Application and Definition of luminous Materials

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luminous materials, as materials for absorbing and storing excitation light energy, are one of the earliest materials for research and application. But what are luminous materials? What can we find them in the life? We will solve these problems now.



Definition of luminous Materials


The process of absorbing energy in a certain way and converting it into non-equilibrium light radiation is called luminescence. luminous material refers to material that can absorb energy in some way and convert it into non-equilibrium light radiation. When a substance is excited, the substance will be in an excited state and the stored energy will be slowly released in the form of light for 2-10 hours. And we call the solid that is excited by the outside and emits light luminous material, which also can be called self-luminous material that can be made self-luminous product.


 luminous adhesive tapes

Application of luminous Materials


In case of fire and other dangerous emergencies, panic will often affect people's ability to identify directions, thus causing people to fall into chaos in smoke or darkness and greatly threatening their lives. How to evacuate people quickly and effectively is very important to guide people to evacuate dangerous areas. Therefore, self-luminous materials can play a great role at this time. The night emergency evacuation signs made of inorganic self-luminous materials can store energy during power failure and emit light in the dark, which can guide people to quickly find safety exits in the panic darkness.


luminous Materials

The self-luminous evacuation indication system made of inorganic light storage materials can indicate exit routes and luminous adhesive tapes indicating stairs and floors through visual characters and graphics, so that people can effectively evacuate and evacuate dangerous areas. Safety test results show that the application of this material can greatly improve the evacuation of victims.


Not only that, when there is a fire, people should find a fire extinguisher in time besides looking for a safe exit quickly. But people often cannot find fire extinguishers in the first place. If a sign made of self-luminous materials is pasted on the back lining of the fire extinguisher, the fire extinguisher can be seen immediately in the dark, and the fire extinguisher can be handled in time to achieve the purpose of self-rescue or rescue.


In addition, self-luminous fabrics, self-luminous fire-fighting ropes, self-luminous life jackets, self-luminous fire-fighting suits and self-luminous safety helmets can also be made of self-luminous materials, thus self-luminous materials play an active and effective role in extinguishing fires.




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