Energy Storage Self-Luminous Road Marking Paint

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At present, the common road marking coatings widely used in the market are passive reflective, which plays a very important role in regulating driving and maintaining traffic safety. But ordinary marking coatings still have defects. Firstly, in a foggy environment, even if the road markings of ordinary hot-melt roads are illuminated by light, the light will be scattered by water droplets and dust in the air, thereby reducing the legibility of the markings. Secondly, on the roads without lights at night, such as remote mountain roads and township roads, non-motorized vehicles, motorized vehicles and pedestrians without lights can’t see the markings, and bring great safety risks to traffic. Thirdly, during rainy nights, due to the presence of water droplets in the air and the ground water layer, most of the light shining on the pavement water layer will be scattered and refracted out of people's line of sight, so that people cannot see the markings. Fourthly, under the harsh conditions of rain and poor light during the day, and when the ambient brightness is low, the visibility of the markings is also poor. These are important safety risks that cause traffic accidents.


The light storage self-luminous road marking paint relies on visible light, ultraviolet light and infrared light that it absorbs to save energy. After absorbing light energy for 10 minutes, it can continue to emit light for 10 hours. Therefore, the application of self-luminous road marking paint is not affected by any external environment. Under rain, fog, night and other environments, especially when the ambient brightness is lower than the brightness of the marking itself, the light storage self-luminous road marking is applied. The line will have excellent legibility, which will greatly reduce the incidence of traffic accidents.



Light storage self-luminous road marking paints can be prepared by interchangeably adding titanium dioxide and fluorescent pigments in raw materials to produce white and yellow light storage self-luminous paints to meet road traffic marking requirements. The main ingredients of light storage self-luminous road marking coatings include petroleum resin, quartz sand, calcium carbonate, glass beads, polyethylene wax, dioctyl zero phthalate, titanium dioxide, EVA hot-melt adhesive, fluorescent pigments and ultraviolet absorption agent.


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As the petroleum resin, a commercially available C5 petroleum resin is preferably used. As a raw material for road marking hot-melt coatings, it has the advantages of pressure resistance, wear resistance, stain resistance, good fluidity, and fast drying speed. Cement pavement has excellent resistance to yellowing and aging.


Quartz sand is used as hard large-size particles in the road marking paint, and it protrudes on the surface of the coating, which can generate large friction and improve the anti-skid performance of the marking.


Calcium carbonate is the main filler of the marking paint, which can effectively improve the abrasion resistance of the marking paint, and change the color and fluidity. The present invention uses calcium carbonate powder with two particle size ranges. It solves the fluidity of marking coatings, effectively prevents precipitation, has good compatibility with petroleum resins, and improves the appearance and heat resistance of coatings.


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The glass microbeads can improve the reflective performance of the marking paint, and make the marking paint have a clear line-shaped appearance under the illumination of vehicle lights.


Polyethylene wax can improve the smoothness, anti-blocking, anti-scratch and anti-fouling properties of marking paint.


Dioctyl phthalate is a good plasticizer.


Titanium dioxide, as a pigment for white marking paint, has good anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet ability.


EVA hot-melt adhesive can effectively improve the toughness of the marking paint and the adhesion to the ground.



Fluorescent pigments are different from traditional pigments in that they can absorb short light waves and ultraviolet light waves, and show bright colors under the irradiation of visible light waves, producing a fluorescent effect.


The function of the ultraviolet absorber is to absorb the ultraviolet rays which have aging effect on the yellow marking paint, and extend the service life of the performance paint.



The production of light storage self-luminous road marking paint can use conventional hot-melt coating preparation methods, such as the cold stirring type, which is obtained by mixing all kinds of materials. After melting, apply it on the road.



The light storage self-luminous road marking paint has the beneficial effects that various raw materials are commercially available general industrial raw materials, the production cost is low, the process is simple, and the light storage self-luminous and reflective functions are good, so that the road marking has good luminous recognition, high luminous intensity and long luminous time under many circumstances. The light storage self-luminous road marking paint can be widely used in various grades of unilluminated roads such as highways, town roads, township roads, and mountain roads, which can greatly improve the traffic safety factor.



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