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  • "World bright" green handkerchief action Libo sailing sail China floating to the world                                                                        

        On the afternoon of December 21, 2012, the Ming Ming square in Libo, Guizhou, became a sea of joy and a wave of green. Sponsored by China low carbon industry investment center, Libo County Committee of Guizhou Province, Libo County People's government and Zhejiang Shiming Optical Technology Co., Ltd., an unprecedented "world Mingli" China low carbon people green handkerchief was held in Libo. At the scene, more than 5000 people from all walks of life, such as Libo Bu Shui Miao Yao and other ethnic groups and institutions, participated in the scene of the scene. People in the hands of the people in the hands of green handkerchiefs in the hands of the people, jointly launched the call to the global "disuse of paper towels and pick up handkerchiefs in December 21, 2012".

       Reporters on the streets of Libo saw that the door curtain of the streets and lanes hung "Shi Mingli" green handkerchief. The driving vehicles on the street were hung with "Ming Li" green handkerchief. The paper napkins on the hotel table turned into "world Ming Li" green handkerchief, and people strongly felt the atmosphere of "Ming Li green handkerchief action" in Libo. The street banners "don't let the last tree in the world turn into a human wipes of tears" are particularly impressive and touching, telling people to act to protect the ecological environment of the earth we live on, with the Mayan "doomsday" prophecy of the December 21, 2012 world's attention. The green handkerchief's global public service will start from Libo, vigorously advocacy by green handkerchief global public tour and green handkerchief to respond to the "disuse of paper towel" every year in the world every year on December 21st. The "Earth Hour" model is "green reflection" on the same day in the world.


    The choice of the first station of the green handkerchief's global tour is of unique value and significance. Libo is a world heritage site and is called "a green gemstone on the earth's belt" by the United Nations. The action of starting the green handkerchief from Libo is the ideal example of the perfect "ecological protection" in Libo to leave better future generations for future generations. The green mountains, green water and blue sky carry out the eighteen Party's "ecological civilization, beautiful China" Scientific Outlook on Development.

    The unique "daytime" large-scale interactive performance concept of Libo sailing ceremony has become a demonstration sample of "low carbon performance". When people enter, they do not give out any disposable atmosphere of fluorescent sticks, sticks and sticks. Instead, each person receives three "shimming green handkerchiefs", and the whole stage is also arranged into a green "giant handkerchief", very eye-catching. People kept waving their handkerchiefs throughout the performance, and the atmosphere at the scene was even hotter than any performance.


    This festival has not invited any star to participate, all from the folk "people star". The aim is to let everyone participate fully in the party, not to adore the "stars" blindly, to arouse the power of everyone to participate in, and to make the green action with extraordinary value through the participation of the people from the whole people's heart. And meaning.

    The grand ceremony is made by the general planning of the opening and closing ceremony of the Shenzhen Universiade and the director of the famous director of Luan Dian Lake, the director of the Cultural Alliance of China's low carbon industry investment center and Nie Zhimin, one of the Original Planners of the green handkerchief, as one of the original planners of the green handkerchief, and the Zhejiang Shimin optical technology. Limited company provides full sponsorship. Although there is no star in the whole performance, the performance of the show is very shocking, no matter the sound effect, video and program arrangement have shown great artistic taste.

    The grand ceremony chaired by the British host Daniel and the child star online intelligent song base rhyme rhyme, so that the activities advocated by the "big hands, CO sing low carbon" concept can be perfectly presented.

    One opening, in the warm welcome of the people of all ethnic groups in Libo, 7 volunteers from Beijing to Libo carried green handkerchiefs on their bicycles on the stage. LED large screen matched volunteers to participate in video pictures of green handkerchiefs. Volunteers started from the Olympic Park in Beijing in December 13th. 7 low - carbon pioneer cities, the green handkerchief 1221 "disuse paper towel day" propaganda, got a very warm response, in December 21st volunteers arrived at the Libo festival scene.

         Child star online smart folk song base specially for the Libo sailing event, "take you to Libo" in the wonderful performance of young children Guo Ziruo and Wu Siyi, let Libo this beautiful place floated into the heart of every audience.

         The original singing and dancing aquarium program "water Book expression" is a program with national characteristics, bringing the audience into the dialogue with ancient times. And the Yao's "monkey drum", the Hmong's Lusheng canister ensemble "the day of celebration" and the "weave" of the young girls of the Buyi people are more and more amazed by the audience's rich and colorful national customs in Libo.

         The singer's "tree" and "Lian Li branch" Twins - the "love combination" of "the love of the swan", the "love of the swan", which has been performed by Ping Xiaodong, and the "dream show of China" by Tom Chang's imitative show Ping Xiaodong, have brought people to the climax of the scene.

     The poem reciting "home" is an extremely exciting program on the scene. In the reciting of the recite, the audience has carried out a "low carbon environmental protection baptism" in the heart.

       Chen Yaqi, a child star from Xiamen, won the warm applause from the original works of the children's star Song Zhi Hao song base.

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