What Is a Light-storing Luminescent Material?

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In short, the light-storing luminescent material absorbs light and emits light. The early mouth-lighting materials were radium elements, which had a certain radioactivity. The second-generation self-luminous materials are our traditional sulfide fluorescent materials, but they are also toxic and radioactive to the human body. The third generation of light-emitting materials was introduced in China in the 1990s. Compared with the previous two generations of light-emitting materials, this material has significant advantages, such as non-toxicity and non-radioactivity.


Light-storing luminescent materials have the same luminous properties as other photoluminescence materials, but they pay more attention to their attenuation laws and thermoluminescence properties. At present, the light-emitting materials can be divided into the following humans: traditional three-color light-emitting materials, aluminate system light-emitting materials, silicate system light-emitting materials, three-color light-emitting materials, organic light-storing luminescent material, inorganic light storage type luminescent material.


self-luminous materials

The light-storing luminescent material has its own unique characteristics and is widely used in industry and life. It is usually used in fire evacuation signs. In life, our decoration is small, and all kinds of architectural decoration also use light-storing luminescent materials, such as light-emitting decorative film panels, light-emitting booths, light-emitting switches, light-emitting coatings, light-emitting ceramics and so on. Their good decoration facilitates our daily lives. In transportation, light-emitting materials are used in land, sea and air. In our business circle, many luminous billboards are also made of light-emitting materials. These materials are used in many places, such as clothing, shoes, watches, etc. Under the condition of continuously improving and improving the currently known materials, the light-storing luminescent materials are also continuously developing.


Energy-storing luminescent coatings have special absorption, release, reabsorption, and re-release effects on light energy. This cycle can be performed numerous times. This characteristic can play an important role in people's daily life, industrial production and national defense construction. Specifically, energy-saving light-emitting coatings have great achievements in building decoration, because energy-saving light-emitting coatings are non-toxic, harmless, non-radioactive, weather-resistant, light-resistant, environmental protection, strong adsorption capacity. At the same time, they do not discolor with long-term use, so it can be used as interior and exterior wall paint. In addition, energy-saving luminous paints have also achieved considerable success in road marking. In the tunnel, a rare-earth light-storing luminescent material paint is sprayed on the road surface at intervals to make a luminous pavement. The luminous material is used to absorb the light energy of the driving vehicle in a short time and emit diffuse fluorescence for a long time. It can also illuminate the tunnel for safe driving. When the energy-saving light-emitting paint is used as a road sign, it has excellent legibility and can greatly improve the safety of pedestrians and vehicle users at night. In addition, there are patent reports on the use of luminescent coatings for wood, luminous lampshades, switches, billboards, aluminum products, ceramics and glass doors. If we apply energy-saving luminous paint to the surface of marine buildings, we can reduce the attachment of light-phobic marine life.


self-luminous materials

Energy storage self-luminous fluorescent paint


Luminous coatings are functional coatings composed of film-forming materials, luminescent pigments, and additives. They can be divided into three categories: fluorescent coatings, self-luminous coatings, and energy-saving luminescent coatings. Energy-storing luminescent paint refers to the ability to absorb and store light energy under sunlight or light. When there is no light, a coating that emits special fluorescence by releasing stored energy. The luminescent pigment contained in this coating is non-radioactive, safe, and has stable luminous characteristics, which is the main direction for the development of luminescent coatings. According to its light-emitting characteristics and application environment, the film-forming substances used in energy-saving light-emitting coatings should have the following characteristics: colorless, transparent, and good light transmission, especially high UV transmittance, high solid content, low moisture permeability, and water resistance with good performance, strong adhesion, good acid and alkali resistance, solvent resistance, weather resistance and impact resistance.


Luminous pigments have poor light resistance and are easy to be powdered. In order to extend their service life, it is necessary to add high-performance light stabilizers to the formulations. It is also very important to add pigment dispersants, thickeners and anti-settling agents, such as fumed silica, to help emit light pigment dispersion; a small amount of talc or titanium dioxide as an auxiliary pigment can both reduce the cost of the coating and enhance the luminous performance of the coating.




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