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Method for Making Fire-proof Long Afterglow Fire-fighting Sign

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The fire-fighting sign is used to indicate the characteristics of fire-fighting facilities. It is used to explain that the building is equipped with various fire-fighting equipment and facilities, and indicate the places where the signs are installed, as well as to induce people to take reasonable and correct actions in the event of an accident. Practical applications at home and abroad indicate that the installation of fire prevention signs on the ground of evacuation walkways and main evacuation routes or on the walls close to the ground will help evacuate safely. It plays a very good role in helping people more effectively identify the evacuation location and direction in the case of thick smoke, and quickly follow the signs to indicate evacuation smoothly.


fire-fighting sign

At present, the existing luminous fire-fighting sign are mainly made of organic or plastic products. In the event of a fire, they will soon burn down and lose the function of indicating escape. The purpose of the present invention is to address the above-mentioned current situation, and aims to provide a method for making a fire-proof long afterglow fire-fighting sign that can continuously emit light by itself for a long time, which also has excellent fire proof performance, low cost, and easy to process and install.


The realization method of the present invention, which is making a fire-proof long afterglow fire-fighting sign are as follows:

1) Preparation of magnesium oxychloride cement sheet, taking lightly burnt magnesium oxide powder with an activity of 60% to 65%, Baume degree of 22-250Be magnesium chloride solution, the molar ratio of light burnt magnesium oxide powder to magnesium chloride solution is 6-8. Add vitrified microbeads and wollastonite micropowder to it. The vitrified microbeads are 22% -25% of the mass of magnesia powder, and the wollastonite micropowder is 10% -15%. Mix it evenly with a mixer, choose 60-80g / m² alkali-free glass fiber mesh cloth as a reinforcing material, formed on a sheet forming machine, then after curing and drying, it can be cut into substrates of required specifications for use.

2) Adopt silicate luminous powder with high brightness and long afterglow time signs, fineness of 250-300 and sodium silicate or potassium paint according to the mass ratio of 3: 4, 6: 7 and mix evenly for standby.

3) Print the fire instruction pattern and text on the luminous paint of the previous step on the magnesium oxychloride cement substrate by screen printing, and dry it naturally to obtain the product.



The present invention adopts improved glass fiber reinforced magnesium oxychloride cement sheet with excellent fire resistance and good processing performance as the substrate; the silicate system long afterglow luminescent material with good weather resistance and fire resistance is used as energy storage and luminescence medium, inorganic silicate resin is used as a film material, which can be continuously illuminated for a long time after being irradiated by light or sunlight for a short time. It has excellent fire performance, low cost, easy processing and installation, and can be widely used in various situations.

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