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  • At present, with the continuous development of cities and the rapid development of science and technology, urban construction must also keep pace with the development of the times. In fact, after several years of construction, domestic intelligent cities are also coming to a new stage. At the same time, LED is regarded by many people as an important role in the road to build a smart city in the future.

    In this process, what are the problems and Countermeasures of urban lighting management, and what are the development plans for the future LED smart cities? Today, in this article, Jun Jun will start from the latest developments in the 9 cities of China, and make a series of relevant introduction, in order to make a reference.

    Xiong an: or trigger a new wave of smart city construction.

    In April 1, 2017, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued a notice and decided to set up the Xiong an new area in Hebei. This is another new area with national significance after the Shenzhen special economic zone and Shanghai Pudong New Area. According to the key task put forward by President Xi Jinping to Xiong an new area, the first article is "building green wisdom new town, building an international first-class, green, modern and intelligent city". Therefore, it is believed that the Xiong an new area is set up, or the demand for a new round of smart cities is raised, especially at the time of the slow progress of the smart cities, and the new city is expected to become the leader and play a leading role in the construction of intelligent cities. It is understood that the concept of Intelligent City originated from the "New Urbanism" and "smart growth" movement in 1990s, with the aim of solving the problems brought about by the urban sprawl. In 2008, the smart city was first proposed by IBM. Because all countries in the world are in the initial stage of developing the intelligent city, there are no technical standards for the industry, but in general, the intelligent city is the core of the cloud computing center, which realizes the comprehensive perception, intercommunication, data sharing and efficient service.

    In fact, only the Ministry of housing's development plan for smart cities in China will have a total investment of 500 billion yuan during the "13th Five-Year" period. LED smart city terminal as a category, is also widely believed that it will benefit from it. It is pointed out that the LED intelligent city terminal still appears in the market mainly with the form of lighting and display screen, but it has gradually changed in the control, function, operation mode and so on. Among them, the application of LED intelligent city terminal is mainly based on intelligent lighting. However, the commercial road is still slow at present in the communication network standards and protocols, the use of cost, interactive technology and other factors. The outdoor LED intelligent city terminal can integrate wireless network communication, intelligent interaction, intelligent induction, power carrier and other technologies, and make full use of the perfect communication network system to fully enjoy the dividend of the investment in the intelligent city construction. No doubt, in addition to the original LED lighting or display functions, the LED smart city terminal can be in the field of traffic monitoring, meteorological monitoring, human traffic guidance, public security and other public services.

    Hangzhou: the maximum penalty of 30 thousand yuan for urban lighting legislation

    "How to set up? Where to set? Where to shine? Where should not be bright?" It is reported that "Hangzhou city lighting management measures" is currently seeking social advice. The management measures have made detailed regulations on the lighting setting. Among them, the management criterion of the black sky conservation area is also mentioned. If the relevant regulations are violated, the maximum penalty will be 30 thousand yuan. The "black sky protection zone" is an international formulation, and Hangzhou first proposed the "general planning of urban lighting in the main city of Hangzhou" 4 years ago. This time was written in the "legal provisions". Urban lighting refers to urban roads, tunnels, squares, parks, public green spaces, historic sites, and the functional lighting and landscape lighting of other buildings and structures. According to the management measures, these areas should set up functional lighting facilities: urban roads, tunnels and walking tracks of more than 15 meters in length; public parking lots with more than 5 parking spaces; medium-sized and above bridges; urban public squares and parks over 30 square meters; pedestrians crossing the street; other non functional lighting may be safe. A public place for hidden dangers. And these areas should set up landscape lighting facilities: West Lake scenic area; prosperous commercial street, characteristic commercial street; urban expressway, high-rise buildings and structures on both sides of main road; high-rise buildings and structures along the main entrance of the city; municipal facilities such as large bridges and elevated roads; urban landmark buildings. Other areas determined by the administrative department of urban management.

