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At present, China's mineral resources are limited, and energy-saving and environmental-friendly green industries are the theme of corporate development. With the economic development and improvement of people's living standards, the pursuit of new building materials that enjoy a green and healthy living environment is the starting point for the development of enterprises. Then, people's pursuit of living environment and supporting facilities for living environment is getting higher and higher. There are more and more green spaces in the square, the roads are more and more tidy, and the architectural design and planning more and more reflect human culture, aesthetics, technological content, more prominent natural naturalization, and low-carbon lifestyle. Highlighting the charm and characteristics of urban construction is the improvement of the humanistic quality of the living environment.


With the development of science and technology, the application of luminescent materials is becoming increasingly widespread. Luminescent materials represented by phosphors are the core materials of current lighting and display technologies. For example, light-emitting diode (LED) displays are inseparable from the phosphors. In order to make the paper look whiter, a fluorescent whitening agent is sometimes added. It absorbs ultraviolet light and emits blue light. When it is superimposed with the yellow light emitted by the paper, it forms white to achieve a whitening effect. The printing anti-counterfeiting technology used for banknotes and certificates, etc., uses the characteristics of special inks that emit fluorescence under ultraviolet rays, so that when we use ultraviolet lamps to illuminate RMB, we will see special marks. In the early diagnosis of cancer, fluorescence microscopy has the characteristics of high sensitivity, non-destructive, clinical safety, simple operation technology and low cost. In recent years, the application of luminescent labeling materials has far exceeded the scope of biochemical analysis, and has expanded to the fields of highly sensitive biological detection and biological imaging. For example, it has been used to detect various protein-cell interactions in vivo in real time, thereby providing a more effective means for understanding the complex interactions and movements between biological molecules.


self-luminous sign

New material: light-storing self-luminous material


It is a self-luminous reflective aluminum plate material developed by using aluminum plate as the base material and combining luminous raw materials and reflective raw materials. This luminous reflective aluminum plate can excite light storage and reflection in various visible light sources. The luminous part can play its functional and artistic role in the absence of a light source, and has the characteristics of high brightness and long duration. The reflective part can produce a strong reflective effect under the illumination of a certain light source, which can provide safety protection, commentary guide and artistic communication. It can also be used for indoor and outdoor decoration and the expression of artistic concepts. At the same time, it is also used to guide signs, commentary guides and various usability and artistic carriers. It is a product of the combination of modern usability and aesthetic art. It has a strong use value and art value. The scope of use is extremely wide.



Characteristics of light-storing self-luminous materials:


1. Low excitation light storage conditions and long duration of high brightness;


2. The conditions of the reflective light source are low, and a strong reflective effect can be produced under a certain light source;


3. Good weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, the combination of raw materials and the forming surface are processed by special processes;


4. Strong toughness, should not be broken and damaged;


5. Light weight, small load on buildings and supports;


6. Strong plasticity, large change in shape, easy processing and molding;


7. The recyclable rate is high, which is recognized by the increasing awareness of environmental protection.


lighting industry


Specific applications and industry prospects of luminescent materials


Luminous crystal floor tile


Obviously, the promotion and application of luminous crystal floor tiles have greatly saved electricity and supporting facilities. This has brought us tremendous development space and incalculable market opportunities for the new building materials industry, and the new product market will have higher economic benefits. Whether in terms of environmental protection or energy saving, the application of light-emitting crystal floor tiles is an irreplaceable advantage of any other building materials.


The luminous crystal brick is non-polluting and has the advantages of water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, yellowing resistance and the like. Crystal floor tiles actively absorb visible light such as sunlight, light, ultraviolet light, and stray light. Infinite loop glow. After countless experiments and tests by relevant technical departments, it has been proven that our luminescent materials are free of radioactive elements.


According to the experts from the Ministry of Construction and National Urban Housing Evaluation, if the above products are used for all newly developed residential buildings in urban real estate, the selling price of real estate will increase by about 10% -30%. The use of this product in the construction of city square roads, municipal squares, administrative institutions, leisure and entertainment squares, and green streets in residential areas will play a role in beautifying the city, and each medium city can save more than tens of millions of yuan in electricity each year. The product has obtained a number of national invention patents, utility models and design patents. The luminous crystal floor tile has an inestimable market prospect, is a new product of environmental protection, low carbon and high added value, which is of great significance to building a new society of energy conservation and environmental protection, and will produce huge economic and social benefits.



Luminous acrylic sheet


Noctilucent (self-luminous) acrylic sheet is a new type of interior and exterior decoration material. It is a new type of self-luminous acrylic material synthesized by acrylic and noctilucent materials. This luminous acrylic board can excite light storage in various visible light sources, and will emit light by itself when there is no light source. It has the characteristics of high brightness and long duration. It has the reputation of strong toughness, flame resistance, and "plastic crystal", excellent weather resistance, especially used outdoors, ranking first among other plastics, and has good surface hardness and gloss, which can be used for indoor and outdoor decoration and art. The concept is embodied, and can also be used to guide signs, commentary guides and various usable and artistic carriers.



Glowing Art Glass


Noctilucent (self-luminous) art glass is a new type of interior and exterior decorative engineering material. It is a new type of self-luminous glass material synthesized from glass and noctilucent materials. This luminous glass can excite light storage in various visible light sources, and will emit light automatically when there is no light source, and has the characteristics of high brightness and long duration. It can emit a unique fluorescent effect at night, which can guide the artistic communication or act as a light source. This material product has strong plasticity, easy to change shape, and has the irreplaceable texture of other materials. It is the first choice for modern art and engineering accessories.




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