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Our army's police equipment appeared at the Zhejiang provincial civil military integration technology promotion conference.

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On the 24-25 th of December 2015, our military police search and collection and certification lamp was unveiled at the Zhejiang provincial civil military integration technology promotion conference.

   President Yuan Jia Jun, deputy governor of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee, Deputy Secretary General of provincial government, director Wang Xiaofeng of provincial government office, Zhou Guohui, director of Provincial Department of science and technology, Provincial Bureau of science and technology, State Office of Ministry of science and technology, and bureau of Science and technology, inspected Shimin optical military and police to find and capture evidence in one light, fully affirmed the development plan of the company.

   The commander of Zhejiang provincial military region commander Zhang Mingcai, deputy commander Zhou Shaofeng, Minister Xin Fengmin of the provincial military region equipment department, and the head of the division of the army and the head of the Army division, the leader of the Army division equipment procurement department visited the exhibition position of the Zhejiang Shiming optical company, and gave high evaluation and affirmation to the integrated lights of our military and police officers and police. The purchasing department will carry out further docking with our company after the meeting.

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