    In addition, the installation of urban lighting facilities should also meet the requirements of urban lighting planning and related technical specifications; Fu Heguang pollution control standards do not affect the normal life of the residents, and coordinate with the urban space environment; the shape of lamps and lanterns and lighting effects are not related to the special use signals of road traffic, aviation and railway. Same or similar; it shall not affect public safety or the safety of buildings and structures attached to it. For example, the lighting of functional lighting facilities should not be directed to residential building windows. When the functional lighting facilities are close to the windows of residential buildings, shading measures should be adopted. If violated, it may be fined more than 200 yuan or less than 1000 yuan. In the black sky protection area designated by the urban lighting plan, no landscape lighting facilities shall be set up, and the functional lighting facilities shall not have the upper light. If there is any violation, it will be ordered by the administrative and law enforcement authority of the city to make corrections within a time limit. If it fails to make corrections within the time limit, it will be fined more than 2000 yuan and 10 thousand yuan. The lighting rate of functional lighting in urban main roads should reach 98%, and the light rate of sub roads and branches should reach 96%. In addition, the relationship between lighting and greening is also fully considered. It is clearly pointed out that the new urban roads should arrange plant matching rationally, and reduce the impact of plant natural growth on urban lighting. For example, the distance between arbor center and lamppost should not be less than 2 meters. If there is any damage to the lighting facilities in the city, they will be penalized and the maximum penalty may be 30 thousand yuan.

    Lanzhou: building intelligent city lighting management system

    A few days ago, the office of Lanzhou municipal government issued the work plan for the intelligent energy-saving renovation project of urban road lighting in Lanzhou. It is necessary to take the intelligent, green, low carbon and environmental protection urban lighting system as an opportunity to improve the city image of our city. The plan requires that the city road lighting energy conservation reform in the city should adopt new LED light source, upgrade the existing road lamp monitoring system synchronously, build an intelligent municipal management platform, and realize the intelligent management of municipal facilities. Moreover, we should upgrade the street lamp energy saving and street lamp control system in the contract energy management (EMC) mode, so as to reduce the project construction cost.

    It is clearly stipulated in the program that the intelligent control center, 500 substation equipment system, municipal monitoring probe, webpage version intelligent management platform, desktop version data entry and maintenance system, facility census library, electronic map and 100 set of mobile inspection system are constructed. Professional leakage detection system and other expansion projects of intelligent management system for municipal facilities. At the same time, the functional and decorative lighting facilities of the main, secondary road, bridge, open park, square and other public lighting facilities in the four urban area of Lanzhou should be retrofused by LED, with a total of 60113 transformed. Among them: 24837 in Chengguan District, 16535 in Qilihe District, 6813 in Anning District, 6655 in Xigu District, and 5273 in the Yellow River customs line.

    Chongqing: urban lighting intelligent management system begins to take shape

    In March 2017, it was revealed by the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Information Committee that as the coverage of the lighting management system of Chongqing intelligent city gradually spread throughout the city, a powerful intelligent city management cloud platform data collection and management system began to form. The experts of the Chongqing Commission on the construction of the Intelligent City show that the idea of building this platform in Chongqing is to build a powerful city real time data collection system relying on the lighting management system of street lamps and tunnel lights all over the city, which will help to realize the city from management to service and management. Revolutionary transformation from operation to fragmentation. The latest intelligent city lighting management system is mainly composed of "intelligent centralized controller", "intelligent terminal polychrome fog and haze, brightness adjustable controller", "intelligent sensor", "multi color temperature and fog and haze, remote intelligent remote modulation of brightness LED" and "intelligent software programming". According to the introduction, from November 2015 using the Chongqing intelligent city lighting management system of Chongqing Yu Fu Expressway Tieshan Ping, Huashan tunnel, energy saving and safety effects are obviously improved. Related data show that in 1-3 months of 2016, the energy saving rate of Huashan tunnel was 51.17%, the energy saving rate of Tieshan Ping tunnel was 52.48%, the incidence rate of traffic accidents in the tunnel was 60% lower than that before the transformation. To May 2016, the G50 Yu Fu Expressway in Tieshan Ping, Huashan, Huang Caoshan, Tongxin village and miolpu tunnel also all realized the multicolor temperature LED green lighting Intelligent energy saving transformation of science and technology.

