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  • With the continuous maturation of technology, the energy saving effect of LED street lamps is becoming more and more prominent, especially the intelligent control characteristics of LED not only strengthen the advantages of LED street lamps, but also greatly enhance the energy saving space of road lighting system. Therefore, under the current background of energy saving and emission reduction, local governments have widely promoted LED street lamp products.

    Benefit from the government key project procurement, the LED street light construction continues to expand and other good factors, the LED street lamp lighting series index in the near future continues to rise, greatly stimulating the LED street lighting market. From "ten cities and ten thousand" and "thousand li one hundred thousand" to "invisible champion", what is the charm of LED street lighting? Today we will explore the development status of LED street lighting and forecast analysis of future market development from various aspects.

    Development status of LED street lamp

    For a long time, the traditional light source high-pressure sodium lamp and some metal halide lamps have been playing a leading role in road lighting. In recent years, LED has achieved some success in other lighting fields, and the development and development of LED street lights has opened up a wider space. Compared with traditional light sources, LED has prominent advantages in color rendering, energy saving, environmental protection, life expectancy and digitalization and controllability. With the rapid development of LED lighting applications in China, the price of LED street lamps will be gradually reduced. As an energy-saving product, LED street lamps will be more and more used in road lighting.

    National policy will promote the development of LED street lights

    LED road lamps and lanterns energy saving characteristics, the governments of all countries face this point, "install electricity on the province", the policy will naturally start to aggravate the installation of LED street lamps, many enterprises have been in the domestic market before training, the follow-up will cultivate the global market.

    With the support of relevant policies in mainland China, in 2013, the LED street lamp Market in mainland China is expected to exceed 100 million to 1 million 320 thousand, accounting for 32% of the world's total. Without differentiating technology categories, the proportion of street lamps in the mainland accounts for only 15% of the world. But with the government's policy support, the development of LED street lamps will soon become popular. Zhejiang Shiming Optical Technology Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the development and development of LED street lamps and the new technology transmission, and repulsion to set up a production base. Most of the products have been applied in large quantities throughout the country. Recently, China's Ministry of science and technology has organized a "ten city and ten thousand" program, which has been actively responding to the whole country, creating a huge LED street lamp market.

    market research

    China has a large population, rapid urbanization and road construction. It has great demand for outdoor lighting such as LED street lights and LED landscape lighting. According to the authority survey, the outdoor lighting industry in China has increased by more than 40% every year. The output value of 2014 is expected to exceed $3 billion 500 million, and it is expected to reach 4 billion 700 million US dollars in 2015. Huge market share has attracted many enterprises, but also intensified the competition of enterprises. Surveys in Calcutta, London, Sydney and Toronto show that citizens prefer LED lighting. 68% to 90% of respondents supported the promotion of the technology in the city. The safety and visibility of LED lighting has attracted much attention.

    Experimental test

    The life cycle of LED street lamps ranges from 50 thousand to 100 thousand hours, indicating that LED street lamp investment is a high return investment. LED road lamp technology is durable, and the maintenance amount is small. Over 6000 hours, the failure rate of LED products is 1%. In the same time, the failure rate of traditional lighting products is about 10%. The energy saving test shows that LED technology is mature and can be applied to outdoor lighting on a large scale, bringing economic and social benefits to the public.

    Energy saving renovation project of LED street lamp is very "delicious"

    In the past few years, the popularization of LED street lamps has become a trend. The light efficiency and safety of LED have been improved, heat dissipation, cost and other problems have been improved obviously. And the emergence of some intelligent products makes the LED street lamps more and more popular with the engineering owners and the users.

    Dongguan city LED street light transformation completed 96.8%

    The author learned from the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau: in the public domain LED lighting promotion in the province in 2012-2013 years, Dongguan has completed 180114 remolding of the LED street lamp, 96.8% of the completion of the plan by December 2013, and 213475 renovation of the LED indoor lights, accounting for 83.5% of the total number of plans completed. The leading group of the city's LED industry development and application demonstration work said that this year it will focus on supervising the completion of individual public lighting transformation units. At the same time, we should vigorously promote the LED lighting reform in non public areas, give full play to the role of the subsidy policy of provinces and cities, and strive to achieve the goal of 420 thousand interior lighting renovation.

    According to the statistics of the city LED leadership group, the city's 39 town street plans to promote 185948 LED street lamps. By the end of December 2013, the total LED street lamp has been completed by 180114, completed the plan 96.8%, the completion of the number and completion rate are all in the forefront of the province; the 32 town streets have completed the annual task of rebuilding the street lamps in the jurisdiction, and the rest of the town streets (units) are in the right place. Construction and acceptance stage. At present, all the LED street lamps have been installed with the provincial LED benchmarks, which are stable in quality and fully meet the national road lighting requirements, and the power saving effect is obvious and the color display is good. In the LED street light promotion mode, the number of LED street lamps reformed by the EMC model in our city accounts for 71.28% of the total number of street lamps, 19.11% of the financial direct purchase mode and 1.33% by the BT model.

    LED streetlight lightens the electricity bill of about 4000000

    The author learned from Guangdong provincial traffic group that the Guangzhou Shenzhen Expressway saved electricity by nearly 400 thousand degrees a month after the implementation of the street lamp LED energy conservation reform last year. It is expected to save about 4000000 of the electricity bill per year.

    The Guangzhou Shenzhen highway is 122.8 kilometers long, across Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen three places, the installation of 6280 street lamps, the implementation of the full line street lighting, is the first longest LED transformation of the highway in China, but also the first road transformation project using the 10 year energy management model and the first full use of LED intelligent control high speed Highway.

