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  •        In the afternoon of August 28, 2015, the LED street lamp specification interface standard will be held at the Beijing Academy of Sciences semiconductor. We sincerely invite Shiming optics as the leading benchmarking enterprise for standardized road lamp production and application promotion, the joint innovation of the Ministry of housing, the national semiconductor lighting engineering research and development and Industry alliance, and the semiconductor lighting industry of Guangdong province. The center, Fudan University and so on have witnessed the birth of the new standard.


    Zhejiang Shiming Optical Technology Co., Ltd. Cheng Zhijie shared the "CSA016 standardized street lamp usage report" at the scene. He said that CSA016 standards have been defined in mechanical interfaces, optical interfaces, electrical interfaces, thermal interfaces and control interfaces, but the quality of street lamp structures should also be highly valued. He suggested that the luminaire shell should be made of national standard ADC12 aluminum alloy die-casting, with high strength and spray treatment on the surface. The implementation of the unified LED lighting standardization can achieve the versatility, interchangeability, the convenience of the maintenance, and the standardization of the market. The national semiconductor lighting engineering research and development and the Industrial Alliance (CSA) has set up a series of specifications for the application requirements of the LED lighting, and a powerful guarantee for the general and common use of the LED outdoor light source module and the components. Interchangeability as well as large-scale production and promotion and application, thus reducing and avoiding a series of contradictions between suppliers and users during the maintenance and maintenance of costs and storage spare parts. Now the CSA016 standard has milestone significance in the national standard. LED lighting will usher in a bright future for the great development opportunities.

    At the meeting, the quality problems of the structural parts put forward by our company have aroused the high attention of the experts. The experts say that the high strength structure is of great significance in ensuring the safety of use, and we expect the CSA industry alliance to make clear requirements for the quality of the lamps and lanterns, and also to the modular structure quality of the LED standardization street lamp of our company. Express the high praise!


    Shiming optical LED standardized street lamp application case

    With the development of semiconductor lighting technology, LED lighting has also been widely applied. At the same time, because of the diversity and flexibility of LED light source, it provides broad design space for application products. However, the contradiction between diversification, personalized demand and mass manufacturing in the process of LED application arises. The problems of large scale manufacturing resistance, difficult to meet the demand of customers or slow response, high cost of marketing, difficult maintenance, high maintenance cost and failure of part of devices caused by the failure of part of the device are caused by the disunity of the interface and the disagreement of the specifications. LED street lamp life is relatively long, generally will be applied to 10 to 15 years, during the period will inevitably need to maintain or replace parts. Nowadays, there are so many LED enterprises and so many applications. If the industry does not have a good standard, there will be a lot of problems in the use and maintenance phase of the lamps and lanterns in the future.

      Because of these problems, there are some obstacles to the application and popularization of LED street lamps. In order to solve these problems, the national semiconductor lighting engineering research and development and Industry Alliance (CSA) started the specification of standard interface standards in 2012. In 2013, CSA Organization issued and issued the alliance standard CSA016 "LED lighting application interface requirements: non integrated LED module road lamps", which is widely closed. It has been successfully transformed into a national standard and has been applied in Shanghai and other places. Combined with practical application problems and the development of LED street lamp technology, CSA organization revised CSA016 and released V02.00 version in the near future. In order to declare the standard content, exchange LED street lamp specification interface standard application experience, national semiconductor lighting engineering research and development and Industry Alliance, Guangdong semiconductor lighting industry joint innovation center in August 28, 2015 under the Beijing Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) to re call the LED street lamp specification interface standard. At the same time, it also issued the second phase certificate of energy efficiency leader in semiconductor lighting industry.

