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Environmental Protection Energy-storage Self-luminous Municipal Construction Sign

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At present, the municipal construction signs used in municipal construction operations have a single function, cannot emit light at night, are not clearly identified, thus have poor safety warning effects. The utility model is an environmentally-friendly energy-storage self-luminous municipal construction sign, which belongs to a safe, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and functional product. It does not require any coating treatment, can withstand long-term sunlight, wind and rain and multiple freezing touches or other harsh environments or strong ultraviolet radiation, and won’t be blackening or deterioration. Under natural conditions, it maintains a good energy-storage self-luminous state and its luminous life span is more than ten years. The utility model is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-radioactive material, not tender burning, and does not contain phosphorus, lead and other harmful heavy metal elements. It is safe in production, has no environmental pollution, and has no "three wastes" discharge, which meets environmental protection requirements. It does not require power supply or other artificial energy when it is used. It makes full use of natural light, and its light absorption, storage, and emission processes can be circulated indefinitely and used for a long time. The luminous effect at night is remarkable, the preparation process is simple, and it meets the requirements of environmental protection.


municipal construction sign

In order to solve the problems of the municipal construction logo currently used in municipal construction operations which are single function, cannot emit light at night, unclear and unsafe, indicating a poor effect, to prevent various accidents, protect the safety of municipal construction personnel, and facilitate people’s night travel and leisure, enhance people's sense of security, and beautify the urban environment. The utility model provides an environmentally friendly, self-illuminating municipal construction sign.


The utility model is an environmental protection energy-storage lighting self luminous material municipal construction logo, which is based on the municipal construction logo made of various materials, various types and shapes of metal or hard plastic, wood, stone, cement concrete and other materials. The surface of the substrate is covered with a primer layer that is compatible with the material of the substrate, the surface of the primer layer is coated with paint, and the surface of the coating is coated with a bonding layer of luminescent material, which emit light at night. The invention can be widely used by municipal construction personnel during operation.



The utility model can prevent the occurrence of various accidents, protect the safety of municipal construction personnel, improve people's night life quality, beautify and brighten the city appearance and city landscape; save energy, reduce maintenance costs; effectively prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents, facilitate people to travel at night, and enhance people's sense of security. It solves the problem of the single function of the municipal construction logo currently used, and creates a peaceful, warm, happy, and happy working, learning and living environment for the citizens.


As a municipal construction sign that can be seen everywhere and plays an invisible function in people's daily life, it is necessary to adopt safe, energy-saving, reliable and stable functional products in order to better protect people's safety.

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