LED Lighting Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan

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The LED light is common to see in our daily life, which is powered by the electricity. In fact, besides the electric light, there are some self-luminous lights, such as luminous exit signs and luminous road tiles and so on. In this LED lighting exhibition in Tokyo, we will witness a different world of the light materials.


Introduction of the Exhibition

Tokyo International Lighting Exhibition is held by Japan Lighting Association and fully recognized by many international industry associations. The lighting association of Japan has publicized the exhibition on a large scale all over the world. And it will hold a number of professional and academic exhibitions related to the industry at the same time, so as to attract more buyers to visit the exhibition. Japan lighting exhibition is an authoritative platform to expand and develop the Japanese market. The exhibition brings together businessmen from various countries, including Japan, South Korea, China, Germany, the United States and other regions.



2. Process of the Exhibition

First of all, the association needs to reserve and determine the booth. After that, the corresponding payment is required. Secondly, the association should prepare samples for the exhibition. In order to ensure the smooth arrival of exhibition products, the logistics is usually cut off two months before the exhibition, so that most of them will choose sea transportation. In addition, according to the signing time of different countries, exhibitors need to apply for corresponding visas. The time of applying for a visa is at least one month before the exhibition. More importantly, participants should book business services such as air tickets and hotels in advance, or directly book all inclusive overseas services. Finally, participants should take international flights to the participating city to participate in the exhibition on time.


self-luminous products


3. Types of the Exhibits

Exhibits include lighting equipment, lighting fixtures and lighting products. Among them, lighting equipment includes LED, organic EL materials, inorganic EL materials and other lighting equipment. Lighting fixtures include LED or organic EL lighting fixtures, light LED, LED stage, LED road light, vehicle LED and other LED lighting fixtures. The types of lighting products include household lighting products, office lighting products, commercial lighting products and outdoor lighting products. All kinds of lighting decorations, control systems, accessories, product raw materials and professional testing equipment also belong to this category.



4. Tour of the Group

On the first day, exhibitors will gather at the airport at the appointed time and place. After checking in the luggage, the participants will take an international flight to Tokyo. After the reception by local people, the participants can have dinner in the local four-star hotel and stay for rest after dinner. The next day, specially arranged people will lead the participants to the city sightseeing. The sightseeing places mainly include Tokyo Tower, Taichang and Ueno Park. The exhibition will be arranged and carried out in the next few days. On the seventh day, we will lead the participants to travel all day. The main places are the residence of the Emperor, Ginza, the front station of Kamakura University, Asakusi temple and Meiji Shrine. On the eighth day, exhibitors will return home by the international flight. The whole trip will end happily.


self-luminous products


Beyond doubts, LED lights and self-luminous products are important in our life. Especially the self-luminous light, it is used for the traffic and exit to guarantee our safety. That is all that counts. 




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