bureau, LED lights transform Jiangmen urban primary and secondary roads have been completed. LED lights in Jiangmen City energy-saving contract energy management services was passed  inspection work on May 6, the transformation will achieve annual electricity savings of 6,664,800 yuan, the annual saving rate will reach 72.28%.

据市城管局工作人员介绍,该项目以合同能源管理的模式(政府不用投入,由投资人投入改造并通过节约电费返还收益),将江门市区原有11711盏高压钠灯改造为LED路灯11197盏,以达到节能的目标。   据悉,改造前原有路灯平均年耗电量为1009.05万千瓦时,改造后平均年耗电量为279.7万千瓦时,实现年节电量为729.35万千瓦时,减少CO2年排放量约为6727t,折算为标准煤约为240.7t,年节电率72.28%则远高于项目原定节电率50%的要求,节能效益优于预期。

According to the staff Municipal Urban Management Bureau, the project contract energy management mode (without government investment, investment by the transformation of people into and through electricity savings repatriated earnings), the original Jiangmen 11 711 HPS transformation of LED lights 11197 in order to achieve energy saving targets. It is reported that before the transformation of the original street average annual power consumption is 10,090,500 kwh, after the transformation the average annual power consumption is 2.797 million kwh, to achieve annual electricity 7293500 kwh, to reduce annual CO2 emissions of about 6727t, translation of coal is about 240.7t, the annual saving rate of 72.28% is much higher than the original project saving rate of 50% of the requirements, energy efficiency better than expected.


LED Road light development expect


The global LED road light installed quantity in future will be 4 times more within 5 years.


LED lighting will be highly improved this year, the pushing power is to change the old road lights. As for Yiguang who got 100 thousand pcs road light in Taiwan area last year, the business input is more than 8 billions; According to the estimation, the global installed raod light will be more than 4 times in future 5 years include Europe, American, China all is encourage to install street light installation, but south-east Asia, west Asia is the most potential market.


LED lighting brand enterprise Globright president Hu Zhining said, various country government realized the effect of LED street light energy saving, “Once installed, save the electricity at once”, all push this project by policy.    


In the United States, through the "American Recovery and Investment Act (ARRA)" item under both grants LED road lighting project, also encouraged to use the locally manufactured products in the United States. According to LEDinside data, as of the end of 2013, the United States has more than 600 cities in preparation or already installed LED lights, of which announce in New York City to change 250 000 LED street lights before 2017, it could save electricity and maintenance costs about $ 14 million, it is expected to get the investment within 6 years.


Europe has energy-saving carbon reduction targets 20/20/20 executed by the respective countries; For example, the London municipal government recently announced that the 2016 deprecated 35,000 LED lights, at that time, the penetration rate will be close to 7 percent.


The market occupancy increase 60% in 2020.  


LED market is at a critical point, and outdoor lighting with white LED is in the early stages of the technology curve. Market share is rapidly increasing, market share in 2020 is expected to increase 60%. Recently, the International Labour Organization (ILO) in a report concluded: green economy can create about 6 million jobs. The Climate Group and its partners have called on the government to accelerate the city's large-scale use LED immediately begin to capitalize on the investment, in order to achieve a lot to create high-value jobs in the world.

 LED路灯迎来换装潮 10年后更换率超过9

LED road light will install more than 90 percent after 10 years.   


According to a study by Navigant intelligent lights, predicted in 2023 about 93.8% of global lights LED, and now, just over 53% of this data. The 2014 to 2017 will usher in the global LED outdoor lighting replacement tide.


Global popularity of LED lights is due to global demand for energy, driven by prices of LED lights and technology upgrades. However, due to the continued erosion of LED products price  and replacement rate decline will lead to street lighting overall revenue began to decline after a period of time. Navigant forecast global street lights revenue in 2023 will be reduced to $ 2,300,000,000 from  2014 $ 2,500,000,000 . 2014 ~ 2017 global LED outdoor lighting will be replaced widely. 


Since entering 2014, the global LED outdoor lighting changing and installation tidal accelerated. There are more than 600 US cities are planned LED lights replacement and installation program, in which New York will replace the city's 250,000 street lamps in 2017, after the city's business will also replace decorative lighting LED lighting, which will be the largest in North America LED lights facelift plan. Plus Europe, China and Japan have varying degrees of dress up action in 2014 and 2017 LED outdoor lighting compound annual growth rate will be over 20%.   


Other emerging market countries, such as Thailand, Russia, Latin America and Africa will usher in a massive influx of street facelift in 2014. Until 2015, the LED lights steadily improve penetration, the growth rate began to decline, the annual global scale LED lights facelift and new LED lights will remain at about 10 million / year.


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