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  • China LED intelligent lighting application and promotion Symposium

    The special road lighting scene was successfully held in Hangzhou

    Promoting cross-border integration, mining business models, improving service quality, and promoting business applications     

    With the wide application of the new generation of information technology, such as Internet of things, next-generation Internet and cloud computing, smart city has become an inevitable trend. In recent years, the new policies of smart cities have been frequent, and many cities in China have started the upsurge of smart city construction. The city has a large number of street lamps, is the most dense urban infrastructure, easy to collect and publish information. The future of intelligent street lamps is an important source of information collection for the Internet of things. The city intelligent street lamp is an important part of the intelligent city and an important entrance. It can promote the landing of the intelligent city and the intelligent city in the lighting business of the city, and improve the service ability of the city and the city.

     In August 12, 2016, with the guidance of the Zhejiang provincial science and technology department and the Zhejiang provincial economic and Information Committee, the Hangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the Hangzhou economic and Information Committee supported the national semiconductor lighting engineering research and development and Industrial Alliance (CSA) and the solid light industry association of Zhejiang Province, jointly sponsored by the China LED intelligent lighting The seminar on application and promotion, road lighting special, was held at Huajia villa, Hangzhou. From Shiming optics, ZTE, HUAWEI, PHILPS, Zhongheng Park, Fang Dazhi control, net new union, Huapu Yongming, Shanghai San Si, and other domestic and foreign LED industry elite enterprises more than 200 representatives participated in the meeting.

    Cheng Zhijie, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Shiming Optical Technology Co., Ltd.

    Cheng Zhijie, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Shiming Optical Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the theme report on the application of CSA 016 standardized street lamps in smart city. According to understanding, Zhejiang Shiming Optical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional design, manufacturing, sales, engineering installation as one of the LED photoelectric industry private enterprises, the company registered capital of 50 million yuan, covering more than 5 square standard factory, from the United States, Germany, Korea, Japan, the introduction of International advanced level of 20 A modern automatic assembly line and a complete set of high-end detection equipment. It has formed four major series of main products, such as intelligent road lighting, factory lighting, explosion proof lighting, intelligent home lighting and so on. The production capacity is 2 million sets, and the product technology is in the leading level in China. At the same time, the innovative team composed of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, National 863 plan experts and the doctorate have successfully developed a new high power, high penetration rate free maintenance street lamp to fill the blank of the world, filling the blank of the domestic blank, and is undertaking the LED headlights, which are organizing the research and development to fill the blank of the country. Three high end technology reserve series products.

    In the dialogue, Geng Bo, Deputy Secretary General of the national semiconductor lighting engineering research and Industry Alliance, chaired by Geng Bo (left), invited Tan Biao, vice president of the new United Engineers Ltd of Zhejiang network (right three), vice president Zhou Xiang of Jiangsu forest energy Limited by Share Ltd (right four), and director of the Shanghai San SI system integration institute Jiang Yuxi (right), HUAWEI senior expert Xu Jianmin (right two), Song Hongwei, chairman of Zhejiang Fang Dazhi Control Technology Co., Ltd. (left three), and Liu Hailang (left two), general manager of Hangzhou Zhong Heng Power Power Co., Ltd. (left two), understand the intelligent street lamps and intelligent street lamps, and how to recommend the difficulty and extension mode of intelligent lighting. The volume of the market has a deep dialogue on product quality, standards and many other requirements.

    Small exhibition area outside the meeting

    Small exhibition area outside the meeting

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