      Zhao Zesheng, director of municipal supervision and Construction Department of the Ministry of construction of the Ministry of construction, said in his speech that the LED street lamp has many advantages, such as energy saving and environmental protection, long life and so on. In recent years, the development of market penetration is more than 30%, which basically determines the dominant position of the market. In the construction of Intelligent City, LED is the carrier that can not be or lack, but in its development process There are also some problems in the process of application, such as the contradiction between diversified individual needs and large scale manufacturing, ununification of interfaces and inconsistencies in specifications, which affect industrial scale production and mass production, and there are also problems such as difficult user satisfaction, high cost of marketing and difficulties in late maintenance. The problem is also the problem that we can solve in the development. It is carried out through the standard of LED street lamp specification interface. It is also the product of the CSA alliance in promoting the development of the industry. It is of great significance to the development of the LED street lamp industry. Under the new normal state of China's economy, we should firmly grasp the construction of China's urbanization and the strategy of the one along the road, and take the standard out while pushing the products out. We hope that you can keep a strict, harmonious and common work style, and a good working sense of coordination, a solid foundation, a higher service level, and a long-term sustainable development. Continued development.

      Under the joint efforts of Ministry of science and technology, the development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of housing construction, the Ministry of engineering and the Ministry of Finance and other ministries and other ministries and commissions, the Secretary General of the national semiconductor lighting engineering research and development and industrial alliance Wu Ling pointed out that, in the face of a subversive technology such as semiconductor lighting, the reform of a lighting industry in China is not only a single owner in China. It also has great impetus and influence in the world. At the same time, the alliance is also the first group of national group standards pilot units, the Ministry of science and technology, the National Standard Committee and the Zhongguancun standard innovation service center have all given the high evaluation and expectation of the Union standard committee, hoping to become a pilot of the industry benchmarking, and will be able to play a demonstration of the future of innovation driven and the development of the future national science and technology industry. A wide range of effects. Since 2007, the basic standard of alliance standard has been established. To this day, the alliance standard has finally become "positive" and "registered permanent residence". We have to make the standard "living standard", no matter what the standard or what we do, the key depends on whether it can fall to the ground, the enterprise and the market do not recognize it, and can play a role in promoting the development of the industry.

      Gui Shirong, director of the joint innovation center of the semiconductor lighting industry of Guangdong Province, said that, under the leadership of the national semiconductor lighting project R & D and the industrial alliance, the state made the hard work for the industry standards. The state has made the union as a group standard pilot "set up the household", this result is not easy. The development of Guangdong province industry is benefited from the support of the provincial provincial government of Guangdong province. The development of industry has been developed rapidly in recent years. We are also actively participating in the construction of the National Union standard. In the future, we will also actively participate in and cooperate with the National Union to implement the standardization work. The overall scale of the LED industry accounts for more than 50% of Guangdong's total share. Therefore, in the future, the standard landing work will cooperate with the CSA alliance to standardize the landing work. Strive to make the standard "live standard", make the standard that can promote the innovation of industrial technology, promote the development of the whole industry, and promote the common growth of the enterprise, so that our standard is more realistic.


    At the same time, in order to promote the development of LED lighting and energy saving industry in our country fast and steadily, the national development and Reform Commission and other ministries and committees of the State Development and Reform Commission issued the "semiconductor lighting energy saving industry plan" (the reform ring investment [2013] No. 188) and the system implementation plan of "the leader of the energy efficiency" (the reform ring investment [2014] 3001) spirit On the basis of the first work experience, we should consult the relevant government departments, industry organizations, industry enterprises and so on. In March 12, 2015, the second phase of the energy efficiency "leader" of semiconductor lighting energy saving industry was officially launched by the national semiconductor lighting engineering research and development and the industrial alliance of China. In accordance with the procedures stipulated in the "second phase" implementation plan of "energy efficiency of semiconductor lighting energy saving industry", it is strictly selected according to the established procedures of free organization of enterprise self recommendation and declaration, the primary selection of the working group, the evaluation of experts, public presentation and publication, and has been selected and included in the second batch of 37 enterprises. Zhejiang Zhong Bo Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan 100% technology limited company, Dongguan RONG Wen Lighting Electric Co., Ltd., Shenzhen City bell Electronics Co., Ltd., Xi'an Li Ming Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong three male Aurora lighting Limited by Share Ltd, Suzhou Dongshan precision manufacturing Limited by Share Ltd, Hai San Si Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhejiang sunshine lighting appliance group Limited by Share Ltd, Zhejiang Haiwei Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. 10 enterprises total 16 products as the second batch of products list. At the meeting, the president of Zhao Zesheng, Secretary General of Wu Ling, director Li Jinmin and director Gui Shirong issued second period certificates for the energy efficiency "leader of the semiconductor lighting energy efficiency" for the representatives of the award-winning enterprises.


