Emergency Rescue Performance of Energy—Storage and Reflective Sidewall—Materials in Highway Tunnel

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The biggest characteristic of energy-storage and reflective materials lies in its energy storage and self-luminous function. After the external light energy disappears, the energy-storage reflective material can emit light by means of self-discharge (electron energy level transition), that is, the photoluminescence phenomenon, and then produce a certain afterglow brightness. In the event of a fire in the tunnel, the dense and flammable material released by the burning of the fuel will quickly diffuse across the top of the tunnel. The accidental section will be trapped in a state of failure in lighting. Trapped persons can only obtain the escape instructions from the escape instructions.


The escape indicators’ interval are generally far away, the area is small, so the effect is limited. The energy-storage reflective material can use the energy-storage white light function to provide the visual brightness required for escape when the tunnel lighting fails. In the event of a sudden power failure, the use of energy-storage reflective materials on the side walls of the highway tunnel is important for the application of showing the overall outline and improve the effect of emergency rescue or trapped people's self-rescue. Compared to escape signs, energy-storage reflective materials have the following advantages:

1) The range of energy-storage reflective materials is the side walls and walls of the tunnel, so the overall brightness is better than the escape indication.


2) The energy-storage reflective material covers the side wall of the highway tunnel at a certain height, which can allow people to better perceive the outline of the tunnel. In long tunnels or curvilinear tunnels, the spontaneous light effect of the energy-storage reflective material is more conducive to providing escape routes.

3) The spontaneous light emission process of the energy-storage reflective material is a process of energy absorption and energy release. Compared with the escape indication, the energy storage reflective material does not require additional electrical energy, and it also avoids the problem of circuit wiring behind the wall.


Taking the two types of energy-storage and reflective materials as an example, after 1h, the afterglow brightness of the energy storage and reflective material is much higher than the minimum recognition brightness of 0.32mcd / m which can be recognized by human eyes. Both in tunnel accidents and disasters, it can provide trapped people with basic emergency lighting for a long period of time. The material ratio has a great influence on the initial afterglow brightness and afterglow time. When the luminescent powder content accounts for 30% of the total, the afterglow performance of the energy storage reflective material can be better.



Compared with the two energy-storage reflective materials, silicate energy-storage reflective materials with higher blue light content in afterglow have a higher self-luminous spectrum 5 / P value, that is, silicate energy storage with higher blue light content in afterglow reflective materials have higher optical efficiency. However, the afterglow brightness and afterglow duration of silicate energy-storage reflective materials are lower than that of aluminate energy-storage reflective materials.

Energy-storage reflective materials are a type of environmentally friendly and energy-saving materials with stable luminous performance and mature technology, which have high afterglow brightness and S / P value. The blue-green energy-storage reflective material has a higher perceived brightness under dark vision. The energy-storage reflective material covers the side wall of the tunnel, which is helpful for assisting trapped persons to perceive the contour of the tunnel and provide escape routes in accidents.




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