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R&D Team

Since 2010, the company has been awarded a number of "hundred good bank credit enterprises", "key backbone enterprises", "outstanding quality and credit demonstration units", "work management trust unit", "AAA credit unit", "high tech enterprise", and so on. It is the industrial base of the national semiconductor lighting system application technical engineering center, the main drafting unit of the tunnel light standard of the Ministry of railways, the national semiconductor lighting engineering research and development, the member unit of the industry alliance and the member of the China Lighting society. It is the first enterprise in China to obtain the essential safety lighting certification. The company has an expert workstation of the LED special lighting academician, and is preparing for the post doctoral mobile station. It is the first batch of enterprises in China to verify the conformity of the standardized road lamps by CSA016 (now the standard is GB/T35269).
Zhang Tao
 Globright LED Special Lighting
 Chief Scientist of Academician Workstation
 Chief Scientist of National 863 Program LED Space Lighting

Zhang Tao, male, born in Xi'an, Shaanxi, April 1966. He received a bachelor's degree from China Institute of Technology (now China University of Technology) in 1988 and a doctorate from Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2007.  He is currently director of engineering, research fellow and doctoral supervisor of the Shanghai Institute of Technology and Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, member of the National 863 Major Projects Expert Group, member of the Specialized Committee on Microgravity Science and Applications of the Chinese Space Society and member of the Seventh Board of the Chinese Space Society. National 863 program LED space lighting expert group leader, is now Zhejiang Globright Optical Technology Co., Ltd. academician workstation chief scientist, the development of Shenzhou 7- Shenzhou 11 and Sky 1 space lighting, which is the first case on the world. At present, only China uses LED lighting in space, which has a profound impact on the world's space lighting.

From 1988 to 1999, Zhang Tao conducted space payload research at the 510 Institute of the Fifth Research Institute of the Space Industry Corporation, and completed the development and testing of a satellite-mounted microbial space culture device, a power-moving combined crystal growth furnace, a cold storage tank for astronauts' body fluid samples, a scientific experiment on space materials, remote scientific sensing and data acquisition technology, and a gas-liquid recharge technology for the space station. Scientific experiments and research tasks.

Since 199, Zhang Tao has been studying experimental instruments in space science at the Shanghai Institute of Technology and Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It has completed the design method of function modularization and module standardization including the national 863 project, the national manned spaceflight project and the experimental instruments of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and has been responsible for the development of a batch of new generation of space science experiment instrument Pan principle prototypes and key components, and has obtained many research results and won many awards. Published more than ten papers, patent applications.