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  • Cooperate with academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and "thousand experts", and have 200 professional and technical backbone.

    Journalist Xu Min correspondent Zhu Kangqin

    Multi channel construction

    "Talent pool"

    Last month, Zhu Junhao, Xue Yongqi, director of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of public security, You Xiaoming, the two level police supervisor, Xu Huashui, Chen Lixin and Lv Qunyong, the party secretary of the economic development zone, and Zhu Changlin and the director of the Committee of the economic development zone, together with Zhejiang Shimin Optical Technology Co., Ltd., to jointly witness the company and the company. The Ministry of public security third research institute police LED lighting project cooperation development and police collection, collection and certification of lamps signed an important moment.

    The signing of the contract means that the company has also created a new sample of innovation driven, transformation and upgrading.

    Illuminated by native LED lamp

    The "Snow Dragon" science examination ship

    The reporter learned that Shiming optics is the first enterprise to carry out enterprise transformation and upgrading in our city. Within 3 years, 100 million yuan has been invested in the establishment of semiconductor lighting research and development, production and sales bases, and the introduction of the United States, Germany, Japan, Korea and other modern fully automated assembly lines and production, research and development and testing equipment with international advanced levels. Employees with multiple professional skills have gathered a large number of professional LED R & D personnel at home and abroad.

    Today, the company has become a LED optoelectronics industry, with 4 invention patents, hundreds of utility models patent high-tech enterprises.

    Hu Zhining, the chairman of the company, has always been aware that the enterprise development talent is first, in the economic tide of competitiveness based melody, the competition between enterprises is increasing. How to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises is the key. Only by vigorously implementing the strategy of talent strong enterprise, taking the lead of talent, promoting technology lead and changing the advantage of talent as development advantage, can we provide strong talent guarantee and intellectual support for the enterprise to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading.

    To this end, the company actively set up a "talent pool", multi-channel intelligence, and focus on retaining people in the cause, leaving people with feelings, with treatment to retain people. At present, the company has condensed a large number of top domestic LED technical research and development elites, with more than 200 backbone employees of various professional skills, including 4 doctoral students, 13 undergraduate students and 25 junior college students.

    In October last year, with the support of the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the relevant departments, the company was successively with the Shanghai branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Shanghai Technical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhu Junhao academician, Xue Yongqi academician, the "national thousand" expert Chen Jianxin, and Zhang Tao researcher and Pu Xianqingbo of the LED space lighting expert group of the National 863 plan. And other scientific research institutes and top experts have carried out scientific and technological cooperation in an all-round way.

    Through the introduction of intelligence, the company has achieved breakthrough achievements in various fields, such as high power portable search and rescue lamps, high power and high penetration free tool maintenance street lamps, explosion-proof special lighting, and LED smart car headlights.

    "After working with Dr. Pu Xianqing to develop the essential safety miner lamp, the company has become the first essential safety miner production enterprise to obtain the national new standard certification, and has already obtained the matching of Shenhua Group, Huaneng Group and Luan mining industry. The State Administration of work safety and the Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau will build an intrinsically safe enterprise and an intrinsically safe coal mine below, which will bring opportunities for the development of enterprises. Hu Zhining said.

    Hu Zhining told reporters that the transformation and upgrading goal established by Shiming optics is to build a leading enterprise in the field of LED special lighting in three years to achieve a fission development. In order to achieve this goal, the company has implemented a "double wheel drive" of high-level management talents and scientific and technological innovation talents, and introduced a batch of high-level innovative talents at any cost. This also provides a strong support for the sustainable development of the enterprise.

    Police search and capture

    Hope to fill the gap in the country

    It is precisely because of many intellectual support and technical support that the introduction of "living water" by Shiming optics is also endless. And these "live water" still lack "Snow Dragon", the Ministry of public security and other "high relatives".

    In the signing ceremony of cooperation with the Ministry of public security, Hu Zhining's smile is particularly brilliant because the company's high-powered portable search and rescue lamp will usher in a new owner.

