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  • The members of the academicians have contributed to the wisdom of the world.

     In September 17, 2014, the "science and technology bridging, hospital land linkage" and the fourteenth Jinhua Engineering Association's advanced equipment manufacturing special field were held in Yongkang. The Yongkang municipal government and the Shanghai branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences signed a long-term scientific and technological cooperation agreement. The Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences signed a scientific and technological cooperation agreement. Shiming optics and other 5 enterprises have signed agreements and letter of intent with the Academy of Sciences.


    Academician Xue Yongqi and Zhu Junhao, the party secretary of the Shanghai branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, vice president Wang Jianyu, the Deputy Secretary General of the Jinhua municipal government, and Xiao Gonghai, the director of the Jinhua Science Park Management Committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the city leader Xu Huashui, Jin Zheng, Lv Qunyong, participated in the signing ceremony.

    47 experts and professors from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University and other institutions of higher learning and universities have discussed the project docking with our city entrepreneurs.

    "We have successfully developed a high-power and convenient search and rescue lamp with a high-definition video recording system under the guidance of the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which can be said to fill the international gap." Hu Zhining, chairman of Shiming optics, talks about the benefits of the cooperation of the science and Technology Institute. "This year, under the impetus of the academicians, Shiming optics has also successfully entered the Shanghai road lighting renovation road light bidding project, which is expected to become a model for the transformation of the LED street lights in Shanghai."

    The academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences held that Shiming optics has a certain scientific and technological basis. The cooperation between the two sides will speed up the conversion of scientific research results to the productive forces and achieve a win-win situation.

    The academicians said that it will take this event as an opportunity to strengthen the supply of the source of science and technology, strengthen the transformation of results, effectively integrate the elements of social innovation, and provide a strong knowledge base, technical support and innovation power.

    Jin Zheng, the mayor, said that all the experts and professors at the conference are the top talents in all fields, and they hope to do more for the economic and social development of our city and make suggestions for the development of our city. At the same time, he hoped that the majority of enterprises would seize the rare opportunity to seek advice from experts and take the initiative in docking with the research achievements of experts and professors. In addition, the relevant departments should actively serve the work, create a better environment for cooperation and exchanges between hospitals, and promote the smooth progress of signing projects.

    The academician and the scientific research institute "allied", and Shiming optics broke out.

    In the signing ceremony of the cooperation between Shiming optics and the Institute of Technical Physics, the Institute of Technical Physics, Shanghai branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shiming optics Chairman Hu Zhi Ning walked on the platform and put forward the ambition of the output value exceeding 500 million yuan three years later. Hu Zhining's confidence comes from the support of technological innovation.

    Shiming optics is one of the enterprises that tasted the sweetness of science and technology in our city earlier. Shiming optics has been working with academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for five years, and has achieved all-round development in the field of LED lighting. The latest research and development of explosion-proof special lighting and LED intelligent lighting technology have made breakthrough progress. High power and high penetration performance free maintenance road lamps fill the domestic gap and are selected to be the main products of Shanghai street lamp technical renovation project. The high power and quick search and rescue lamp of high definition video recording system fills the international gap. It is expected that the output value of next year is expected to exceed 200 million yuan.

    In September 2013, under the guidance of academician Xue Yongqi and other academicians, Shiming optics became the first enterprise in the country to obtain the production license of intrinsically safe explosion-proof miner's lamp. In October of the same year, the company formally signed a project cooperation agreement with Academician Xue Yongqi.

    In March of this year, the explosion-proof mine lamp was formally put into operation. Compared with the original, the new intrinsically safe explosion-proof lamp has improved in terms of its function and technology coefficient. "There are often bottlenecks in product research and development. Sometimes, a sentence of academician experts can make us open up. Cheng Zhijie, the deputy general manager of the company, introduced the location function like the explosion - proof mine lamp. Once the mine disaster occurred, the rescue team can find the target target quickly through the positioning function and greatly improve the efficiency of the search and rescue.

    Science and technology quickly transform into productive forces. In April this year, Shiming optical successfully won the bid to select the catalogue of mining lamps for Shenhua Group, the top 500 enterprises in China. At present, the miner's lamp has completed sales of about 2000000 yuan. Hu Zhining predicts that next year will bring explosive growth, and output value is expected to exceed 30 million yuan.

    This time, Shiming optics and the Institute of Technical Physics of the Shanghai branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) signed a long term cooperation agreement on production, learning and research, announces the "marriage" between the enterprise and the Institute.

    "There is a feeling that a little daughter-in-law marries into a wealthy family." Hu Zhining said that after marrying into the "rich and powerful" industry, the vision of industrial development strategy can be further advanced. It can not only acquire technical talents and technical support, but also share the contacts of academicians and experts, and define the direction of industrial development.


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