The Difference Between "Light Storage", "Fluorescence" and "Night Light"

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In daily work and life, people do not deliberately distinguish the names of night light, light storage and fluorescent products, have always thought they are the same. Even when searching for relevant information online, the content of the search is to some extent the same. In fact, the three products are different, the following will be a detailed introduction to the three products.


In the standard of fire protection sign, the definition of light storage safety sign is the sign made by printing or spraying with light storage paint on the base material. The surface of a light storage material can absorb the energy of light, and it can emit visible light when the illuminance of its surface is lower than a certain value. In the standard, the definition of fluorescent safety sign is the sign made by printing or spraying with fluorescent paint on the base material. In a weaker lighting environment, the fluorescent material shows a higher brightness factor.


light storage

According to the above description, we can infer that the light storage materials refer to materials that can absorb light energy and glow when the light is lower than a certain value. The fluorescent materials are those capable of emitting light in a weak light environment. But without absorbing energy, no matter how dark the environment is, the light storage product will not shine. Therefore, the light storage material has the process of absorbing and releasing light energy, while the fluorescent material does not absorb and release energy, but its brightness factor is high.


Next, let's look at the meaning of the night light, light storage and fluorescence and find their differences. Searching for "light storage" on multiple dictionaries and search engines, there is no relevant and official interpretation. Therefore, the word should be a proper noun belonging to the industry. And the dictionary's interpretation of the word "night light" is: moon, starlight, firefly and so on. Therefore, this term is not suitable to describe the characteristics of safety signs. In addition, the dictionary's interpretation of "fluorescence" is the visible light emitted by light or other rays. Therefore, this term refers to the phenomenon that is affected by the external environment, and lacks the three processes of absorption, storage and release. By looking up the dictionary, we can conclude that the word "night light" is suitable to describe light such as moonlight and starlight, while the word "fluorescence" refers to a luminous phenomenon and a chemical property of an object.


fluorescent material

Finally, we can determine that the word "light storage" is more suitable to describe the properties and functions of materials. The light storage materials can achieve the ability of continuous luminescence in dark environment by absorbing light energy and storing light energy. This explanation meets the requirements of materials required in the fields of public places, staircases, fire fighting equipment, etc.


In everyday life, it is recommended that you use these three words correctly, after all, they are really different, and this can also make the industry more standardized.




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