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Globright joined hands with low carbon green handkerchiefs to carry out environmental protection

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A few days ago, "Shimmingli" Chinese low carbon people green handkerchief of the global public service tour of the Libo launch event held in the Beijing Olympic Forest Park, and as the full name of the event - Zhejiang Globright Optical Technology Co., Ltd., will be in the world's 70 urban public service tour and gradually sound the brand, Into thousands of families. "Green handkerchief public welfare tour is a joint public welfare activity organized jointly by China low carbon industry investment center and our company. Our company, like low carbon center, takes energy saving, green low carbon and environmental protection as an enterprise's responsibility and glory. Our product is the LED series lighting and landscape lighting of environmental protection." And the combination of lighting and air purification as one of the high-tech products. Through this tour, we should not only bring the idea of lighting energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection to the whole nation, but also bring the world's 7 billion people. Ye Yongting, general manager of Globright optics, said.


Zhang Zuoyou, director of China's low carbon industry investment center, signed a contract with Globright optical chairman Hu Zhining.


Take advantage of energy saving and environmental protection products to invest in low carbon industry investment center


China's low carbon industry investment center was launched by the State Council approved by the State Council and the China Construction Development and development group (China Construction Development Group), which was established by the State Council for the year of 12th Five-Year. The center is located in the National Olympic Forest Park in Beijing. It is a national professional investment platform composed of government departments, scientific research institutes, central enterprises and institutions, finance, media and so on. It participates in the construction of major industrial projects, urban development, energy saving transformation, infrastructure and other fields in the state and local areas.


Today's environmental crisis has become one of the challenges facing the long-term development of mankind, and the development of low-carbon economy has become a global consensus. China's low carbon industry investment center also knows that it shoulders the responsibility of national energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, and tries to do a good job in low carbon economy and social sustainable development leaders, to formulate new policies and policies for the country, and to be a good staff member for the development of low carbon economy lighting. The head of the center said that during the "12th Five-Year", the state will invest 5 trillion yuan in the development of low carbon industry. The center is under the guidance of the national development and Reform Commission, the national Ministry of industry and information, the State Ministry of environmental protection, the State Ministry of science and technology, the National Energy Bureau, the national energy conservation center and the National Development Bank. Jin, using the leverage effect, brings about 15 trillion yuan of financial capital and industrial capital into the low carbon industry, promotes the rapid development of low carbon industry, realizes the rational distribution of low carbon industry in China, and makes due contribution to the creation of an energy saving, environmental protection, safety, clean and low-carbon living environment for human beings. "World Ming Li" Chinese low carbon people green handkerchief global public tour is one of the activities, it is also aimed at the full implementation of the eighteen spirit, the practice of "ecological civilization, beautiful China" scientific development concept.


Globright optics is a high-tech private enterprise in the LED photoelectric industry. The company carried out research on LED semiconductor materials and products in Taiwan as early as 2003. Founded in 2005 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Chuang Ying Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., engaged in LED high-power packaging. In 2010, China invested 100 million huge sums of money into semiconductor lighting production base in Yongkang. The production base of the company has 20 modern full automatic assembly lines, which covers more than 5 million square meters of standard plant and facilities. It has introduced the United States, Germany, Japan and so on with international advanced level of packaging production line, application assembly line and product testing equipment, which has condensed a large number of domestic professional LED technology research and development essence. Britain has trained hundreds of excellent employees with various professional skills.


Precision production technology, advanced production equipment, casting excellent product quality. The products of the company are the guarantee of the quality and confidence of the industry. The main lighting products are three series of indoor, road lighting, and landscape lighting, as well as air purification lamps, intelligent lighting series and so on. There are LED fluorescent lamp, bulb lamp, tube lamp, smallpox lamp, industrial light, panel lamp, lamp, ceiling lamp and so on. The road lighting series has LED street lamp, tunnel lamp and so on. The landscape lighting series has washing wall lamp, hard light bar, point light source, light lamp and so on. LED air purification lamp has air purification fluorescent lamp, bulb lamp, tube. Lights, smallpox lights. Intelligent lighting series has indoor fluorescent lamps, bulbs, outdoor street lamps and other products. Most products have their own intellectual property rights, and have obtained 28 national patents through UL, CE, CCC, ROHS, FCC and other certification. The whole industry chain is ensured by the ISO9001 quality certification system and ISO14001 environmental management system, and the production process achieves comprehensive quality control.


It is also because Globright optical production of air purification lamps and other series of products energy conservation and environmental protection, very catering to the promotion concept of China's low carbon industry investment center, so the two sides come together to achieve cooperation. In November 13th, the center signed a formal contract with Shi Ming optics. After that, the center will give full play to the strategic cooperation advantages of the government at all levels, through the global public welfare tour of China's low carbon people green handkerchief, with the help of cultural communication, the development of industry, the development of cultural industry, and the full participation of "Shi Ming Li" lighting in the lighting festival of urban lighting. It can transform and make positive contributions to energy saving and emission reduction in 12th Five-Year, and build bricks for "ecological civilization and beautiful China".




