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Category of Light Storage and Self-luminous Material

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Light storage material and self-luminous material is a material that can glow without electricity. This material can absorb and store visible light such as sunlight, light, ultraviolet light, etc. Depending on the demand, this material can also emit light of different colors, such as red, green, blue, yellow, purple, etc. After absorbing light energy, the material can store it, and when external light is lost, it can release the absorbed light energy.  It takes only 5 to 10 minutes to absorb light, and the material can glow in the dark for more than 12 hours. This luminous mode is similar to the traditional luminous mode of electric light, but it is more environmentally friendly, so this material is also a new type of environmentally friendly material.


At present, the light storage and self-luminous materials can be made into luminescent coatings, luminescent paints, luminescent plastics, luminescent rubber, luminescent leather, luminescent glass and luminescent adornments, etc. Because this material has the characteristics of high brightness, long luminescence time and good chemical stability, this material has been widely used in various fields, such as construction, transportation, fire safety, electronic communication, instrumentation, petrochemical industry and so on.


self-luminous tapes


Light Storage and Self-luminous Material of Sulphide Series

The sulfides of this series of materials mainly include zinc sulfide, zinc-cadmium sulfide, strontium sulfide, barium sulfide, calcium sulfide and so on. This material is an important electroluminescence practical luminescent material capable of emitting cathode rays. Today, this series of materials of practical value are ZnS:Cu series of materials (emitting yellowish green light), CaS:Bi series of materials (emitting blue light), CaS:Eu series of materials (emitting red light).



Light Storage and Self-luminous Material of Aluminate Series

This series of materials has the characteristics of high luminescence efficiency and good chemical stability. Today, this series of materials of practical value are CaAl2O4:Eu.Nb materials (emitting blue and purple light), Sr4Al14O25:Eu.Dy materials (emitting blue and green light), SrAl2O4:Eu.Dy materials (emitting yellowish green light). All these materials have excellent luminescence properties and are known as the second generation light storage and self-luminous material.


self-luminous tapes


Light Storage and Self-luminous Material of Silicate Series

Due to the disadvantages of slightly poor water resistance, single luminous color and high production cost of the aluminate light storage and self-luminous materials, a new light storage and self-luminous material of silicate series has been developed. This series of materials has the characteristics of good water resistance, stable UV irradiance, diverse luminous colors, high brightness and long luminous time, which will push the research of light storage and self-luminous materials to a new era. At present, the newly developed blue silicate luminescent materials activated by Europium and Dysprosium have better luminescent properties than blue aluminate luminescent materials activated by Europium and Neodymium. But overall, the luminescent properties of silicate light storage and self-luminous materials have not reached the level of aluminate light storage and self-luminous materials, and the properties of magnesium-containing orthosilicate materials have not reached the application requirements. Therefore, this series of materials still need people to do more in-depth research.



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