Application and Market of Inorganic Rare Earth Luminescent Materials

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China is the country with the richest rare earth resources in the world, accounting for about 77 of the world's rare earth resource industrial reserves. In the past 26 years, rare earth luminescent materials have developed amazingly at home and abroad, forming a relatively large scale of production and a considerable market, with high output values and economic benefits. According to the latest statistics from Business Information Corporation of America, in the high-tech fields of rare earth applications in the United States, the annual growth rate of optical storage has reached 50%, and rare earth fluorescent powder for lamps 20%,ranked second; TV phosphors were 3.4%. This shows that the development prospect of rare earth luminescent materials is quite good.

This article will introduce the requirements of luminous raw materials for rare earth and some application area.


luminescent materials

Terminal Display

People have entered the era of high-level information. CRT (cathode ray tube) terminal displays with various functions have entered various fields of society. In recent years, the production of China's CRT terminal displays has begun which provides a potential market for rare earth luminescent materials.


Color Projection Television

Outside China, CRT color projection large screen high definition television (HDTV) has been developed to a fairly high level. Its image quality can compare to that of 35ram film. One of the key technological breakthroughs in projection televisions is the use of high efficiency material with current saturation characteristics and good temperature response. People are now exploring rare earth blue luminescent materials. Rare-earth cathode-ray luminescent materials have a wide range of applications in the field of image display, and can also be used with other non-rare earth light-luminous materials to get different applications.

 light-luminous materials

Electroluminescent Film

Electroluminescent flat-panel computer terminal displays are already available in the United States, Japan, and other countries, and our country is also developing vigorously. In order to achieve color electroluminescent thin-film lithographic display, some rare-earth-doped thin-film materials are being developed intensively.


Compact Fluorescent Light

China's compact fluorescent lamps use rare earth trichromatic phosphors. However, due to the unstable quality of self luminous tritium exit sign lamps and phosphors, the low degree of automated production, the short life of the lamps, and the domestic family promotion has not opened up, the research and production progress is slow. Rare earth fluorescent powder has been widely used in high color rendering fluorescent lamps and ring lamps overseas, but our country still needs to work hard at this area.


Upconversion Luminescence and Laser

The up-converted light and up-converted laser materials are almost all made by rare earth materials. There are many types of impurities, and the doping is mainly heavy rare earth ions, mostly rare earth fluorides. Recent upconversion laser research is very active, the main purpose is to realize the pumping of small solid-state visible lasers by infrared semiconductor lasers.


rare-earth-doped thin-film

To sum up, the rare earth light-luminous materials have achieved remarkable development in various fields of solid light-luminous materials, and a certain scale of industrial production has been formed in our country. Solid luminescence provides a huge market for the application and development of fine rare earth products. In addition. Some new synthetic technologies, such as the sol-gel method, high temperature and high pressure, have caused people's high attention, which will definitely be conducive to the development of light-luminous materials science.

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