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Self-illuminating Materials Developed by Globright Optical Company

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For the residents living in Yongkang City, besides the park, the walking path of three rivers and six banks is also the first choice. On the beautiful footpath, a group of people will walk and run in the evening every day. During this period of time, many careful citizens found that round tiles appeared on the footpath. These floor tiles are not abnormal in the daytime, but they will light up in the evening and become the guiding lights for passers-by at night.


self-luminous floor brick

These luminous floor tiles are produced by Zhejiang Globright Optical Technology Company and they are made from the light storage and self-illuminating materials. These self-illuminating bricks are made of inorganic self-illuminating materials. They are environment-friendly and do not require the electricity. They mainly achieve the luminous function by absorbing all kinds of visible light. The construction can be used for at least 30 years, which is energy conservation and environmental protection.


Since the self-illuminating floor tiles were laid on both sides of the footpath, many people who like walking and running in the evening have said that the convenience and safety have been greatly improved. It is said that the self-illuminating floor tiles laid on the footpath are the latest products developed by Globright Optics Company in the field of black technology. It has filed a patent for this invention this year. From the appearance, there is no difference of the material and thickness between the self-illuminating brick and common wall and floor tiles. However, if it is placed in a dark environment, it will emit light because of the self-illuminating material. The darker the place is, the brighter the illumination is.


Under different light conditions, the light storage time of bricks will be different. For example, under the illumination of indoor light, the light storage time is about 30 minutes. Under the light of outdoor natural light, the light storage time is about 15 minutes. The higher the light intensity is, the shorter the light storage time is. After a light storage, it can continuously light for more than 10 hours in the dark. In addition, the brick is made of the inorganic self-illuminating material and can absorb light repeatedly. This completely breaks through the barrier of short service life of common luminescent materials such as resin.

self-luminous sign


This inorganic light storage material is specially developed by the company for emergency lighting such as national defense and underground engineering. At the same time, because of its good function of low light illumination and marking, it can provide warning and guidance in the dark. In the indoor, it can be widely used in fire fighting channels, underground parking lots, tunnels and subway stations. In the outdoor, it can be widely used in footpath, park, square and power facilities.


As a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, production, sales and installation of LED photoelectric industry, Globright Optical Company has always paid attention to the latest development of science and technology. The company has formed a series of products, such as intelligent road lighting, factory lighting, self luminous exit signs home depot and self luminous light wall and floor tiles. And it has blazed an innovative path in the field of black technology. Since its cooperation with experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the company has made breakthrough achievements in high-power and portable rescue lights, LED intelligent car lights, self-illuminating products and other fields.



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