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Globright optics: let green "shine" into life

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Editor's note: as "ecological habitat", "green building" has become a repeated mentioned words, as well as the continuous shortage of global energy, green lighting has gradually become a hot topic in the process of promoting the sustainable development of the city.


The incandescent lamp energy consumption is too high, the energy saving lamp will produce mercury pollution, and the fourth generation of new energy products LED (luminescent two grade tube) lamp is favored by the government and enterprises because of the collection of energy saving, environmental protection and low carbon. The LED landscape lamps used in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 were brilliant and impressive. When World Expo, Shanghai, Shanghai held in 2010, the Shanghai Expo Axis of 1 km long used about 2000000 LED lights, 1 billion 30 million LED chips were used in the Shanghai Expo Park, and about 80% of the stadiums and venues were used. In view of this, building green buildings and green new towns can not lack the "green" light of LED lights.

In Yongkang, Zhejiang, Hu Zhining has a high reputation. In 1993, he began to develop reflective materials. In 1994, he set up an arrow anti light material Co., Ltd. in 1994. In 1996, he led the staff research and development of an arrow reflective material through the Zhejiang provincial science and Technology Committee. In 1998, the one arrow reflective material was selected as the national Torch Program, filling the gap in this field in China. Now, Hu Zhining is the chairman of Zhejiang Globright Optical Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as shimming of Zhejiang), and the positioning of Zhejiang Globright is a high-tech private enterprise of LED photoelectricity industry.


Recollection of the original establishment of an arrow reflection material limited company, Hu Zhining did not deny that he had "ambition": "the company named as an arrow, is prepared 'ten years to wear a sword', give themselves ten years of time to achieve success." Facts have proved that Hu Zhining not only succeeded, but also shortened the time of success. After 5 years of the project of reflective material research and development, the national Torch Program was successfully selected to fill the gap in the domestic field at that time. Since then, sales of reflective materials have been getting better and better, and more and more products have been extended. Various honors poured in, and Hu Zhining's career entered the fast lane of rapid development.


self-luminous material

Resolutely turn around


The LED landscape lamp of Beijing Olympic Games


However, when the market demand is increasing, Hu Zhining resolutely stopped the pace of developing reflective materials and devoted all his energies to the LED industry. "The merchant, the most taboo is the old step." Hu Zhining said that his turn was not a whimsy, but not a random move. In his view, no matter what products have a life cycle, once the market is overheated, we must turn to other products to achieve long-term development of enterprises.


It is understood that the LED lamp is about 90% energy saving than the incandescent lamp and 65% energy saving than the ordinary energy saving lamp. It is said that the life of the ordinary light bulb is 2000 to 8000 hours, and the life of the LED lamp is up to more than 30 thousand hours.


The opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games gave the public the opportunity to recognize the magic of LED lights. The magnificent picture, the dream of the five rings and the gleaming costume of the sky. All this is achieved through LED lights. The brilliant and colorful lighting effects have impressed people deeply.


Then, at the 60th anniversary party in the new China, 4028 performers dressed up as colorful LED luminescence trees on the Tiananmen square in Beijing to form the world's most "Light Cube" theme performance area. The beautiful LED lighting effect made the audience resee the classic scenes of the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.


When World Expo, Shanghai, held in 2010, about 2000000 LED lamps were used on the 1 km long Shanghai Expo Axis, 1 billion 30 million LED chips were used in the Shanghai Expo Park, and about 80% of the stadiums with LED light sources were used. In addition, there are also more than 1 billion yuan worth of LED display playback of rich video, the function of LED will play the most incisive.


The so-called "insiders look at the doorway, the laymen see the bustle". When the crowd applauded the LED lights in various celebrations, Hu Zhining saw the brilliant prospect of LED industry.



"Actually, as early as 6 years ago, I had been working on LED lamp packaging in Hangzhou." Hu Zhining said. Even if the LED lights were already in contact with the LED, the beauty and color of the LED in the 2008 Olympic Games made him open to the eye; and the 60th anniversary celebration in New China made Hu Zhining be so intoxicated with the LED lights; after World Expo, Shanghai, in 2010, the LED lamp was trapped in an incapable situation, and he was more firmly committed to it. The confidence and determination of the industry.


In 2010, after repeated tests, Hu Zhining set up Zhejiang Globright Optical Technology Co., Ltd. In this semiconductor lighting production base set up in Yongkang, LED products have been put into operation.