The low carbon green handkerchief will sail in Libo


In November 21st, the news conference of "China's low carbon people green handkerchief's global public service tour of Libo" was held at the Olympic Forest Park in Beijing. It announced that it would hold the first stop of the global tour in Libo County, Qiannan, Guizhou province in December 21st. The event was initiated by the China low carbon industry investment center, and co hosted by the Qiannan state committee of Guizhou province and the people's Government of Qiannan, the Libo County Committee of the Communist Party of China and the people's Government of Libo County, with the theme of "picking up handkerchiefs, using less paper towels, green travel, low carbon life". The activities began in the volunteer's low carbon environment-friendly ride. The "green handkerchief" will carry a one hundred meter handkerchief, a month from Beijing to Libo, a bike ride in 17 cities throughout the country, more than 2800 kilometers, and finally to Libo, Guizhou in December 21, 2012. In the "China low carbon star green handkerchief global charity tour Libo sailing big evening", together with the local people of all nationalities to pray for the earth's well-being.


Globright optics with its strong sense of social responsibility and low carbon environmental protection public awareness, with its subordinate brand "shimming" formal signing activities of the Organizing Committee of the 70 city name sponsorship. Hu Zhining, chairman of Globright optics, said the company has been seeking to cooperate with the large-scale environmental protection public welfare activities with deep connotation and value. This time and the Chinese low carbon green handkerchief global public welfare tour group committee, shimmingli will take this as the starting point by providing a display of self talent for the "people star" in all walks of life. To publicize the big stage of low carbon life, attract more and more people to pay attention to low carbon, pay attention to energy saving, pay attention to environmental protection, and fulfill the social responsibility of a "energy saving and environmental protection enterprise".


The eighteen major party of the party put forward the scientific development concept of "ecological civilization and beautiful China". The earth is facing the danger of "unbearable burden". This public welfare tour is a large public service for global promotion launched in the background of this era. The whole activity is aimed at a very unique "green handkerchief", and calls for more and more people to practice low carbon life through a change of "abandoned paper towels and handkerchiefs", and pay attention to low carbon development and respond to green development. In order to cooperate with the propaganda and promotion of the activities, the organizing committee takes "the green handkerchief floating up, the world is more beautiful tomorrow - Ming Li" as the action slogan, because this slogan is very popular, has become a popular language in the network, and has attracted more and more attention. A "unique air purification LED lamp" will be the main sponsorship gift and prize for the activities. The organizing committee will combine shimming with handkerchief as a carrier to popularize LED scientific knowledge to the whole people, reduce the harm to the environment, save energy self luminous lighting, protect the environment, and lift the air. Gas quality.


The global public welfare tour of China's low carbon people's green handkerchief will be promoted and publicized in 2013 cities and regions with 70 warmhearted participation in the world. The promotion of every city and region will be made up of three links, "cycling of green handkerchiefs", "green handkerchief selection competition" and "Chinese low carbon people green handkerchief global public welfare Tour", which are linked together to infiltrate the idea of "green handkerchief" to everyone's mind and make more and more people from Starting from the beginning, starting from me and participating in the construction of ecological civilization, the low carbon environmental awareness of the residents in every city has been promoted, and the "low-carbon people star", "low carbon enterprise" and "low carbon city" are constantly introduced to promote the deep development of China's low carbon industry.




Air purify lights, making the world more beautiful tomorrow


As soon as he entered Globright optics, Ye Yongting did an experiment for reporters. In the two transparent plastic boxes at the front, they were loaded with the LED air purification lamps and ordinary lights respectively. Then, the cigarette is inserted into the smoke hole, and the smoke is gently pressed into the lamp mask, and the smog will continue to press the suction device, and the smoke is filled in the lampshade. Open the power supply, the left is installed in the shades of the LED air purification lamp. The smoke is rapidly decomposed in a gradual movement. It completely vanishes in just a few seconds, and the ordinary lampshade on the right is still smoky.


"With the LED air purification lamp, indoor air pollution is no longer a problem." Ye Yongting said that the negative oxygen ion in nature, like sunlight, is an essential substance for human beings. It has an important influence on human life activities, like vitamins in food, so people call it the air vitamin. Although we breathe all the time, the air we breathe has been seriously damaged. Because of the waste gases produced by modern production and life, the air is polluted, the ecological balance is destroyed, the number of negative oxygen ions is greatly reduced, and the health of people is seriously threatened. In the past, people always wanted to use simple methods and minimum investment to change the air quality of life, but they never completed this wish. Today, this wish finally enabled the world's LED air purification lamp to be realized.


The world Ming Li LED air purification lamp is a high-tech product integrating "lighting, energy saving and purifying air". It uses new technology to combine the energy saving lamp with the clean air cleaning function to clean the pollution. It can stimulate a large number of negative oxygen ions at the same time, and can quickly decompose and purify the smoke and dust suspended in the air. And particulate pollutants can also be bactericidal, so as to achieve the role of purifying air and preventing pollution, so that the whole space has a clean and healthy natural air.


LED air purification lamp came out, the inspection and certification of the State Intellectual Property Supervision Department and the government science and technology management department and the technical supervision department have passed the examination of the center of the environmental technology inspection center of the Chinese department. The purification effect of the LED air purifying lamp on the formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia has reached 93.8%, and to the TVOC The purification effect of the body, such as gas and smoke produced by heating and cooking, such as coal, natural gas, smoke, smoking, cleaning agent, building, decoration and decoration materials and other toxic gases, and the emission of gas from the body itself, has reached 92%.

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