Application and Development of Light Storage and Self-luminous Materials

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New energy has become the common demand of contemporary people. With the maturity of photoelectric technology, many countries have shifted the focus of research to light storage and self-luminous materials.


The light-storage and self-luminous materials bring new development direction to the photoelectric industry. The light storage and self-luminous material is a material that can absorb and store light energy and release stored energy in the form of light in the dark. The material can continue to glow in a dark environment for hours or even more. 


light storage

There are three kinds of light storage and self-luminous materials, one is sulfide series light storage and self-luminous materials, the other is aluminate series light storage and self-luminous materials, the other is silicate series light storage and self-luminous materials.


The history of self-luminous materials can be traced back to the radium element found by Madame Curie, when the self-luminous materials can be called the first generation of self-luminous materials, with a certain amount of radioactivity. The second generation of self-luminous materials is the traditional sulfide fluorescent material. Because of its certain toxicity and radioactivity, as well as the disadvantages of low luminescence brightness and short duration, its application field is greatly limited. The third generation of self-luminous materials came out in the 1990s, compared with the previous two generations of self-luminous materials, this material has the remarkable advantages of non-toxic, non-radioactive and so on.


The outstanding feature of this light storage and self-luminous material is its ability to absorb, store and release light energy. This material can absorb and store all kinds of visible light during the day, such as sunlight, fluorescence, light, ultraviolet light, etc. It takes only 10 to 20 minutes to absorb light and can continue to shine in the dark. Its luminous intensity and duration are 30-50 times that of traditional luminous materials, and it has the characteristics of good stability and good weather resistance, which completely makes up for the deficiency of traditional self-luminous materials. This self-luminous material can also be added evenly in various media as an additive to make products such as luminous paint, luminous ceramics, luminous ink, luminous plastics, luminous safety marks, luminous fibers, etc.


self-luminous material

As the structures of constructions are becoming more and more complex, how to evacuate people effectively in the event of an emergency has become an urgent problem for safety and technical experts all over the world. The stability of the electric power-based evacuation system is not good, and after the power failure, the system can not run, so it can not play the role of evacuating people. The evacuation systems made of self-luminous materials can emit light in the dark without using other energy sources, so such systems can play an irreplaceable role in evacuating people.


Currently, most countries have passed legislation requiring the use of evacuation systems made of light storage and self-luminous materials in some buildings. This material has been used in Frankfurt Airport, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and passenger planes. In the future, this material will be applied in more fields, such as sea transportation, fishing and so on.




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