Coverage of Road Tunnel Electro-optical Energy-Storage Self-luminous Emergency Induction System on the Market

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China’s highway tunnels have developed rapidly in recent years. However, the traffic safety situation of highway tunnels warning signs is not optimistic, and tunnel accidents cause great harm to human beings. In this severe situation, we have established a new type of energy-storage technology for highway self-luminous warning signs life safety protection to strengthen the construction of tunnel lighting facilities to effectively prevent accidents, reduce rescue difficulties, and improve people's safety.



Current Status of Lighting in Tunnels

1.    Low illumination and small space

The driving environment in the tunnel is greatly different from the adjacent highway sections in terms of illumination, space and reference objects. The low illumination, small space and monotonous closed environment in the tunnel are extremely detrimental to the driver's safe driving. The severe transition has a huge impact on the driver's visual function and visual comfort. It is impossible to accurately determine the driving position and identify the condition of the opening, so it is easy to cause an accident.

light source

2.    Tunnel illumination is mainly improved by enhanced lighting

Tunnel light environment, that is, dynamic environment composed by natural light source, artificial energy-storage luminous signs and active, passive luminous signs, instructions and landscape coupling of highway tunnels warning signs. Current researches and improvements are started with the light environment of the tunnel, and the improvement methods are mostly using lamps to enhance the lighting. However, the energy consumption of highway tunnel lighting is huge. Due to natural and economic conditions, road tunnels generally have low turn-on rates, especially in mountainous areas. High maintenance costs have become a major problem faced by the local highway department.

3.    Insufficient current induction specifications

According to the statistics of the trunk road tunnel luminous signs within the jurisdiction of the Yunnan Provincial Highway Bureau, as of 2017, 75 of the tunnels under management have lighting facilities and 42 tunnels have no lighting facilities.



Market Coverage Analysis of Road Tunnel Electro-optical Energy-Storage Self-luminous Emergency Induction System

1. Market share analysis

Market share largely reflects the competitive position and profitability of an enterprise, which is an indicator that companies attach great importance to.  At present, our market share in the transportation market is as high as 99%, which is a big advantage compared with other types of enterprises. With the sharp increase in the total market demand, followers and competitors will gradually increase. At this time, companies must pay attention to emerging competitors in the same industry in the market to avoid being surpassed by competitors. In the future, it is impossible for an enterprise to occupy 100% share in the market, but continuous stability between 20% and 30% must be the minimum requirement for the enterprise.


2. Cover ability analysis

The products developed by our company for energy-storage self-luminous materials have filled the current gaps in domestic traffic guidance facilities, and the product characteristics of the remaining brightness and afterglow duration are also at the international leading level, which fully meets the requirement of highway lighting network system. And it is an economical, practical, low-carbon and energy-saving technology innovation for night-time luminescence of highways and tunnels, which successfully solves the problem of tunnel warning signs induction of local rural roads. This project has been recognized by most city governments. At present, the company is cooperating with many provincial and municipal governments, as well as many real estate companies.




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