The Brief Introduction and Use of Light Storage and Self-luminous Material

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Light storage and self-luminous material can absorb and store visible light such as sunlight, lamp light, ultraviolet light, etc. After absorbing these lights for 5 to 10 minutes, the material can continue to glow in the dark for more than 12 hours. According to the actual needs, it can emit red, green, blue, yellow, purple and other color light.



Categories of Light Storage and Self-luminous Material

Sulfide light storage and self-luminous material: This material is an important electroluminescence practical luminescent material capable of emitting cathode rays. The sulfides of this material mainly include zinc sulfide, strontium sulfide, barium sulfide, calcium sulfide and so on. At present, the materials that still have practical value are: ZnS:Cu series materials, CaS:Bi series materials and CaS:Eu series materials. These materials emit yellow-green, blue and red light, respectively.


Aluminate light storage and self-luminous material: This material has the characteristics of high luminescence efficiency and stable chemical properties. This kind of material has excellent luminescence properties and is known as the second generation light storage and self-illuminating material, which is a milestone in the development of light storage and self-illuminating material.


Silicate light storage and self-luminous material: Based on the shortcomings of aluminate light storage and self-luminous materials, several kinds of silicate light storage and self-luminous materials have been successfully developed. These materials have the characteristics of good water resistance, diverse colors, high brightness and long luminous time. The research and development of the silicate light storage and self-luminous materials have pushed the research of light storage and self-luminous materials to a new era.


Luminous materials


The Applications of the Light Storage and Self-illuminating Materials

Traffic signs are signs that use patterns, symbols and words to convey information to drivers and pedestrians. It is used to control, warn and guide traffic safety and plays an important role in modern traffic management. Practice has proved that reasonable setting of traffic signs can play a role in improving road capacity, reducing traffic accidents, preventing traffic jams and saving energy.


At present, the world's road mileage has exceeded 60 million kilometers. Traffic management has higher requirements for the technology of traffic signs than before. The traffic signs made of light storage and self-luminous material can be widely used in warning signs, ban signs, indication signs and construction safety signs. People can also clearly identify these traffic signs in dark, foggy and other bad weathers, reduce the incidence of traffic accidents, and make the traffic more smooth and safe. There is a road built of luminous cement in Finland. The luminous cement made of light storage and self-luminous material can store light and automatically glow at night. This allows drivers to see clearly the traffic signs, conducive to traffic safety.

self-illuminating material


The light storage and self-luminous material is an energy-saving luminous material, it does not consume electric energy and has the characteristics of simple structure, no heat, will not cause fire. It only needs to use the sunlight of the day and the lamp light of the night to automatically shine in the night, completely without manual operation. 




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