    Then, Wu Chunhai, director of the planning and Design Office of Shenzhen light and environmental management center, brought his thoughts on the standard interface of LED street lamps. He said to participate in the interface standard conference reasons: first, identify the alliance work, thank the alliance help; two, participate in the interface standard expert review, the standard is more understanding; three, the interface standard is very important, the development of the industry has a positive role.

    Wu Chunhai also said that the key is the promotion of standards. The interface is unified, the able person leads, the industry concentration degree enhances, possibly is born the great company. Self integration, market separation and serious local protection can only lead to half life. Therefore, large companies should take the lead in popularizing standards, while adhering to the principle of compromise, sharing and open mutual assistance in the face of national standards.

      In addition, Dr. Yang Fangqin of the Department of electrooptic source, Fudan University, said that the meeting was too important for the LED street lamp Market in 2015 when he did the report on the manufacture and application of the standardized road lamp. The lighting industry needs more such meetings, delivers the right voice to users, and transfers user needs to manufacturers to promote trust between suppliers and suppliers. Dr. Yang Fangqin said that the PPP project is now in full swing in the field of energy saving and transformation of street lamps. The project is characterized by urban or super large projects, the maintenance work is greater, the lighting effect and the quality of the product are tighter, and the significance of the standardized products is more significant. Based on the LED street light network, the intelligent city construction project of multi-function street lamps, the LED street lamp may become the sweet potato for the construction of the "big family" "general package" (central enterprise) in the intelligent city. There is no reason why not to standardize and modularized, how can we lose the application opportunity? Dr. Yang Fangqin suggested that the use of CSA016 standard "use" to achieve good use, "use" to achieve win-win development. It is suggested that the regional governments (industry leaders) take the CJJ45, LED road lighting application technical specifications, CSA016 specifications, GB7000.1203 and GBT_24827 as the basis, and formulate appropriate local standards for local characteristics. It is suggested that the owners, design and maintenance units should implement the relevant standards, and strictly implement the technical requirements in the bidding, design, construction and acceptance, and maintain it according to the regulations and fine. It is suggested that the production enterprises will no longer adopt standardized products, super large lighting projects, urban transformation projects, and smart city construction projects may pass by you.

    In the standard and application of standard light component (street lamp lighting module), the joint innovation center motor of Guangdong semiconductor lighting industry indicates that in the past interchangeability standard formulation process, the interchangeability standard is too much concentrated in some part of the industrial chain, and the same type of standard is too much and incompatible, the standard is not compatible. The right to make decisions is mainly in the hands of a few large enterprises that have not yet formed monopoly, and the formulation of standard or norm can not catch up with the speed of industrial development. The implementation of LED lighting standard optical components is to comply with the natural selection market rule and avoid misunderstandings in the past. The value of standard light component is to build a benign competition platform, promote the orderly development of the industry, promote the rapid development of the interchangeability standards that conform to the industrial development, rationally divide the industrial chain level, promote the industrial subdivision, and promote the manufacturers to realize the specialization, refinement and regulatory development of the products, and further promote the enterprise. Benign cooperation helps to optimize the allocation of industrial resources and promote the mature development of the industry.

