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  • 关于表彰二〇一二年度浙江造价信息网优秀诚信网员单位的通知


    All relevant units:

    To commend the advanced and encourage the majority of the network members to be honest, to help the center to provide the construction parties with the rapid and real cost information, better service construction market, according to the "notice" on the "excellent integrity net staff unit" of the Zhejiang cost information network of the year of 2012 (Zhejiang Guangzhou letter [2012] 7) document spirit, We organized experts to review the materials of the outstanding integrity network members in 2012, and selected 23 excellent network members. The results of the selection are announced as follows: we hope that all excellent network members will be modest and prudent and make persistent efforts to make greater contributions to the construction cost work of our province.

    Annex: list of excellent integrity net members in 2012

    Zhejiang Guangda Engineering Information Center

    November 27th one or two, two

    List of excellent integrity net members in 2012

    1, Zhejiang Hua Shui pipeline technology Co., Ltd.

    2 、 Zhejiang Dongyang Huadong heating and Ventilating Equipment Co., Ltd.

    3, Hangzhou Hongyan Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

    4, Hangzhou Spring River Valve Co., Ltd.

    5, Hangzhou Tongjiang Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    6, Shangyu contemporary wind cooling equipment Co., Ltd.

    7, Hangzhou ground mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

    8, Hangzhou Mai news Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

    9, Zhejiang Tai Yi Fire Equipment Co., Ltd.

    10, Zhejiang aske new thermal insulation material Co., Ltd.

    11, Yuzhou Xinguang Foundry Co., Ltd.

    12, Zhejiang Hao Shun Electric Co., Ltd.

    13, Zhejiang Tian Ren wind pipe Co., Ltd.

    14, Shanghai Shanghai Airlines Valve Co., Ltd.

    15, Zhejiang losi Da fire electric Co., Ltd.

    16, Zhejiang Shen Tong mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

    17, Hangzhou Australia plastic thermal insulation material Co., Ltd.

    18, Zhejiang Shiming Optical Technology Co., Ltd.

    19, Ningbo Xingguang metal hose factory

    20, Zhejiang Yuantong mechanical and electrical industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

    21, Ningbo Yongxiang Pipeline Co., Ltd.

    22, Hangzhou Pulis fluid equipment Co., Ltd.

    23, Zhejiang Yuanda Power Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Zhejiang Globright Optical Technology Co.,Ltd

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