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Illuminotronica is one of the best professional exhibitions in the Italian lighting trade. It is organized by the well-known exhibition organizer Consorzio Tecnimprese, and receives strong support from local governments, lighting associations and professionals. In order to enhance the international popularity of the show, the show organizers have established friendly partnerships with a number of overseas media and increased brand publicity, which has greatly increased the publicity exposure of participating companies, it greatly benefits Chinese lighting exhibitor to explore European malls. The exhibition gathers the major leading brands in the lighting industry in the world, and leads the trend of the lighting trend in the industry. The high internationality of the exhibition and the diversity of supplies have established a communication platform between exhibitors and viewers, and then allow participants to continuously expand their business opportunities, adjust and improve the structure of goods, and lay the foundation for the production of high-quality goods. It is also the main shopping platform for professionals. 

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Illuminotronica is held by Consorzio Tecnimprese. The exhibition is held once a year. The exhibition is also a very important platform for companies to open the Italian market. The last session, it attracted 300 exhibiting companies and the number of merchants reached 20,000. The exhibition was held at Bologna Fiere, with an exhibition area of 10,000 square meters.


Precautions: This exhibition is a professional B2B trade show, which is only open to the people in the industry. Non-industry people and people under 18 years old are not allowed to visit. No retail events are available on site.


Due to the needs of the exhibition organization, the organizer has the right to change and adjust the exhibition period and location without notice.



1. Scope of Exhibits


Lighting equipment: advertising lighting, architectural lighting, indoor lighting, kitchen lighting, background lights, wall lights, dynamic light scattering lights, emergency lighting, luminous exit sign, etc.


Lighting bulbs: reading bulbs, bedroom bulbs, wall light bulbs, neon lights, spot lights, outdoor lighting, etc.


Green and LED lighting: all LEDs, energy-saving lighting, Christmas decoration lights, commercial lighting, decorative lighting, self-luminous light, self-luminous product.


Lighting skills and design: power management, power quality inspection service, lighting design service, lighting design software, lighting test system, lighting skills, lighting control skills, logistics and traffic lighting, technical lighting use and solutions, wireless lighting management systems, light storage, etc.

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Lighting accessories and parts: switches, transformers, reflector lamps, dimmers, bulb parts, lamp stands, etc.


Professional lighting: indoor lighting, outdoor or main street lighting, public place lighting, architectural lighting, advertising lighting, engineering lighting, factory lighting, industrial and mining lighting, emergency lighting, solar lights, etc.



2. Requirements for Participation


1) Participating companies must be officially registered companies. The business license must be consistent with the participating companies and be valid.


2) Exhibits must be related to the theme of the exhibition.


3) Participating companies must have other requirements that are required by laws and regulations。



3. Booking Process


1) Submit the Application: Submit the exhibition registration form and specify the intention to participate or visit. Download the registration form or ask the staff.


2) Application Acceptance: The application materials should meet the requirements of the exhibition and it will be accepted. (1-3 working days).


3) Select Booth: Select the reserved booth according to the optional booth map.


4) Signing the Contract: The two parties shall sign an agreement according to the booth price and their respective rights and obligations.


5) Payment: After the booth is confirmed, payment will be made according to the booking agreement.



4. Application Materials

1) Copy of business license

2) Product photos

3) Exhibition registration form



5. Exhibiting Process


1) Book a booth: determine the exhibition booth and pay.


2) Prepare samples: prepare samples that need to be displayed on the exhibition site.


3) Exhibits logistics: usually the logistics will be closed 2 months before the exhibition.


4) Personnel visa: apply for a visa at the latest one month before the show according to the time of visa issuance in different countries.


5) Booking itinerary: book business services such as air tickets and hotels, or you can book all-inclusive overseas services.



6) Departure and attend the exhibition: take international flights to the participating cities to attend the exhibition.



6. Rights and Obligations


1) If the participating companies meet the legal requirements, they shall have the right to know the participation process.


2) The applicant enterprise has the right to require the implementing agency to explain the public content.


3) The applicant enterprise enjoys the power of consultation, progress inquiry and complaint during the process.


4) The applicant enterprise has the right to apply for administrative litigation if it disagrees with the result of the process.




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