LED Advertising Exhibition in Seoul, Korea

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Since Edison invented the electric light, it has become a necessity of our life. But in some places it is so difficult to supply electricity that we can't use the electric lights. In this case, the self-luminous light shows its advantages. For example, because of the existence of the luminous exit sign and the luminous road tile, our traffic safety can be guaranteed. In this exhibition, we will learn more about these light materials.


Introduction of the Exhibition

Korea International LED advertising exhibition is a member exhibition of UFI. It is jointly sponsored by Korea Outdoor Advertising Association, Korea Digital Printing Association and Korea International Exhibition Center Coex. It is a large advertising exhibition in Korea. In the Kosign exhibition with the history of twenty-two years, we can experience the trend of SIGN at home and abroad, and communicate with manufacturers and customers effectively. On the whole, the exhibitors show their new products and technologies at the exhibition, attracting the attention of many purchasers. They have also won the favor of many purchasers, and there are not a few enterprises that have reached cooperation on the spot. Advertising exhibition is an excellent platform for displaying and promoting products, and it is also a channel for seizing Korean and Japanese markets. The 23rd Korea international LED advertising exhibition has attracted nearly 200 exhibitors and 10983 professional purchasers. The overall quality of the exhibitors is high, and the exhibited products have the market characteristics of South Korea. The technical content of exhibits is high, and the number of purchasers has increased greatly. In addition, DGI, Roland, HP, Epson, T.P.M, Canon, INKTEC, Seiko and other international brands have participated in the exhibition. Local well-known enterprises have also participated in the exhibition. And the Chinese enterprises in the exhibition are also attracting much attention.


luminous material


Types of the Exhibits

The exhibits mainly include LED semiconductor lighting products, LED modules, LED materials and LED manufacturing and testing equipment. LED semiconductor lighting is mainly used in LED lighting decorations, LED traffic lights, LED automotive lights and LED control systems. LED module includes LED lamps, digital tubes, cluster LED and high power LED. LED components and materials are various, such as LED chip, LED phosphor, organic silicon and substrate and so on. LED manufacturing and testing equipment includes solid crystal machine, spectrometer, spectrum detector and moisture-proof cabinet and others.


luminous light


Tour of the Group

On the first day, exhibitors will gather at the airport at the appointed time and place. They will go to Seoul by the international airplane after checking in the luggage. Given a reception by arranged people, the participants can have dinner in the local four-star hotel and have a rest. The next day, local people will lead the participants to the city sightseeing. The sightseeing places include Myeong Dong, Village of Pear Blossom and Mural, N Seoul Tower and Gyeongbokgung Palace. The exhibition will be held in the next few days. On the sixth day, the participants will enjoy traveling all day. The main places are Bukchon Hanok Village, Blue House, Gwanghwamun Square and Yeouido. On the seventh day, exhibitors will take an international flight to go back home. The whole trip will end perfectly.



Obviously, LED lights play an important role in our daily life. However, in response to the call to protect the environment, we should use the lights made of green materials more, such as the inorganic light storage material and inorganic self-luminous material. Only in this way can we reap a beautiful world. 




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