Type and Materials of Signage

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Type and Materials of Signage



The signage is a plate type standard to achieve a certain visual effect for the customers.

Its materials: plastic plate, enamel, reflective material, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc.

The application environment of signs: electricity, lines, traffic, communications, safety warnings, public information, fire safety, construction site, construction site safety, safe production, mine safety, etc.

Types of signs : warning signs, prohibition signs, direction signs, guidance signs, tourist area signs, road construction safety signs, auxiliary signs, etc.

Contents of the signs: safety, prohibition, warning, instruction, prompt, line phase, fire communication, speed limit, etc.

The role of safety signs: Hanging safety signs is the main technical measure to ensure the safety of workers.


1. Classification of Signs


According to the shape of the sign :

1) Horizontal: The entire proportion is longer horizontally. Generally the entire surface is used as a signage. Generally it can be seen on the walls of small shops and large buildings.


2) Vertical: The entire proportion is longer vertically. Generally the entire surface is used as a signage.


3) Protruding: Protruding on the wall of the building, the whole surface except the back side is used as a signage for advertising.



4) Ground pillar: Horizontal, vertical, three-dimensional signs marked on certain fixed structures on the ground.


5) Roof type: It refers to a fixed signage on the roof of a building.


According to the material:

1) Smooth signboard: The picture or board surface is oily and very smooth.


2) Luminous material signboard : Use self-luminous material. Self-luminous material has become the main material of many self-luminous products, which are more environmentally friendly.


3) Acrylic signboard: Acrylic material is used as the main material of the board. Such as "McDonald's Acrylic Signage"


4) Metal signboard: Metal is used as the main material of the signboard.


5) Electro-optic signboard: Use light-emitting diodes or luminous tubes to achieve monochrome or color performance. With light-emitting diodes and expressions, they can be divided into five major categories, such as night photoelectric panels, LCD, LED, CRT, and FDT.



2. Material Introduction of Signs


1) PVC aluminum signboard : It is directly screen-printed on the surface of various materials. The products have the characteristics of bright colors, beautiful appearance, affordable price and easy to fade, etc. and are used by various enterprises and institutions.


2) Enamel signboard : It is coated with enamel glaze on the surface of iron plate with a thickness of 1mm and then fired at high temperature. This product has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, heat shock resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, non-fading in outdoor sunlight, and does not contain any harmful elements to the human body.

Types of signs

3) Reflective signboard (materials are aluminum reflective, PVC reflective, stainless steel reflective). It is made by attaching a reflective film on the surface of various materials and then screen printing. It plays a clear warning role in the daytime with its bright colors. Its bright reflective effect can effectively enhance people's recognition ability at night or in the absence of light, providing the most effective and reliable safety guarantee for pedestrians or night workers in the dark, thus avoiding accidents, reducing casualties and economic losses.


4) Luminous signboard (materials are aluminum luminous, PVC luminous, stainless steel luminous), also known as self-luminous signs and long afterglow signs. It is a kind of light that absorbs light from sunlight, lights and other light sources. It has excellent emergency direct-lighting ability to effectively enhance people's recognition ability.




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