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  • Jinhua daily - Yongkang "one arrow" schoolbag donated to African children

    Yongkang schoolbags are given to African children

    This newspaper (report group Ye Ning Tan Xiaojun) "our company's products have become a gift to visit!" In the first morning of March 27th, Ruan Wei, the assistant sales assistant of Yongkang one arrow Industrial Co., Ltd., was surprised, and on the mainstream news web pages in China, the book bag with "one arrow" appeared in the list of gifts given by Peng Liyuan.

    Ruan Wei is a young girl who likes to browse the news online. When she learned the news, she told her colleagues for the first time, and the good news spread like a whirlwind.

    In March 25th, when Peng Liyuan visited the Tanzania women and development foundation, she presented gifts such as sewing machines and schoolbags.

    It is understood that this gift as an arrow schoolbag named multi-function backpack, has 3 National utility model patents, began selling in the second half of 2009. There are seven kinds of schoolbags: pink, blue, black, purple, red and so on. They are divided into two styles: primary school students and middle school students. The backpack is equipped with a cushion, multiple cushions, and a plurality of reflective strips to reduce the traffic danger.

    Hu Zhining, the chairman of arrow company, is the designer of multi-function knapsack. 5 years ago, he saw a 12 year old boy in the factory. He was bent over his shoulders because he had been carrying books for a long time. Hu Zhining was very distressed. He was determined to design a load reducing and posture correcting schoolbag for the primary and middle school students, so that the children could go to school more easily.

    After the new book bag came out, it was very quick to go on the market. The school bag "flies" into Africa, and the confidence of the enterprise has increased greatly. "I got a lot of order calls today." Hu Zhining said that this year, enterprises will use multi-functional Backpackers as key projects to expand their production scale and push them into a larger market to benefit more young people.


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