Research on the Application of Energy-Storage Self-luminous Induction System in the Traffic Safety Reconstruction of Low-grade Highway Tunnels

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China is the country with the largest number of road tunnels in the world. According to the 2017 Statistical Bulletin on the Development of the Transportation Industry, there are a total of 16229 road tunnels in China, 15.82 million meters long, including 902 super-long tunnels which are 40.132 million meters, and 3841 long tunnels which are 659.93 million meters. Due to the characteristics of semi-closed and simple environment, they are often road sections which are easily occur traffic accidents. The tunnel section is much higher than the normal section in terms of economic loss, the accidents and injuries and deaths. At the same time, as the number of tunnels continues increasing, tunnel lighting costs are also rising. The huge energy consumption of highway tunnel lighting and prominent traffic safety issues have always been the difficulties of tunnel research.


In view of the contradiction between energy saving and traffic safety currently faced by low-grade highway tunnels, a lot of relevant research has been conducted at home and abroad. The research on tunnel traffic safety improvement as well as energy saving and emission reduction in China focuses on covering lighting facilities, improving and optimizing lighting facilities, and the application of new energy technologies, such as shade sheds, LED lighting, solar energy application technology, and intelligent control. Based on the background of the accident of the highway tunnel, the engineer proposed to set up a sunshade and multi-frequency retro reflective marking system at the tunnel entrance to achieve a reasonable transition of the tunnel entrance illuminance, space, and reference objects in domestic tunnel sight line guidance technology research. In addition, the improvement of the visual reference system for mitigating the violent transition and the enhancement of the weak visual reference system are proposed, and the new technology of sight induction based on the energy-storage self-luminous system is used to improve the driving environment.



The energy-storage self-luminous induction system includes reflective rings, self-luminous induction signs, reflective signs, electro-optical energy-storage self-luminous emergency induction devices and other components. The application of the line-of-sight induction technology can change the traditional mode of power-consuming lighting, using a combination of active and passive lighting to form a high energy-saving rate combination, while reducing lighting costs, which can increase the local brightness of the tunnel entrance and exit and the overall brightness of the tunnel to ensure traffic safety.


In a word, compared with traditional lighting methods, the energy-storage self-luminous induction system has a significant improvement in the setting basis and evaluation indicators. From the perspective of safety, the energy-storage self-luminous induction technology can effectively alleviate optical illusions, improve the driving environment.


Highway Tunnels

Comparing the cost of the traditional and improved lighting method of tunnels, it is concluded that the energy-storage self-luminous induction system scheme is less than 1/3 of the total cost of the LED lamp scheme by calculating the lighting cost within 10 years. So the new method has the advantages of economic and energy saving. It is of great significance to the energy saving of highway tunnel lighting.


The effectiveness of the energy-storage self-luminous induction system requires more driving experiments to verify. The design scheme of the existing road tunnel luminescence induction technology should be based on engineering and related real vehicle experiments to conduct safety and energy-saving evaluations to verify the rationality of the evaluation method and realize the harmonious unification of tunnel traffic safety, lighting energy saving and beautiful landscape.




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