Rapid Development of Self-luminous Signage Technology

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At present, with the rapid development of road construction in our country, more and more road signs are installed on the roads. The existing road signs are reflective signs, which are eye-catching when there is sufficient light during the day, but at night, it must be displayed under the headlights of the car. At night, it is difficult for pedestrians and cyclists to see clearly.

self-luminous sign


With the improvement of LED display technology, cost reduction, and product maturity, the LED self-luminous traffic sign display industry has developed rapidly. self-luminous signage can actively illuminate the required text, patterns, borders, etc. at night, rain, fog and snow. The vehicle can clearly identify the sign content at a long distance without turning on the high-beam light, effectively avoiding accidents caused by the original high-beam light glare, ensuring traffic safety, improving driving efficiency, and effectively improving the safety and congestion of road traffic.



In developed countries such as the United States, Europe, and Japan, the above-mentioned retro-reflection technology has been clearly identified. They have paid more attention to basic research on road traffic safety facilities. They have met traffic signs by adding external lighting systems and applying LED active lighting technology. The visual recognition function under all weather conditions guarantees traffic safety and smoothness. The Texas A & M Transportation Institute, or TTI for short, has already researched and proved the inevitable connection between road traffic sign visibility and traffic accidents. Poorly recognized traffic signs are often misjudged by traffic participants. Or it is impossible for drivers to judge the information and may cause traffic accidents. In January 2014, the Nanjing Rapid Inner Ring Expressway used warning signs, bans, and directions with self-luminous light, and the incidence of rain, fog, and haze and traffic accidents at night significantly decreased. By providing better visibility of traffic signs, unnecessary traffic accidents can be prevented and reduced early.


self-luminous sign


Self-luminous signage use LED light sources and retro-reflective materials to make the layout, the sign's own light source can meet the identification of the sign information under all weather conditions. It is further divided into dot matrix display light-emitting signs and panel display light-emitting signs, among which dot-matrix display light-emitting signs are divided into external and built-in types, and panel display light-emitting signs are further divided into fully transparent and semi-transparent.



Dot matrix display is divided into external and built-in type. An Fene optical lens is used to package the LED on the surface of the sign board, and multiple points are continuously arranged in a line and arranged on the text strokes and graphic outlines to display the content of the sign information, which is called an external dot matrix display luminous sign. Without damaging the retroreflective material on the surface of the sign board, an LED directional light source board is used. Through the text strokes of the sign board and the preset circular holes of the graphic outline, a plurality of continuous line point light sources form penetrating light from the back surface of the retro-reflective material to display the information content of the sign, which is called a built-in dot matrix display light-emitting sign.



Self-luminous products such as self-luminous signage has made people’s life more and more convenient.




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