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    On 14-16 December, more than 120 representatives of more than 50 urban lighting management units from Hangzhou, Ningbo and Wenzhou were held in Yongkang for the annual meeting of city lighting Specialized Committee of Zhejiang provincial municipal industry association in Yongkang.

    Ruan Jun, Deputy Secretary General of the national semiconductor lighting engineering and research and development industry alliance, President of Zhejiang Municipal Association of municipal industry, deputy director Fang Jian of the former provincial construction department, deputy mayor of Yongkang Municipal People's government Zhu Zhiang, Cheng Kao, director general of Yongkang Municipal Construction Bureau, and Sheng Qun, deputy director of Yongkang Power Supply Bureau, attended the meeting and made important speeches. During the meeting, the provincial road lamp management departments inspected the standardized warm temperature LED street lamp of the 26 kilometer section of Dongyong line, which was transformed by Shiming optics, and the actual effect of installing the new road light on the new S27 high speed east exit section, which was fully affirmed and agreed.

    At the meeting, the Deputy Secretary General of Nguyen and the director of Fang Jian pointed out that standardization is the trend. It is the way to solve the maintenance and convenient installation. It helps to promote the standardization of the LED city lighting field, and the 3000K warm color temperature is the most suitable for road lighting. The president of Fang Jian pointed out that the glare of the 2015 annual meeting, the standard module specification interface is not uniform, the color temperature is high, and the problem of non soft, in the field visit Shimin optical enterprise, after inspecting the installation section, it has been well solved. For the development and progress of the LED lighting industry in China, we are very pleased that the enterprises represented by Shiming optics are very appreciating the lighting effect that is more suitable for the urban road lighting and the needs of the people's life in the innovation and development. At the meeting, in view of the efforts made by Zhejiang Shiming optics in 2016, the Zhejiang Municipal Association of city lighting Specialized Committee

    On behalf of the association, Fang Jian awarded the honorary Medal of Zhejiang Shiming Optical Technology Co., Ltd. for its outstanding contribution to the industry in 2016.

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