What are the Fluorescence in Our Lives?

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Fluorescence is a kind of photoluminescence cold luminescence phenomenon. In daily life, people generally refer to all kinds of weak light as fluorescence in a broad sense, without carefully investigating and distinguishing the principle of its luminescence. The following will introduce the common fluorescence in life.



Nightlight Materials

Nightlight materials, refer to a class of materials that can shine in the dark, divided into self-illuminating materials and light storage materials. Among them, the basic component of the self-illuminating material is radioactive material, which does not need to absorb energy from the outside, and can continuously emit light, and its radioactivity may cause certain harm to the human body, so it has the limit of use. The light storage material basically contains no radioactive material, it mainly depends on absorbing the external light energy to carry on the luminescence, its use is not limited, but its brightness is not as good as the self-illuminating material.


self-illuminating material


Reflective Material

This material is widely used in various traffic signs. At present, the reflective materials that make traffic signs are divided into two categories, one is the material that can completely reflect light, which reflects the incident light back to achieve the purpose of warning. The other is photoluminescence material, which can not only reflect light, but also emit photons when exposed to light, making it look more visible than ordinary reflective materials. These materials usually do not produce harmful radiation to the human body, but because of their different composition, some materials may have chemical toxicity.


Fluorescent Rods

The fluorescent rods are mainly composed of three substances, peroxides, ester compounds and fluorescent dyes. After shaking the rod a few times, the peroxide and ester compounds react, and then transfer the energy after the reaction to the fluorescent dye, so that the dye emits fluorescence, the whole process will not produce harmful rays. Although the fluorescent rods do not emit harmful rays, the liquid inside is not edible and can not be contacted with skin, especially eyes.



Fluorescent Brightener

To make the paper look whiter, some merchants add fluorescent brighteners to it, a complex organic compound. This fluorescent brightener absorbs ultraviolet light and emits blue light, which complements the yellow light of paper to form white light after superposition, and achieves the effect of whitening, which is widely used in many fields, such as paper making, textile, detergent and so on.


self-illuminating material


Fluorescent Lamp

The luminous principle of fluorescent lamps is that the fluorescent tubes are filled with argon-neon mixed gas and mercury vapor, the discharge of lamp electrodes causes mercury to emit ultraviolet light, and the phosphor fluorescent paint on the inner surface of the lamp tube absorbs ultraviolet light, depending on the proportion of phosphorus composition, emits different colors of fluorescence. The phosphorous fluorescent paint on the inner surface of the lamp tube absorbs most of the ultraviolet rays in the process of luminescence. Normally, using a fluorescent lamp of qualified quality, even if there are some fine cracks on the fluorescent paint coating, it will not damage human health.




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