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Product Description:
Inorganic light storage self-luminous material is made of academician expert team hired by Globeright Co.,LTD. They studied the situation in which the luminous self-luminous material was changed from the synthetic resin of the luminous material before. Let it become the luminous body which include many multi-mineral materials such as rare earth, strontium aluminate, silicate, and inorganic crystal. 
Parameter Details:
  The product meets the requirements of GB / T4100-2015 "Ceramic Tiles" Appendix G: Dry pressed ceramic tiles E≤0.5% B l a and GB 6566-2010 "Limits of Radionuclides for Building Materials".
  Surface density of luminescent layer:≥2.2
  Surface hardness of luminescent layer:Mohs 5
  Low temperature resistance:≤-40℃
  High temperature resistance:≥180℃
  Failure strength:≥5000N
  Impact resistance:≥0.84
  Abrasion resistance:≥Level 3/1500 rpm
  Pollution resistance:≥level 5
  Frost resistance:No cracks and peeling
  Thermal shock resistance:No cracks and peeling
  Wet swelling:≤0.02mm/m
  Coefficient of linear thermal expansion:≤6.2×10-6 ℃-1
  Modulus of rupture:Average and maximum value≥43MPa
  Chemical resistance:Reach GA level
  Radioactivity:Meets Class A requirements
  Self-luminous brightness:Product excitation stopped for 10 hours, afterglow intensity ≥16mcd / m2
Inorganic light-emitting self-luminous products are made of inorganic materials and fired through high-tech synthetic technology. The products have long afterglow time, high hardness, wear resistance, high and low temperature resistance, no corrosion, will never be aging, suitable for wherever indoor or outdoor environments. Realized the permanent use, and can be used the whole day to guide persons. 
After one time of light storage, it can continue to glow in the dark for more than 10 hours, and once built, it can be used for at least 30 years. 
It breaks through the bottleneck of short service life of ordinary luminescent materials such as resin. So it is widely used in safety guidelines for caverns, civil air defense works, tunnels, underground garages, and basements. It is also used in the field of identification and security guidelines. Besides, it play a role in safety guidelines for river banks and reservoir banks, etc.
Why Choose Us?
  • Short optical storage time.
    Short light storage time and long light-emitting time> the time required is about 5-20 minutes,Once fully storage, it will last lunimescence more than 10 hours in the dark.
  • High hardness and good abrasion resistance.
    The product has high mechanical strength, high surface hardness and good wear resistance, which effectively solves the problem of poor hardness, easy scratching and abrasion of the traditional resin light-storing self-luminous material (the surface scratching will seriously affect its light storage and light-emitting function).
  • No corrosion and never age.
    The product is resistant to high and low temperature, strong weather resistance, non-corrosive and never aging. It can be used indoors or outdoors, making up for the shortcomings of traditional resin light-storing self-illuminating materials which are easy to age and have short service life. The high temperature resistance of the products is equivalent to stone., floor tiles, is difficult to achieve with ordinary resin synthetic light-emitting self-luminous materials.
In view of the above characteristics of the product, it is not easy to wear and never aging during use, giving the product excellent anti-fouling performance, and the surface of the product can be kept bright and beautiful for a long time.
Zero energy consumption, zero carbon source, light absorption during the day, light emission at night,
Meet the lighting and beautification of landscape footpaths and guiding lighting,
Saving electric energy



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