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  • To say, in the impression of most people,

    Rome, Italy

    It should be a city full of romantic feelings...

    It's old and has a history of more than 2700...

    It's elegant, too,

    Because it was the center of the Renaissance.

    There are countless ancient buildings here...

    And the Italians who live here,

    Most of them also give us a leisurely and lazy feeling...


    Since last June,

    The citizens of Rome began to keep the heart stopper,

    All the time...

    For Kazakhstan?

    They found that,

    The old city of good life,

    How did it change overnight?

    What about the yellow light that is full of sentiment in Rome?

    How do the lights change??

    All the time,

    The ancient and elegant mood of Rome,

    In addition to the historical sense of the ancient architecture itself,

    And the high pressure sodium lamp,

    It's the yellow light that people often say.

    The faint, hazy beauty of the ancient architecture...

    Under the yellow light,

    Rome at night is neither inferior nor inferior.

    Warm and hazy...

    The animal farm is like this...

    A lot of people think,

    Yellow lights can lead to the historical sense of Rome...

    The street scene at night is very beautiful, too.

    As a result, from June to this year,

    Under the new regulations of the Rome municipal government,

    A large number of yellow lights are changed into white LED lights!

    What is the effect?


    Full of the sense of reality...

    The LED lamp was also installed on the animal farm.

    The night is so bright, too.


    Contrast the previous Rome alleys and the current Rome alley...

    In other places, the yellow light has changed by half, so that it can match LED.

    Why does the yellow light of the ancient city of Rome change suddenly?

    This is about money in the end...

    Although the yellow light is good, it has a short life.

    And LED is more power - saving!

    Every year, the Rome municipal government has to spend a lot of money on streetlights.


    Virginia Raggi, mayor of Rome

    In the last year, 100 thousand yellow lights were changed in the whole city.

    Replace with LED.

    According to the calculation,

    In this way, Rome can save 47 million euros on electricity in a year.

    But, although LED lights are cheap and environmentally friendly.

    For people who love Rome, it is really ugly.

    In February of this year,

    An American girl living in Rome Elizabeth Minchilli

    The intolerable slots on Facebook,

    It led to the warm approval of the citizens of Rome...

    "One thing that really concerns me is the change of light.

    Although there are many beautiful scenic spots in Rome, the quality of the lights really affects visitors' feelings.

    Once, every time the sun came down, lights from all over the place lit up, and here is a new world.

    Recently, however, the yellow light from the last century has been removed. I know it is too late to complain about the government. They moved out of the farmer's market near my house last week. Last night, the lights of my downstairs Street were changed all over the night, and warm yellow lights were replaced with the glaring, cold LED light. Last night's event was not only a change of light, but also a fragment of Rome's history.

    "I know that the government has signed a 47 million agreement, and everything is for energy conservation.

    But I want some people to think more about the impact on Rome's beauty. Rome's Ministry of culture can protect pebbles, railings and fountains before. Why can't they come out now?

    When the government made such a serious decision on the beauty of ancient architecture, why did no one come out to protect it?

    After seeing this post, the citizens of Rome have come out.

    Lighting for a place's design and personal feelings.

    It's really important.

    "This is a very bad and nasty thing to do."

    "I guess the next street where the lights are changed is mine."

    "The policy of changing lights is really stupid and short-sighted. Sometimes, if we just look at the economic problems, we may not be able to make a good choice. "

    "They did the same thing in Victoria last year and changed to white LED lights. "

    "Look at these lights in medieval cities."

    "We also have the same light bulb fight here. "

    "Outside my house is LED lights. I really hate them. It's too bright and too strong. "

    "All places have to be changed. Only very old blocks can be avoided. We are now protesting against the number of tiles and trying different lights. "

    Since last year, many people in Rome have protested against the resettlement of LED.

    Including the municipal Councilor Nathalie Naim and others

    It also formed a coalition against the government.

    But no one cares about them...

    'what is important is this atmosphere,'

    In an interview with the New York Times, Naim said in an interview with the New York Times,

    "These atmosphere is an important part of Rome's beauty and history."

    But for the optical expert Roberto Zamboni,

    He thinks the "aesthetic problem" is a bit of a whim...

    "Using LED can greatly reduce the waste of resources. Why not change it?"

    At the same time,

    Maybe it is because the policy can't catch up with the change of technology.

    Rome culture protection department has always hated the change of the ancient city.

    There is no interference in the light.

    Because lighting has not yet been counted in the "cultural tradition".

    Rome is not only the only one

    A city that makes a big change in the light.

    The first big city to change to LED is Losangeles...

    In March 2013,

    Losangeles turned all the lights of the city into LED lights.

    It saves 40% of electricity every year...

    The contrast of streetscape...

    People think that...

    Yellow lights can bring some nostalgic feelings.

    And LED is pure white and white...


    The Canadian capital, Ottawa, has also announced that it will be in 2020.

    Change all the light bulbs into LED lights.

    Using LED can save half of the power,

    You can save 4 million dollars if you change the whole year.

    Of course, contrast...

    Buenos Aires in 2014

    It has also changed 91000 yellow lights in the city.

    It can save 50% of the resources.

    As for the streetscape...

    Hamilton, Canada, in 2015

    You can also change all the yellow lights, and you can save $700 thousand...

    In many old cities,

    It's a lot of controversy to replace the yellow lights with LED lights.

    It is mainly because of the destruction of the traditional and warm beauty of the city.

    Zhejiang Shiming Optical Technology Co., Ltd. LED street lamp product has perfectly solved this problem, while saving energy and protecting environment, it has also preserved the traditional and warm beauty of the city!

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