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  • CSA016 standard transform national standard, boost the new situation of road lighting development

    The LED street lamp standard and application seminar was held in Dongguan. As a benchmarking enterprise special report on the standardization of road lamp production and application, our company has highly evaluated the CSA016 standard as the national standard of the national standard.


    Zhijie, deputy executive director of Zhejiang Shiming Optical Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the activities of using CSA016 standards to promote the application of street lamps.


    In April 27, 2016, the "LED street lamp standard and application seminar" organized by the national semiconductor lighting engineering research and development (CSA) and the Industrial Alliance (CSA) was held in the quality supervision and testing center of the city. The representatives of more than 30 units from enterprises, scientific research institutes and testing institutions participated in the meeting. The LED street lamp interface, control management system, modular street lamp product application and popularization and reliability testing were jointly discussed around the CSA alliance standard / national standard. To explore the needs of LED road lighting lamps and lanterns, explore the disadvantages of current technical indicators and inspection methods, and create a new development and new situation of road lighting.

    Zhijie, deputy executive director of Zhejiang Shiming Optical Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the popularization and application of CSA016 standard street lamps. He pointed out that in the street light bidding documents of several cities in Zhejiang Province, it was clearly pointed out that the products were in conformity with the CSA016 standard. The user units also gave full recognition and affirmation to the street lamp products using the CSA016 standard, which reduced the cost and risk of maintenance. In practical engineering applications, some non - standard products are broken in the connecting part of the screw. It is hoped that more attention should be paid to the structure of the product when the lamp products are produced. He introduced that Shiming optical in 2016 met the CSA016 standard street lamp sales, which will achieve 2 hundred million and sales volume will reach 200 thousand. Among them, the street lamps of Hangzhou G20 summit venue will install CSA016 standardized street lamps, which will be completed by the end of June.


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