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Inorganic Light Storage Self-luminous Wall And Floor Tiles in Hostipal Inorganic Light Storage Self-luminous Wall And Floor Tiles in Hostipal
Inorganic Light Storage Self-luminous Wall And Floor Tiles in Hostipal Inorganic Light Storage Self-luminous Wall And Floor Tiles in Hostipal


Inorganic Light Storage Self-luminous Wall And Floor Tiles in Hostipal

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Why choose us? 

self-luminous material

1. Short optical storage time.

Short light storage time and long light-emitting time> the time required is about 5-20 minutes,Once fully storage, it will last lunimescence more than 10 hours in the dark.

2. High hardness and good abrasion resistance.

The product has high mechanical strength, high surface hardness and good wear resistance.

3. No corrosion and never age.

High and low temperature, strong weather resistance, non-corrosive and never aging. It can be used indoors or outdoors, making up for the shortcomings of traditional resin light-storing self-luminous materials which are easy to age and have short service life. 


Inorganic light storage self-luminous material is made of academician expert team hired by Globeright Co.,LTD. They studied the situation in which the luminous self-luminous material was changed from the synthetic resin of the luminous material before. Let it become the luminous body which include many multi-mineral materials such as rare earth, strontium aluminate, silicate, and inorganic crystal. 

Loading Effects

self-luminous exit signs

Product Application

♦ Safety guidelines for caverns, civil air defense works, tunnels, underground garages, basements

♦ Fire protection signs and safety guidelines

♦ Safety signs and decorations for trails, corridors, park roads, courtyards

♦ Safety guidelines for river banks and reservoir embankments

♦ Safety signs and decorations in the fields of stairs, skirtings, etc.

♦ Safety identification of electricity and communication facilities

♦ Decoration of the exterior of the house

self-luminous material

Professional Details

No electricity required-no longer dark at night!self luminous

  The product meets the requirements of GB / T4100-2015 "Ceramic Tiles" Appendix G: Dry pressed ceramic tiles E≤0.5% B l a and GB 6566-2010 "Limits of Radionuclides for Building Materials".
  Surface density of luminescent layer:≥2.2
  Surface hardness of luminescent layer:Mohs 5
  Low temperature resistance:≤-40℃
  High temperature resistance:≥180℃
  Failure strength:≥5000N
  Impact resistance:≥0.84
  Abrasion resistance:≥Level 3/1500 rpm
  Pollution resistance:≥level 5
  Frost resistance:No cracks and peeling
  Thermal shock resistance:No cracks and peeling
  Wet swelling:≤0.02mm/m
  Coefficient of linear thermal expansion:≤6.2×10-6 ℃-1
  Modulus of rupture:Average and maximum value≥43MPa
  Chemical resistance:Reach GA level
  Radioactivity:Meets Class A requirements
  Self-luminous brightness:Product excitation stopped for 10 hours, afterglow intensity ≥16mcd / m2

self-luminous material self-luminous material
self-luminous material self-luminous material
self-luminous material self-luminous material

Logistics Follow-up

  • Ship the product and inform the buyer of relevant shipping information.

  • Arrive at the customs to remind shipping related progress.

  • Reach the destination and remind the buyer to pick up the goods.

Technical Support

  • Provide customers with after-sales product instructions, installation videos and various technical support.

self illuminating technology

Returns Service
  • Reply to the buyer's return request within 3 working days.

  • Within 6 months, if the product is damaged due to its own functional problems, it can be returned.

  • If the return is due to a serious discrepancy between the item and the description, we will bear the freight.

  • The refund will be returned within 6 working days after the returned item tracking information shows that the item has been delivered. The refund includes the item price and the original shipping cost (for returns that are seriously inconsistent with the description, if the buyer needs to send the item back, the seller will also return it). Requires return shipping).

  • For lower-priced items, a full refund can be made.

  • Support the communication of return and exchange in written form such as email.

Zhejiang Globright Optical Technology Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Globright Optical Technology Co.,Ltd. is a private enterprise with specialized design, manufacturing, sales and engineering installation as one of the LED photoelectric industry. The company has registered capital of 50 million yuan and covers an area of more than 5 square standard factory buildings. It has 20 modernized international advanced levels from the United States, Germany, Korea and Japan. Automatic assembly line and complete set of high-end detection equipment. The company has 308 employees, of which 48 are directly engaged in R & D personnel, and have formed five major series products, such as intelligent road lighting, factory lighting, explosion proof lighting, intelligent home lighting and lighting self luminescent wall and floor tiles, 2 million sets of annual capacity street lamps, 2 million square meters of luminescent tile series products, product technology department In the domestic leading level. At the same time, the innovative team, composed of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, National 863 plan experts and doctorate, has successfully developed a new high penetration and high penetration free tool maintenance street lamp to fill the blanks in the world, filling the blank of the world and filling the blank of the domestic blank of the LED car headlights. The four high-end technology reserve products, which are made of inorganic materials, are green, environment-friendly and self luminous wall and floor tiles without power supply. The self luminous wall and floor tiles in the beautiful countryside, tourist attractions, underground facilities and dangerous places warning construction have achieved subversive innovative applications.

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Globright team

Globright Team

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Enterpries Concept

A trustworthy semiconductor lighting brand; a first-class semiconductor lighting product and service provider; 
A group of Globright people with lofty ideals, strong sense of honor and shared business achievements.

Core idea 

Creative life every day.

Enterprise spirit

Surpass self enterprising.

Management idea

Value management.

Concept of development

Only development can only survive and  system can be long.

Brand concept

Delicacy and wonderful life.

Globright belief 

Building a first-class environment, training first-class talents, and training first-class technology. 


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