    The traditional inductor ballast type high pressure sodium lamp with 250W is used before the high speed transformation. The average lighting time is about 11 hours a day, and the electricity consumption is about 8 million degrees in the year. In the era of energy saving and emission reduction, the problem of huge power consumption caused by street lighting has become increasingly prominent.

    The head of the electrical and Mechanical Department of Guangzhou Shenzhen Expressway has said that the high-speed street lamp has been replaced by 100W's LED energy-saving street lamp, and the remote intelligent monitoring system is adopted. Compared with the sodium lamp lighting system before transformation, the average illumination of the improved LED street lighting system has been increased by more than 1 times, and the electricity saving rate has exceeded 60%.

    Qingyuan LED street lighting transformation completed, saving electricity costs over 20 million yuan

    In July 30th, the LED street lamp energy saving transformation project in Qingyuan passed smoothly. According to the results of the third party testing, the project has greatly improved on the pavement illumination and the evenness of illumination, and all the indexes meet the national standards and the requirements of the project. The project started in March 2013 and completed a project transformation in a year. A total of 47 thousand LED road lamps have been installed on 223 roads. The electricity saving rate of the project is over 50%, and the energy saving of more than 2000 000 watts per year is equal to the lighting power consumption of 50 thousand households for one year, and the electricity cost is more than 20 million yuan a year.

    Jiangmen LED street lamp energy saving transformation year saves electricity charges over 6 million

    Recently, I learned from the Jiangmen City Administration Bureau that the transformation of LED street lights in main and secondary roads of Jiangmen city has been completed. The energy management service project of the energy conservation and transformation contract of LED street light in Jiangmen city has passed the acceptance work in May 6th. After the transformation, it will realize the annual saving of electricity 6 million 664 thousand and 800 yuan, and the annual electricity rate will reach 72.28%.

    According to the staff of the city administration, the project is based on the mode of contract energy management (the government does not need to invest, the investor is reformed by saving the electricity and returning the income by saving electricity). The original 11711 high pressure sodium lamps in Jiangmen city are transformed into 11197 LED street lamps to achieve the target of energy saving. It is reported that the average annual energy consumption of the original road lamps before the transformation is 10 million 90 thousand and 500 kwh, the average annual consumption after the transformation is 2 million 797 thousand kwh, the annual electricity consumption is 7 million 293 thousand and 500 kwh, the reduction of CO2 year emission is about 6727t, the conversion to standard coal is about 240.7t, and the annual electricity rate of 72.28% is far higher than the requirement of the project's original power saving rate of 50%. The efficiency of energy saving is better than expected.

    Prospects for the development of LED street lamps

    The number of LED street lamps in the world will increase by 4 times in the next 5 years

    LED lighting is taking off this year. One of the major kinetic energy points is the replacement of street lamps. It is estimated that the number of global street lamps will be increased by 4 times in the next 5 years, including Europe, the United States and the middle, which will encourage the installation of LED street lights in the next 5 years. However, the most potential is still the emerging markets in Southeast Asia and West Asia.

    Hu Zhining, chairman of the LED lighting brand Shiming optics, said that governments of all countries realized the energy saving effect of LED street lights, and "installed the electricity bill immediately".

    Take the United States as an example, through the recovery and Investment Act (ARRA), it will subsidize LED road lighting projects and encourage the use of locally manufactured products in the United States. According to LEDinside data, as of the end of 2013, 600 cities in the United States had prepared or installed LED street lamps. New York announced that 250 thousand LED street lamps would be replaced before 2017, which could save $14 million in electricity and maintenance costs per year, and is expected to return for 6 years.

    In Europe, there are 20/20/20 carbon reduction targets, which are implemented by each country; for example, the London city government, for example, recently announced that 35 thousand LED street lamps would be replaced by 2016, when the permeability will be approximating 7.

    Market share in 2020 increased by 60%

    The LED market is at a critical point, while the white LED of outdoor lighting is at the early stage of the process curve. Market share is increasing rapidly, and the market share is expected to increase by 60% in 2020. Recently, a report by the International Labour Organization (ILO) concluded that the green economy can create about 6 million jobs. The climate organization and its partners have called on the government to accelerate the large-scale use of urban LED and immediately invest in capitalization so as to create a large number of high value jobs around the world.

    LED street lamp ushered in dressing change 10 years later, the replacement rate exceeded 9.

    According to a research report on intelligent street lamps by Navigant company, it is predicted that by 2023, about 93.8% of global street lamps will be LED, which is just over 53%. In the 2014~2017 year, the global LED outdoor lighting will be replaced.

    The popularity of LED street lamps is driven by global energy saving, price declines and technological upgrading of LED street lamps. However, as the price of LED continues to erode and the replacement rate of LED products decreases, the overall revenue of street lighting will begin to decline in a certain period of time. Navigant forecasts that global Street revenue will drop from $2 billion 500 million in 2014 to $2 billion 300 million in 2023. The 2014~2017 year will be the global LED outdoor lighting replacement season.

    Since 2014, the global LED outdoor lighting reloading tide has accelerated. More than 600 cities in the United States are planning a LED street light replacement plan, of which New York will replace the city's 250 thousand street lamps in 2017, and then replace the city commercial area with LED lamps, which will be the largest LED street light replacement program in North America. In addition, Europe, mainland China and Japan have varying degrees of replacement action. It is estimated that the composite growth rate of LED outdoor photo in the next 2014~2017 years will exceed 20% next year.

    Other emerging market countries, such as Thailand, Russia, Latin America and Africa, will also have large-scale street lighting in 2014. Until 2015, the LED road lamp permeability gradually slowed, the growth rate began to decline, the global LED street lamp replacement and the size of the new LED street lamps will remain in the 10 million year or so.


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