    At present, the management system network has been used in the full line toll station and service area of the G50 Chongqing Chongqing fufu expressway, the road lighting of the whole city of Yunyang County, the lighting of the road lights in Yuzhong District, the tunnel of Yuan Jia Gang, the tunnel of Yuen Jia Gang, the tunnel of goose ridge, the tunnel under Chen Jia Ping, the tunnel under the Han Yu Road, Shapingba, and so on. Construction of G5013 Chongqing Rong Expressway (Sichuan section) toll collection station, service area, tunnel lighting and so on. Among them, the latest Internet multi color temperature fog and haze LED full intelligent street lamp and management system have been installed. The system can automatically collect weather visibility, temperature, fog and other data, and automatically adjust the light color temperature and brightness according to the changes of different seasons and temperatures. And it can meet the requirements of comfortable and safe lighting under different conditions. At the same time, the energy saving rate is greatly improved, and the lighting area caused by the closed control loop or the interval light mode is generally adopted to solve the tunnel lighting because of the power saving. In addition, the system can also make use of mobile APP to realize remote intelligent control and management of highway tunnel, urban road lighting and other equipment, and use mobile Internet technology to monitor, test and debug the lighting equipment online. After installing corresponding equipment on the street lamps such as lighting system, the lighting system can automatically detect, transmit, store and share the data information needed for the construction of intelligent cities such as PM2.5, rainwater, temperature, vehicle flow and anti-theft video, and also be compatible with the functions of other remote intelligent control system of street lamps.

    Nanjing: single lamp control of intelligent street lighting for urban lighting

    Each lamp can be switched at any time and combined flexibly, and the light intensity of different road lights on the same section can be adjusted according to the traffic flow, the traffic flow and the time point. A few days ago, the Nanjing City Administration Bureau revealed that there were nearly 7000 smart streetlights on demand. This year, it will be gradually replaced in the alleys and Hexi areas. According to the introduction, the traditional street lamp monitoring system is often a cable with 30 - 50 lamps, once the fault alarm must be checked one by one, and then the fault lights are maintained, and the light or brightness adjustment can only be adjusted by 30 - 50 lamps. Single lamp control is the innovation and upgrading of the traditional street lamp monitoring technology. Through the installation of single light control terminal equipment and the establishment of wireless network transmission channel, the accurate monitoring of each street lamp is realized. The technical personnel also developed a single light communication protocol and single light control software with independent intellectual property rights, of which "single lamp bypass switch design" and other 2 national patents. Since last year, there are nearly 7000 street lamps in Hexi Onan, Qilin new town and some main streets in the main city. The monitoring has been stable for nearly a year.

    The so-called single lamp control is that each street lamp can achieve four functions: man-machine conversation, active alarm, switch controllable, and power adjustable. It is reported that single lamp control is currently one of the main directions of urban lighting industry research, and some single lamp facilities have been built in Shanghai and Hangzhou. By contrast, the single lamp monitoring system developed in Nanjing is more advanced and stable. It uses GPRS public network communication mode, the signal is more stable and can speed up with the increase of bandwidth. The single lamp control terminal also applied two national utility model patents - "single lamp module junction box with manual switch switch" and "single lamp module junction box with switching switch". When a fault alarm occurs, it can be identified as a single light control terminal or a lamp fault in real time. For example, through a single lamp remote monitoring system, the current, voltage and other parameters of each lamp can be monitored in real time. The maintenance personnel know the running state of the street lamp facilities through the first time of the mobile terminal. Every lamp failed to give active warning, and maintenance personnel changed from traditional "inspection and maintenance" to "fixed-point maintenance", which greatly improved work efficiency.

    Mianyang: Anzhou district starts the LED street lamp energy saving transformation in an all-round way

    In response to the country's call for energy conservation and emission reduction, and to improve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction, the LED street lamp energy saving renovation project will be launched in Mianyang. The original non LED high energy consumption street lamp will withdraw from the historical stage. The project will transform about 7130 street lamps. The project adopts the contract energy management (EMC) mode. After renovation, the annual electricity consumption of urban lighting is reduced by 3 million 570 thousand degrees, and the annual electricity tariff is saved by 3 million 30 thousand yuan.

    At the same time, by installing the intelligent control system of street lamps, the intelligent management of street lights can also be realized. After the transformation, it can not only achieve energy saving and emission reduction, improve the urban taste, but also effectively alleviate the electricity shortage in summer and winter, and realize the "three win" situation of the government's money saving, social energy saving and enterprise profit. At present, through the preparatory work of data confirmation and project approval, the project is about to enter the public bidding process, and is expected to be fully activated in the middle of this year.

