The Applications of Light Storage and Self-illuminating Safety Signs

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In the September 11 attacks, the World Trade Center in New York was attacked by terrorists, resulting in the collapse of two buildings, thus raising concerns about the safety of high-rise buildings. But at the same time, the successful evacuation of people in this incident also provides a successful example of how to deal with emergencies and how to implement the safe evacuation of personnel for super-high-rise and large buildings.


According to the latest statistics, the actual number of deaths in the September 11 attacks was 2823. In such a major disaster, 90% of people escaped from smoke and fire. In fact, after the building was attacked, the whole power system was interrupted, and more than 18000 people were successfully evacuated in an orderly manner under the guidance of the safety indication sign made of self-illuminating material. Among them, the light storage and self-illuminating material played a key role.


This material is capable of releasing stored energy in the dark as light in the event of a power outage. The indication signs made of light storage and self-illuminating material can indicate the exit route, staircase location, emergency exit, fire protection facilities and other intuitive information with an image pattern or text to form a complete evacuation indication system. As soon as the light storage and self-illuminating material came out, it received great international attention. This material is actively used by different industries in many countries in the world, which provides a good way to solve the problem of safe evacuation of high-rise and large-scale construction. The appearance of this new material makes up for the deficiency of the lamp type safety signs and fills the functional gap left by the lamp type safety signs.

self-illuminating material safety sign


Compared with the lamp type safety signs, the self-illuminating safety signs have the following characteristics: the lamp type safety sign can not be set continuously in the building because of its high cost, which leads to the discontinuity of evacuation indication information. In the event of an emergency, it is not easy for personnel to identify escape routes immediately. The self-illuminating safety signs can just make up for this deficiency. The self-illuminating cost is low, do not consume electric energy, can be set continuously on the floor of the building, stair handrails and other parts. For example, the handrails of the stairs of the World Trade Center are all smeared with self-illuminating pigments, thus ensuring the continuity of evacuation indication information.


The lamp type safety sign adopts the principle of electroluminescence, which is prone to failure due to equipment or energy problems. The the self-illuminating safety sign adopts the principle of photoluminescence, which can automatically glow in the dark after absorbing all kinds of visible light for 10-20 minutes. In addition, the lamp type safety sign requires the building to have the reserved line and the location to install, also needs to maintain frequently in the future application, which is extremely inconvenient. The self-illuminating safety sign can be installed in any location in the building, and does not need maintenance, which is easy to use. 

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