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  • Electricity safety has "six insurance", and bad environment can easily pass through.

    Shiming "LED light" light "Snow Dragon"

    ■Reporter Wang Weijian

    On the morning of 19, a telephone from the Chinese Polar Research Center made Cheng Zhijie happy, "the chairman of Xi boarded the 'Snow Dragon', which you provided the LED fluorescent lamp to the" Snow Dragon ".

    Cheng Zhijie, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Shiming Optical Technology Co., Ltd., called the director of the shipping and aircraft Management Department of China's Polar Research Center, Xu Ning, who is responsible for the operation of the "Snow Dragon".

    Hobart port is the Australian Antarctic expedition. The "Snow Dragon" scientific research boat stopped its supply at Hobart port on the way to carry out the thirty-first China Antarctic expedition mission.

    On the 18 day, Xi Jinping, the president of Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, Australia, boarded the "Snow Dragon" science examination ship, visited the Antarctic science examination project and consoled the examination staff.

    "The exhibition hall that President Xi visited the 30th Anniversary Photo Exhibition of China Polar survey used Shiming optical LED fluorescent lamp." Cheng Zhijie said excitedly. On the eve of the thirty-first Antarctic expedition mission of the "Snow Dragon" on October 30th, he introduced the LED fluorescent lamp on behalf of Shimin optics to the Chinese Polar Research Center. The responsible person is very interested in making the first batch of lamps and lanterns on the spot. Because the time is tight, the remaining lamps will be replaced after the snow dragon returns to Shanghai.

    The original use of the "Snow Dragon" science examination ship is imported fluorescent lamp. It is not only energy-saving and flicker, but also caused by bumps in the course of voyage and the adverse environment of Antarctica, it is very easy to cause damage to the lamp and even leave hidden danger. And in the long journey, a lot of time in the indoor team, how to find more safe, energy-saving, durable and no ultraviolet, infrared light source, has always been the "Snow Dragon" science and technology crew of engineering technicians. Now found the Shiming optical cooperation, the effect is very good.

    In the Shiming optical exhibition hall, there are two fluorescent tubes with bright lights. The length is 1.2 meters. The meter shows that one is 47.68 watts, the other is only 11.93 watts. "Brighter than ordinary fluorescent lamps, saving more than 3/4, which is not the most important thing." Hu Zhining, chairman of Shiming optical board, said that using the camera function of mobile phones proves that LED fluorescent tubes do not have common flashing of fluorescent tubes.

    Of course, the real "Snow Dragon" phase is not whether there is no strobe, but the essential safety of Shiming optical with independent intellectual property rights, that is intrinsically safe technology. Hu Zhining said, the answer is in a device with a ballast size. This device, "native LED constant current drive", has 6 levels of protection, equivalent to 6 insurance, so that the lamp will not become an igniter and a detonator in any environment. Without any protection, the reporter will be directly connected by the positive and negative power of the constant current drive, and there is no sense of "electric shock".

    More than 30% of Shiming optics are engaged in R & D. What's more, the company has a "Academician's expert workstation", an innovative team composed of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, National 863 Program experts, and the doctorate of the sea returnees. It has successfully developed a new high power, high power and high penetration free tool dimension that fills the gap of the domestic high definition recording system LED high power portable search and rescue lamp and fills the gap in the country. The road lamp and other high-end technical reserve series products.


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