    Chengdu: focus on special regulation of illegal LED advertising and signboards

    From April 11, 2017 to June 20th, Chengdu will focus on illegal LED advertising and special renovation work in the whole city. The outdoor LED electronic display screen must be closed before 22:30. It is understood that the scope of the large-scale special renovation, mainly involved in the main street of the district (city) Main Street Main Street, commercial and entertainment areas, residents concentrated living areas, tourist attractions (Park), access to the city corridor and other two sides. The city city management system focuses on the illegal LED display, the non standard LED luminescent signs and the light lighting facilities of the public complaints and reports light lighting facilities. The city city management committee lighting office supervises the "high energy consumption" of the landscape lighting in the central city.

    The news points out that the special renovation work is organized by the city city management committee, the city management department of each district (city) is the lead unit, and the local street office is the main body of responsibility. The law enforcement officers will intervene in the investigation of the advertising and signboard facilities which have not been approved (and do not have the approval conditions), and the facilities that exist in one store. It will be ordered to stop the use of the light source immediately and to dismantle its own time limit. Reduce the brightness; and unauthorized use of powerful searchlights, high-power floodlights, ordered to shut down, the deadline for self demolition.

    Shenzhen: lighting special planning to create night view of Shanhai City

    In order to meet the needs of urban planning and lighting construction and development, promote the development of urban lighting to green, low carbon, ecological environment and sustainable development. Recently, Shenzhen City Administration Bureau officially issued "Shenzhen city lighting special plan" (2013-2020), which will take "Xianfeng City Light Pengcheng" as the development goal and build a country. The night scenery of the leading and international first-class mountain and Sea city forms the integrated structure of "three axis, four core, five bay and six points" on the space landscape, and forms the overall structure of the main net frame of "five horizontal and eight longitudinal" on the road lighting.

    The main contents of the plan include the overall structure, zoning planning, night tourism planning, green lighting and the key points of urban lighting construction in the near future. In terms of lighting zoning planning, the districts (new districts) should be positioned, such as air Futian, riotous Luohu, wisdom Nanshan, Shanhai salt field and so on. In the night view tourism planning, through the series of city key night landscape area, landmark and node, the "line. Three ring" night landscape light car travel line is gradually formed. There are several sightseeing tours at night in the city's key nightscape area. Combined with the characteristics of Shenzhen seaside, we plan to build the night view line of the western city of Shenzhen Bay Area Shekou - the former Bay area.

    Huaian: the new mode of smart city in Hongze has achieved remarkable results.

    In recent years, the Hongze District of Huaian has built up a comprehensive urban integrated management service platform with the help of intelligent street lamps. It has laid a solid foundation for the construction of "intelligent city", and has become the first city in China to use the first large-scale intelligent street lamp system. It is reported that the intelligent street lamp system in Hongze is composed of 3000 intelligent dimming LED street lamps, 31 intelligent street lamps and Star River system platform, and passed the inspection in July 2016. Through this project, the intelligent development of urban comprehensive management is driven to provide detailed decision reference for urban managers, which has brought remarkable economic and social benefits for the construction of "intelligent city" in Hongze. The "intelligent street lamp" has fully promoted the efficiency of road lighting in Hongze, and the development of a scientific low carbon economy is the inherent requirement of "smart city". The more than 3000 LED street lamps are distributed on 54 Main and secondary roads in Hongze. In addition, these street lamps are equipped with intelligent dimming system, which can automatically adjust the brightness according to the weather conditions and the size of the vehicle flow, greatly improve the efficiency of the utilization of power resources, and achieve the "two energy saving".

    According to introducing, "intelligent street lamp" has promoted the city management level of Hongze, and has realized "one pole and multi energy" by integrating multi-functional modules on street lamps. Monitoring the municipal facilities through the RFID function effectively reduces the theft events. Through built-in environmental sensors, data of road water, air pollution, municipal buildings and other data are collected in time to facilitate the work of the municipal departments. The street lamps also install the HD camera, collect the traffic data in real time, and carry out the traffic in real time. Traffic accidents are captured and taken for evidence. Through visualization service system, relying on cloud platform, we can realize the three level monitoring of street lights, roads and cities on the big screen of command center. The "smart street lamp" is embedded with WIFI hot spot and micro base station, and the street lamp side hangs the small distance LED display, which is used for TV news, propaganda film, advertisement film, weather information and so on. In addition, the street lamp also sets the charging pile, and the owner of the electric vehicle can use the self-service charge beside the street lamp.

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