    It is reported that the Ministry of public security directly belongs to the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of public security, which is mainly engaged in the research and development of network information security, video analysis of the public security Internet of things, social security prevention, police equipment and other technical fields.

    The reporter has learned that with the development of public security work, higher requirements are put forward for the construction of multi-functional portable mobile lighting equipment at night. The actual situation needs to strengthen and promote the lighting equipment support of the law enforcement officers at night, improve the fighting capacity of the public security departments, and work hard to serve the stable work of the public security and the society.

    "In order to further strengthen the integration of information-based society and scientific and technological society, we need to adapt to the needs of public order prevention and control and crime fighting in China. Therefore, strengthening the construction of multi-function portable mobile lighting at night site is to meet the current situation of public security work, improve the ability of public security work, and ensure the needs of social stability and economic development. Hu Zhining said.

    Hu Zhining introduced that Shiming optical research and development of 70W high-power portable LED mobile lighting, compared to the current domestic equipment police 72wLED mobile lighting, it can be described as an advantage.

    The portable LED mobile lighting produced by the company has the following seven advantages: first, small size, light weight and only weight.


    You Xiaoming said that the development and application of police search and capture collection lamp is expected to fill the gap in the country, and it is a new direction to lead the innovation and development in the public security lighting equipment.

    "The two core of the transformation and upgrading of enterprises is from attracting investment to attracting wisdom, from investment to innovation channels. Shiming optics and the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of public security have signed the LED lighting project and the integrated light of police search and capture. It is very consistent with the development strategy of "two start". Some enterprises in the development zone are still in the process of transformation and upgrading, and have made a way to set a benchmark. Zhu Changlin said.

    It is understood that in November 18, 2014, Xi Jinping, the president of the state capital of Tasmania, in Hobart, Australia, visited the "Snow Dragon" ship, visited the Antarctic science examination project and consoled the staff.

    Xi Jinping, who visited the exhibition hall of the 30th anniversary picture exhibition in China's polar expedition, was using Shimin's LED fluorescent light, which was excited by the deputy general manager, Cheng Zhijie.

    Cheng Zhijie introduced that the "Snow Dragon" of the original use of the imperial examination ship is imported fluorescent lamp, not only does not save energy, flicker, in the course of voyage, as well as the impact of the bad Antarctic environment, it is very easy to cause damage to the lamp. In the long journey, the team members spend a lot of time indoors, how to find a safer, more energy-efficient, durable and no ultraviolet, infrared light source, has been the "Snow Dragon" science and technology crew of engineering technicians. But the sun lamp developed by Shiming optics just eliminated this heart disease.

    In the Shiming exhibition hall, the reporter saw two light fluorescent tubes with a length of 1.2 meters. The meter showed that the ordinary fluorescent lamp was 47.68 watts, the LED fluorescent lamp was only 11.93 watts, brighter than the ordinary fluorescent lamp, and more than 3/4. Zhijie introduced the use of mobile phone camera function, which proves that LED fluorescent tube has no common strobe of ordinary fluorescent tube.

    However, the real "Snow Dragon" phase is not whether there is no strobe, but the essential safety of Shiming optical with independent intellectual property rights, that is intrinsically safe technology.

    Cheng Zhijie said, a device called "Ben security LED constant current drive" has 6 levels of protection, equivalent to 6 insurance, so that the lamp will not become an igniter and a detonator in any environment. There is no protection. If the human body will be directly connected by the positive and negative power of the constant current drive, there is no sense of "electric shock", and the hand will turn on the light again.

    Hu Zhining is deeply aware of the arduous tasks and severe challenges of industrial development. Now, the company has taken the technology express and climbed the "high affinity" of the academician team, which is like the wings of technology. Next, the company will seize the new opportunity, "the two departure", and strive to achieve leapfrog development.

    The picture shows that the employees of Zhejiang Shiming Optical Technology Co., Ltd. are assembling LED lamps orderly in the assembly workshop.

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