How Do Photoluminescent Exit Signs Work

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People make photoluminescent exit signs by printing patterns with safety signs on the luminescent film. How does a photoluminescent exit sign work? The photoluminescent exit sign absorbs visible light through the phosphor in the luminescent film and releases visible light at night or when the light is dim. Phosphors are mainly composed of rare earth elements, which absorb photons and then emit them. Special types of emission is transient, with an average absorption and release time of only a few seconds. This time can be extended from minutes to hours by special treatment and use of rare earth elements with better optical storage. The photoluminescent exit sign absorbs photons from the surrounding environment, stores energy, and then releases it to green light as the building darkens. It eliminates the consequences of the failure of alternative exit signs and ensures that the nearest safe exit can be found in an emergency. Self-illuminating signs have been used for many years. However, the technology used in these projects is turning to photoluminescence. Photoluminescent safety exit signs provide building owners with a safer and more cost-effective solution.


There are seven advantages of photoluminescent safety exit signs: long time, low energy consumption, simple installation, long service life, easy maintenance, high reliability, and environmental protection;

In a fire, elevators are not as safe as stairs, and emergency exit indicators are not as reliable as night light safety exit membranes. It is well known that electrical equipment can be easily damaged in the event of a disaster. Our safety exit sign is help to escape in time to avoid accidents, and failure is absolutely not allowed.

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Illuminated safety signs include emergency exit signs, fire safety signs, mandatory signs, warning signs, and prohibition signs; with them, many people's lives can be saved in emergency situations.


Emergency exit sign

It is usually placed on a wall or a landmark on the floor at a distance from the ground, and a part of it will be suspended to indicate the exit location. Photoluminescent emergency exit signs must be closer to the ground. When a fire occurs, the smoke is rolling, the temperature of the smoke is high, and the density is less than the air. The smoke at a high place will affect the visibility of the sign.


Fire safety sign

Placed near fire hydrants, fire extinguishers and other firefighting equipment. In case of fire, we can find out the fire extinguisher in time to extinguish the small fire and prevent the fire from spreading.


Mandatory sign

These signboards tell people information about entering an area and what preparations must be done before entering. Of course, every employer must let employees know that the sign has been reiterated and emphasized. The most common requirements are hard hats, safety shoes, goggles and gloves.


Mandatory sign

Warning sign

This sign tells us of the potential danger here. Individuals should act in self-protection rather than as stupid action; for example, ignoring the "high risk" sign can be fatal!


Prohibition sign

This sign tells us that such actions are prohibited, such as "no fireworks" at petrol stations, "no entry" in private areas, or dangerous personnel who need to be trained to enter the area, "non-technical personnel must not enter ".


Obviously, these signs are important both day and night. The rational use of signs can reduce accidents and protect people's lives.




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