    Yang Tong, the National Key Laboratory of semiconductor lighting and innovation State Key Laboratory (Changzhou base), introduced the construction process of CSA016. He said that the joint innovation of the National Key Laboratory (SKL) of the joint innovation of semiconductor lighting and the formation of "experts and professors of engineering and technical personnel" participated in the design of the interface specifications. In April 2013, the alliance standard was issued, and the GB promulgated the plan number in December 2013. More than 1000 items were collected from the whole industry, more than 400 simulation experiments were held, and more than 50 meetings and expert reviews were held. At present, Shanghai's inner ring tries to hang CSA016 standardized street lamps. According to incomplete statistics, dozens of enterprises produce and sell about 2000000 standardized street lamps. CSA016 standards have been widely cited in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangzhou, Sichuan, Hunan, Guizhou and other local standards, and included in the ISA standard (Technology), through cross-strait cooperation projects, the BRIC countries and other international cooperation projects and round certification in the international promotion.

    In the application of group standards and the promotion of ELI certification, Jiang Jie, the Minister of technology of the product certification limited company of Fangyuan Certification Group Co., Ltd., said that the global efficient lighting project (English Efficient Lighting Initiative, abbreviated as ELI) is a voluntary international product certification project. The goal of the ELI certification project is to provide fair, transparent and convenient product certification for product trade, and focus on promoting efficient lighting products to developing countries, countries in transition and incandescent lamps, focusing on the comprehensive performance of product quality, safety, life and energy efficiency and so on to create a "letter" in the world. The logo of the heart lighting products.


    As an alliance standard application and practice enterprise representative, Chen Chungen from Shanghai San Si Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. brings the Union standard modular street lamp thinking. He indicated that the traditional integrated structure changed the problems of difficult maintenance, ununified interface, poor generality and interchangeability, high cost and short life cycle. The modular structure of alliance standard would have the advantages of simple replacement maintenance, unified interface, good versatility and interchangeability, low cost and prolongation of life cycle.

    As we all know, traditional lighting is based on three basic lighting sources, tungsten filament lamp, fluorescent lamp and HID, to form the classification standard of lighting products. But since LED has entered the field of lighting, because of the essential difference between the LED luminescence principle and the traditional lighting source, and the diversity in reality, there are many kinds of LED lighting application products, different performance, poor interchangeability and uneven products, which directly affect the health of the LED industry. Continuous development.

    At the same time, Luo Changchun, senior engineer from electronic technology (Hangzhou) Limited, shared the LED lighting standardization and control device keynote report. He said that usually consists of a large number of single light sources, LED light source specifications are numerous and difficult to standardize. Constant current driving has great influence on the life and reliability of light source. At present, the trend of LED products is from small power LED to high power LED to modular design, modularization greatly reduces the cost of mold (different watts of lamps and lanterns do not need to open the mold); the cost of material is lower (the total material quality of the multiple modules with the same heat dissipation area is less than the integral whole lamp); the small module is processed conveniently and processed. This is lower; it helps to substantially reduce the risk of preparation. At the same time, the modularization of LED lighting has become an inevitable trend. It can also improve product reliability, greatly improve thermal performance, reduce design cost, standardize standardization, reduce production and management costs, and reduce maintenance and maintenance costs.

    The formulation of CSA016 standard has five great significance: one is to realize the exchange, general and compatibility of the products of the manufacturers, to help the enterprises to improve the quality of the products and to reduce the cost of manufacturing. The two is to guide and guide the research and development of enterprises, enhance the R & D capability of enterprises, and optimize the integration of R & D organization resources. The three is to promote the healthy and stable development of China's LED lighting industry, and to enhance the right of Chinese enterprises to speak globally. The four is to help enterprises rethink their status and further identify the location of enterprises and their products. Five, it is conducive to clearing the market obstacles and promoting the internationalization of enterprise products. By studying China's patent barriers and patent analysis, we will seize the international market.

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