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  • "Yongkang daily" - a national gift bag, Nagayasu

    During the visit to the Tanzania women and Development Foundation

    Peng Liyuan presented his schoolbag to the student's representative


    Washington President Xi Jinping, Mrs. Peng Liyuan, presented a schoolbag to the student representatives at the headquarters of the women and development foundation of Tanzania on the 25 th. The photographer settled the moment to make Zhejiang Arrow Industrial Co., Ltd. proud and proud. Because this bag is an annex multifunctional bag produced by the company.

    "Look! This is the "first gift" to the student representative of Tanzania. It is a multi-functional schoolbag produced by our company. 27 early in the morning, Ruan Wei, a sales assistant of the arrow company, found out the material of the schoolbag and compared it with the pictures in the computer.

    Hu Zhining, chairman of the company, has received successive calls from Hershey. He was sure to come down with his mobile phone again. 4 years ago, he invented and printed a bag with a big red "one arrow" trademark, which was the gift of Peng Liyuan to African students.

    The good news spread rapidly in the arrow company, and the company was surprised and proud of it.

    An arrow company starts with the production of reflective materials. In 2008, Hu Zhining found a 12 year old boy whose schoolbag was too heavy and weighed for a long time. Every time I see him, he can't help patting his back and giving him a good reminder. Meanwhile, Hu Zhining sprouted the idea of reducing primary and secondary school students' burden. He began to conceive, and consulted a lot of data of human engineering, and conducted extensive market research. In 2009, he and his R & D team developed this kind of extension product. In February 2010, he obtained a utility model patent and began selling on the market.

    Looking at this multi-function book bag, it does have a lot of differences with the ordinary schoolbag. The reflective strip is embedded in the package and the bag. In the case of insufficient light, the light can be directed to reflect, provide a dynamic signal to the driver, cause the driver's attention and avoid the danger. A flexible material made of soft material is arranged on the back of the body corresponding to the back and waist of the human body, thereby effectively easing the discomfort caused by hard objects to the back. The back of the body of the body corresponds to the position of the waist of the body, which can adjust the waist belt according to the needs of the user, so as to achieve the distribution of force, chest, straight back, and the effect of the abdomen. It integrates the protection of the spine and the posture of correcting the body.

    "Yongkang made schoolbags can be presented as international gifts to our international friends, and our confidence is greatly increased by the time honored." Hu Zhining said that this year, enterprises will use multi-functional Backpackers as key projects to expand production scale and brand.

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