General trend


LED lamp adapts to the future green tide


Over the years, developed countries have invested in supporting LED lighting industry. In 1998, Japan spent 6 billion yen on the twenty-first Century light program; the United States invested $500 million in 2000 to start the national semiconductor lighting program; in 2000, the EU announced the launch of the Rainbow program.


In order to accelerate the development of China's LED lamp industry, the six department, such as the State Development and Reform Commission, jointly issued a "opinion on the development of energy saving industry for semiconductor lighting" in 2009, which outlined a bright future for the development of the LED lamp industry in China: the market share of semiconductor lighting energy saving lamps will be increased year by year, to 2015, the city of functional lighting. The market share is around 20%, the market share of LCD backlight is over 50%, and the market share of landscape decoration products is more than 70%.


In addition, according to the national "12th Five-Year plan", by 2015, the localization rate of semiconductor lighting chips will reach 70%, and the industrial scale will reach 500 billion yuan.


Prior to this, Hu Zhining has always believed that if products do not conform to policies and markets, there will be no vitality. "Energy conservation and emission reduction" has become a top priority for the Chinese society in the future and in the future. In order to fulfill the task of energy saving and emission reduction put forward by the national "11th Five-Year plan", some areas have even taken some extraordinary measures. When people are racking their brains for energy conservation and emission reduction, LED lights quietly trigger a new revolution with remarkable energy saving and emission reduction effects. Hu Zhining said. He also said: "entrepreneurs assume social responsibility and assume operational risks. LED lights enable entrepreneurs to find a balance between responsibility and risk. The LED lamp industry has the support of national policy, and it also responds to the government's call for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and can also meet the needs of energy saving and emission reduction in the future, and it will certainly be widely used.


Not hesitate to pay heavy money


Pay attention to R&D and obtain a number of patent results


However, the LED lamp holder wears a beautiful halo, but it takes a thorny road.


It is understood that the LED industry chain mainly includes chip R&D, epitaxial wafer production, LED packaging and LED applications. The former two belong to the upstream industry, and profit accounts for about 70% of the total LED industry. The latter two belong to the middle reaches and downstream industries respectively, and the profits are not high. For a long time, the epitaxial film production and the core production technology of the chip market have been monopolized by several big foreign industrial giants. They grab the output value of the whole industrial chain about 70%, and make the structure of the LED industrial chain in our country very unreasonable.


Because of the late start, compared with the developed countries in Europe and America, the domestic LED lamp industry has a considerable gap in both market size and technology. The main reason is the lack of core technology, especially the heat balance of white light, high power LED lamp, durable and efficient fluorescent powder and other patent technologies, which have been monopolized by developed countries in Europe and America, which hinders the development of LED lamp industry in China.



At present, there are thousands of LED lighting enterprises in China, but there are not many enterprises that really master the core technology. At present, the LED lamp industry in China is not strong, in fact, many small enterprise technology research and development force is not strong, most of which is to buy a piece of assembly, its chip production technology is purchased from abroad, and some enterprises even use the fan to heat the heat by installing the fan on the LED lamp.


Hu Zhining said: "before, some of the LED lights used a period of time after light failure (that is, the intensity of light emission) is very serious, mainly to solve the problem of heat dissipation. If the technology is not done well, the sales of the products will be bad. "


Globright optics has introduced 15 modern automatic production lines, and production is no problem. Naturally, more energy has been devoted to product development. As early as the enterprise was founded, Hu Zhining decided to invest heavily in product research and development. "Hu can describe the product research and development with" no matter how much money is worth, no amount of money. " Globright optical staff said. From last year to this year, Globright optics has invested about about 10000000 yuan in science and technology research and development.


"Mainly used to purchase various testing equipment, research and development." Hu Zhining thinks the R&D fee is worth a lot. In more than a year, Globright optics has obtained 5 patent results, and many invention patents are in the declaration stage. The display capacity has reached more than 5000 square meters at present. More than 30 varieties of indoor products (fluorescent lamp, bulb lamp, industrial light etc.) and outdoor products (advertising screen, freeway screen, irregular color screen, etc.) Stadium screens and other LED displays are widely used in various public places.


"What is most proud of is that last year, we successfully solved the problem of cooling the domestic LED lamp industry and took the lead in the industry. We have also made great breakthroughs in power supply. " Hu Zhining said. Although the two patents have not been put into mass production, he said, buyers from Europe, America and Japan have extended the olive branch to Globright's optics. Once the patent application is approved, Globright's huge capacity will be released and the company will quickly step into a new stage.



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