Application of energy storage self-luminous emergency induction system in tunnel

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In recent years, there have been more and more road traffic accidents involving casualties in tunnel sections across the country. The scene of the tunnel accident was mainly the rear-end collision of vehicles inside and outside the tunnel and the overturn of vehicles caused by emergency braking. The main cause of the accident was that the tunnel was a semi-enclosed tubular structure, the environment inside the tunnel was monotonous and the environment inside and outside the tunnel was very different. The energy storage self-luminous emergency induction system greatly improves this situation. What are the characteristics and principles of the energy storage self-luminous emergency induction system?


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Introduction of energy storage self-luminous emergency induction system

The energy storage self-luminous emergency induction system uses a combination of energy storage self-luminous materials, reflective ring contour belts and low-power LED lights installed in the reflective ring member in the tunnel to use the principle of retroreflection to solve the traffic problem. The self-luminous material is convenient for pedestrians to pass when there is no traffic, and the whole system greatly improves the light environment in the tunnel.

The reflective ring member is composed of flame-resistant high-strength and high-reflective materials, and plays a role of reflection and enhancement when there is a light source. It improves the overall light environment of the tunnel by increasing the diffuse reflection coefficient and reducing the retroreflection coefficient.




Comparison analysis before and after installing system in tunnel

1. The tunnel lighting system mainly uses the Centralized Control System (CCS). The advantage is that it can give full play to the centralization of management decisions; the disadvantage is that once the central computer fails, the entire lighting system will be completely paralyzed and easily cause a tunnel traffic accident .


2. The energy storage self-luminous emergency induction system has an influence on the traffic passing through the tunnel's reflective ring contour zone. Its biggest feature is the use of vehicle headlights to reflect the light source of the front lights to improve visibility. The technology is applied in tunnel traffic safety facilities to improve driver sight distance and local brightness, improve tunnel recognition environment, meet driving vision requirements, improve driving speed, distance, and direction to ensure traffic safety and reduce energy consumption.


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3.The energy storage self-luminous emergency induction system uses a special reflective film to significantly increase the brightness of the tunnel, which is wrapped in the tunnel reflective ring member. It has waterproof and flame retardant properties. It is a reflection intensity suitable for the driver's visual brightness. Increasing the recognition of the tunnel helps the driver to judge the width of the tunnel, which reduces the visual and psychological fatigue and helps improve driving safety.



The self-luminous emergency induction system for energy storage fully utilizes the role of self-luminous material. If you need to order self-luminous material and self-luminous products, please contact us in time.




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